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Chicago Bulls Shrug Off Derrick Rose’s Early-Season Turnovers

Through three games, Derrick Rose doesn’t look like the same dominant force he was during the preseason. Rose ranks second behind Stephen Curry in turnovers per game, and often appears to be playing too fast. The Chicago Bulls say they’re not worried about the rusty start. Per the Chicago Tribune: “The Bulls are a difficult Rose game-winner away from an 0-3 start, which is indeed a small sample size. But their 1-2 opening filled with Rose’s struggles and myriad defensive breakdowns certainly supports Tom Thibodeau’s contention that work is needed via practice, practice and more practice. ‘I’m not worried about Derrick,’ Joakim Noah said. ‘You know, his competitive nature and all that, we’re in this together. When he struggles, we all struggle. We’re all mad that we’re not clicking, but we will. I’m confident in this team.’ On the bright side, Rose’s explosiveness and speed have returned intact, and there no longer are daily questions about his surgically repaired left knee. On the flip side, his 28.8 percent shooting and 5.7 turnovers per game are miles away from the dominant form he displayed during preseason. His struggles suggest someone who didn’t play regular-season basketball for a full season and is returning from a major injury. Which, justify the Bulls, he is. ‘I know his makeup,’ Thibodeau said. ‘Derrick’s nature is to work. He’ll be in the gym. He’ll study. The only thing he has to do is play in the game, shake some of that rust off and we have to work as a team in practice. We do that and we’ll be fine.’ [...] Gone, at least for now, is Rose’s consistent ability to get to the free-throw line. After attempting double-digit free throws in five straight exhibitions, when fouls are called more tightly, he is averaging just 3.3 per game thus far. Rose also is shooting just 26.7 percent from 3-point range after a strong preseason from that distance. ‘Not at all,’ Rose said, when asked if his confidence is shaken. ‘Amnesia. I have games like this and I’m coming off a big surgery or whatever. All I can do is get the most out of every practice, every shootaround and every shooting session.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    physically he seems to be where he wants to be. his timing and decision making seem to be way off so far. i would worry if i was a bulls fan. not until at least 20 games have been played

  • robb

    Rose’s gonna be alright, he just needs to calm down his mind and let the game come to him. It seems like he’s trying too hard to prove he’s a beast. Eventually he’ll find his timing, but until then he needs to be more patient.

  • Enigmatic

    He’ll be fine. It’s not just Rose that’s struggling. Deng shot 25% in the first game and 38% in the third. Hinrich continues to look like a shell of his former self. Dunleavy’s shooting 33%. Tony Snell might be in therapy all year after being abused by LeBron James in the season opener. Noah is rebounding like a beast as usual, but only shooting 32% from the field.

    Only Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson and Carlos “GRABDATJO!!!!” Boozer are playing any decent basketball right now.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    ha..grabdat..gimmedat…i thought i was the only one who heard the young jeezy-like adlibs from boozer

  • airs

    agreed. its all just a matter of time before the team starts clicking. whaddup enigmatic

  • Enigmatic

    Yo! What’s up airs??!!

  • airs

    havent been on this site in a minute man, haha
    but i’ll try to post more often as this season goes along

  • Anthony

    Ok, this article and the Heat article on slow starts…let’s just admit it…this time of year is strictly for serious b-ball heads…the casual fan isn’t engaged, neither are the players until post All-star break.

  • spit hot fiyah

    lmao at grabdatjo

  • melvo

    D. Rose is actually only a part of the reason the Bulls aren’t playing so hot right now. The Bulls have started every game off very strong and then just completely mailed it in for whole quarters. We’ve had absolute defensive collapses in the last three games, and their offense isn’t good enough to make up for it on the other end. My biggest grievance though, is the breakdown of fundamentals overall. I saw a lot of passes missing their mark, some double dribbles, travels, etc.
    I dunno…these last three games (including the W against the Knicks) have been frustrating to watch.

  • melvo

    I love Derrick Rose, and I understand he has to get into the rhythm of things, but his play has seemed a little selfish in the last three games. As a Point Guard, he really needs to learn to defer to his teammates more often. Granted, nobody on the bulls outside of Derrick has above-average offensive skills. Also, his three game has never been strong, so the fact that he’s taking so many right now is upsetting. He should try re-developing his very short lived mid-range game from his 2nd year. What’s he gonna do when he’s older and not as athletic as he is right now?

  • danpowers

    rose will be fine, besides all his flaws he already killed my knicks with a tough game winner. he is forcing the issue a bit, but a player of his class will get into the flow of the game rather sooner than later. chill fam

  • melvo

    Hinrich’s play has been frustrating in these first couple games. Did anyone see that double dribble Kirk picked up against Philly? No press or anything, he just lost control.
    Dunleavy has been surprisingly horrible in the last couple games. Despite having played in the league since 2002, it seems like he forgot how to play ball.

  • 3Chainz

    then you mean you WOULDN’T worry?…

  • Enigmatic

    The thing with Dunleavy is, I’m starting to wonder if for whatever reason, it’s hard for shooters to get accustomed to Thibs’ system? Reason I’m wondering is because both Kyle Korver and Marco Belinelli struggled initially with the Bulls too.