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Cleveland Cavaliers Fans Launching a ‘Come Home LeBron’ Campaign

The relationship between Cavs fans and LeBron James is, shall we say, complicated to say the least. Some hate him for leaving after The Decision; others desperately miss the superstar. The latter group is planning to launch a campaign to sway King James to return home to Ohio next summer when he becomes a free agent. Per the Akron Beacon Journal: “Seeing a fan rush the court at Quicken Loans Arena to tell LeBron James that he missed him sparked something inside Josh Raggi. It wasn’t necessarily the night he got over the Decision. Raggi, 24, isn’t sure he really has. But James Blair’s brazen act during a Cavs game against the Miami Heat on March 20, 2012, convinced Raggi, a former Walsh Jesuit High School pitcher and Kent State graduate, that he must take action to show James that not everyone in Northeast Ohio hates him. Raggi and three partners — with Blair the newest member — will put their plan in motion Wednesday, when James and the Heat visit the Cavs for a 7:30 p.m. game televised on ESPN. Their theme is ‘Come Home LeBron,’ with a logo designed by an agency this summer. They have accounts on Twitter (@ComeHomeLebron) and Instagram (comehomelebron216) and a web site (ComeHomeLeBron.com). [...] Before the Cavs host the Heat, Raggi, Blair and supporters will pass out 2,000 bright green T-shirts at three tables outside the Q from 5:30 to 7:15 p.m. Those who take a picture wearing the shirt and tweet @ComeHomeLebron will be eligible to win 2014-15 Cavs season tickets. But that’s just the start of their campaign, aimed at getting James to leave Miami for the Cavs in free agency in July. On Monday, a Come Home LeBron billboard will go up near James’ alma mater, St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, for four or eight weeks. Another is slated for Interstate 71 at Pearl Road at the end of December for one week; it will return in mid-February and remain until the end of March. The Cavs and two-time NBA champion Heat meet for three games this season, the last at the Q on March 18, when Raggi and his crew hope to distribute 10,000 T-shirts. Some will be passed out Dec. 14 at the opening of the renovated St. V-M gymnasium, funded by a $1 million donation from James. ‘A lot of our focus is on the younger audience,’ Raggi said. ‘We want the kids to have the same experience we did in high school, not only expecting to win, but expecting the Cavs to contend for a championship.’ The group does not want to make money but seeks a sponsor it can put on its T-shirts and billboards to help cover committed expenditures that have already reached $50,000. ‘Our main goal is not to beg him to come back,’ Raggi said. ‘Our main focus is to let LeBron know we’re going to accept him coming back. We’re not the group of haters. We realize LeBron had a point. He didn’t have the supporting cast here he needed to win. We have a young and vibrant team. We have the supporting cast. I believe that it’s 50-50 he leaves Miami. But if he leaves Miami, we think he’s coming to Cleveland.’”

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  • JoeMaMa

    Honest question: Do you think LeBron finds this kind of thing pathetic, or endearing?

  • pposse

    bron bron literally had a city on his shoulders that he carried for 6 yrs. He then abruptly dumped the city flat on its head, Lebron aint about that life Cleveland! He might be interested in coming there now since the roster is loaded with talent but he aint about to put the city on his shoulders again – he will be there to put himself in line for another title and thats it.

  • shockexchange

    “Acting thirsty” … yeah that always works when you’re trying to get your significant other to change his/her mind.

  • RayJr

    Anyone really think LeBron would wants to go back especially after the Spurs handled them Saturday? Wow they look like a mess when Kyrie doesn’t have the ball

  • i_ball

    IMO the SE should have brought one of his grandma’s non hunting (puppies) – women love puppies ;)

  • Dfrance

    Since its from the fans, I think he would find it endearing. If it was Dan Gilbert, then it’d be pathetic.

  • shockexchange

    Now you tell him. *WOMP* SE should have brought along Al Horford.

  • Basketball_iQ

    Just like a bad girlfriend,,,,, begging to come back by calling 100times in a row.
    Miami is what its made out to be ,,,, hot weather on Christmas, no state tax,,, and bad women,,,,, kiss off cleveland.

  • underdog

    Pathetic is maybe an exaggeration, still shouldn’t the fans, too, have more pride than this?

  • anon

    The fans are whatever, but Lebron ain’t going back to Dan Gilbert’s plantation. All he needs to do is read that wack letter Gilbert wrote after the decision and he’ll know who he wants to sign his checks.

  • Ugh

    If they’d had any pride they would have been like “Whatever, James. Go to Miami. We’ll get along without you.” rather than referred to him as a traitor, a whore, etc etc.

  • MikeC.

    If they really want to make a point, they should put the billboards up in Miami. Where Lebron might see them more than once or twice.

  • MaRuleTheWorshipper

    TheShockExchange is the most knowledgable man to have imprinted his wisdom into the SLAMonline society. TheShockexchange for president.

  • robb

    I support that. Maybe Lola Falana will finally date him and both can go for a ride in the Air Force One

  • TV63

    How embarrassing! Stop! Just Stop!

  • cgeorge22

    After they burned his jersey, booed him mercilessly, and basically did every other thing someone can do in order to try to avenge their loss

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    “Can mr and mrs exchange please come to the admin desk your marriage certificates are ready…”

  • TV63

    What are you talking about? They’re a mess even with Kyrie. It ain’t workin period. It’s obvious especially now. He knows Brown can’t coach offense and he’s still not doing it so Yeah .. Why would he go back to that?

  • TV63

    What your Heat fans are so great? They’re always late. Leave with 10 min left in 4th quarter. Bailed out on Heat in the finals. Locked out of auditorium after they realized oh they’re winning. I wouldn’t pat myself on the back to hard there.

  • deafballer

    At no point in time did he ever mention or hint that he was a heat fan in that statement…nor is there anything biased in that statement.

  • cgeorge22

    Actually I’m a bulls fan simply speaking on behalf of the non heat/ cavs fans

  • Enigmatic

    He has to go play for the Knicks for a few seasons first, according to 2K.

  • IggI

    The Cavs are bitches, for the way they acted, burning Jerseys by the fans and Dan Gilbert is the biggest bitch of all, crying like a bitch and writing nasty letters. LONG LIVE THE KING…… GO WARRIORS.. LOL

  • Dfrance

    You’re condemnig a whole fan base based on the actions of some buffoons on TV. There were tons of Cavs fans like these that, while disappointed that LBJ left, they didn’t hate him for it.

    For those fans I don’t think theres anything shameful about trying to get him back. Now if you were a loser burning his jersey outside Quicken Loans, and now you’re wearing a Come Home LeBron tess, you have no pride.

  • Caboose

    “you have no shame”*

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  • yo mama

    when Lebron James left clevland no one liked him anymore

  • Steve

    I think the Cavs fans and the organization itself is rather… Whimsically abhorred with a dash of thirst… If I’d remember correctly, They booed, defecated his jersey, and most of all… Cussing like rum-induced “Uncle of a Sailor” on a local sport radio for a year… It is until James won his first title, fans start to retract what they said before and wanted him back… And they spending all this money on this campaign, thinking that the Basketball Gods is gonna answer their “little miracle”…. Here’s a reality check, Cavs fans… He’s gone and he’s not coming back… If James did go for another team, it’s not ya… Best thing for Cavs organization to do is get good draft picks and trades, build people around Kyrie Irving… Because if you don’t, history WILL repeat itself…

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    I can’t see him coming back