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Cleveland Cavaliers Reportedly Shopping Dion Waiters

Things have gotten off to a rough start for Dion Waiters in Cleveland this season, and according to ESPN, the shooting guard is now on the trading block:

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  • Mike Gilbert

    Good, he doesn’t fit next to Kyrie at all

    They should have drafted Oladipo and had Waiters play 6th man

    Not sure what his market value is, and I’m assuming they’re looking for someone to help them contribute now. Is Luol Deng a match made in heaven? They’d probably have to throw in Anderson Varejao just to make the salaries work. Also not sure if that’s enough for the Cavs to trade away a somewhat promising top 5 pick this soon, considering Deng could turn out to just be a rental

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet

    Cleveland Receives: SF Deng (1 year/$14.2 million) and PF Erik Murphy (1 year/$490,180).

    Chicago Receives: SF/PF Anthony Bennett (4 years/$24 million), SF Gee (1 year*/$3.2 million), C Tyler Zeller (3 years/$5.9 million) and a 2014 second-round draft pick

    saw that thrown around yesterday. swap waiter for bennett numbers would be close. keep in mind that was bleacher report …so take it how you want

  • shockexchange

    The Shock Exchange is shopping a velour sweatsuit made by FUBU. Let’s see which deal gets done first – Waiters or SE’s sweatsuit.

  • Mike Gilbert

    I don’t think the Bulls are interested at all in Bennett. Not that he’s not a great asset, but they already have Boozer, Taj Gibso, and Nikola Mirotic coming over next year

  • Mike Gilbert

    Teams have already expressed interest in Waiters. Can The Shock Exchange say the same?

  • shockexchange

    You’ve just out-shocked the Shock Exchange. Womp, womp, womp …

  • 604ricy

    I bet bulls will trigger on this one.

  • Max

    Lets get some trades going!!

  • The Seed

    Never should have drafted him, he was a bench player in the NCAA. The funny thing, is they should have drafted Victor O. over a soft shooting big man. If Cavs could get Shumpert for Waiters that would be worth it. Cavs would have to give up a 2nd round pick for that too.

  • Guest

    I’m against homosexuals

  • Knowledge

    Cleveland need to trade waiters for shumpert and put another trade together for Evan turner

  • GM

    76ers get:Anthony Bennett, 2nd round pick
    Knicks get: Dion Waiters, heavily protected first round pick
    Cleveland get: Evan Turner, Iman Shumpert, future 2nd round pick

    Simple cavs are a playoff team again..

  • Butternuts

    I doubt Cleveland could trick both teams into that


    How poignant

  • Matty Jay

    why would the knicks want Dion when we have an obvious need for a big man??? not that anthony bennet in current standings would fill that gap but it would be a start… and we should be shopping smith not shumpert, shumpert is the best SG we have

  • Matty Jay

    are you kidding dion and a 2nd round for shumpert no way dion, bennet and a 2nd otherwise knicks will be shooting their other foot off

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