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UPDATE: Derrick Rose Has Torn Meniscus, Will Undergo Surgery

UPDATE: Derrick Rose has a torn medial meniscus in his right knee, and he’ll be out indefinitely after having surgery, according to the Chicago Tribune:

How could it happen again? Derrick Rose, who missed 18 months after reconstructive ACL surgery on his left knee in 2012, injured his right knee on a non-contact play in the third quarter of Friday’s game against the Blazers. Rose could not put weight on the leg, and the Bulls fear Rose may have torn his ACL, according to WGN Radio. Bulls players and fans can only hold their breathe as they await the results of Saturday’s MRI. We’ll keep you posted.

From long-time SLAM scribe, Aggrey Sam:

Bulls point guard Derrick Rose left the team’s bench and headed to the locker room during the third quarter of Friday’s game against the Trail Blazers after appearing to injure his right knee.

Rose initially exited the contest with 3:20 left in the period after executing a jump stop—the same maneuver on which he suffered his torn left ACL in April of 2012—and shortly thereafter checked out of the game.

On the sidelines, he was seen rubbing his right knee and removed the protective sleeve on it, then was assisted by the Bulls’ medical staff to the locker room, without being able to put pressure on his right leg.

The Bulls’ media-relations staff later confirmed it was a right-knee injury, which was not the knee the point guard had surgically repaired in May of 2012.

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  • RunNGun

    This is why you don’t rush any player back. If this is a tear of any kind (MCL, ACL, etc), this is going to set the BULLS back. Some of you might say, it’s not the same knee but if you think about it your body compensates; this is why there is balance training.

    Hopefully, D-ROSE is alright and that it’s not a serious injury as he’s one of the most exciting PGs in the League to watch.

    BTW, what’s up with Chitown and knee injuries to PGs (whether in-game or off the court)?

  • melvo

    Coming from the Chicago-land area, this was really tough to watch.

  • melvo

    He didn’t rush back. He missed an entire year…

  • spit hot fiyah

    if it’s the other acl, i fear that we will never see the derrick rose that took the league by storm again

  • spit hot fiyah

    what are u talking about. out of all the players that have had this injury over the last few years, rose waited by far the longest to come back. rubio and shumpert for example came back waaay earlier and have been fine physically.

  • Carmallows Anthony

    In before the guy who will say he’s glad Rose was injured just to show up the (to him) arrogant Bulls fans.

  • berkamore

    Really sucks. I just hope it’s nothing too serious.

  • melvo


  • Billy Sunday

    People are usually symmetrical, if you tear the left one, you’ll most likely tear the right one. It is probably the bulls training staff’s fault for not correcting his imbalances he has. Look at RG3′s knee valgus before he tore his acl, they ignored it and he ended up tearing it

  • The Philosopher

    What is he, the Danny Manning of point guards?
    If is is an A.C.L. or any other tear, he can still come back.
    He’d just have to become a true point guard.

  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    Rose will have to change his game, similar to how Chris Paul did. I always thought he worked too hard sometimes.

  • Stainless

    i feel like that didn’t make too much sense.

  • underdog

    Man it’s just sad. First it was Penny, than Arenas, now Rose. This is not right, but I guess it’s in the game.

  • the rain

    Theres an upside to this – 18 more months of the Return II commercials

  • Tarzan Cooper

    rose is getting injured like many people said wade would get injured. wreckless is risky.

  • david stern

    i blame adidas 100%

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com/ Dutch Rich

    Feel sad for Rose but it was somewhat foreseen. The legacy will be titled “Revenge of the GummyBears”. No ill will meant to my Chicago brethren but the metaphor with DRose goes something like this ; “Putting a Ferrari engine in a a Dodge Charger”. The one wasn’t made to function with the other. “Things Fall Apart”. A good reminder of why all athletes need to take excellent care of their bodies through their stomach first. There appear to be all kinds of correlations between sugar intake and effects on tendons and ligaments not to mention consequent diabetes. Rose might make the most extreme case study.
    Once again I am no doctor, but steering the conversation away from faulty Adidas sneakers and improper fitness training might prove to be more beneficial to the young and gullible.

  • Ugh

    Blame overtraining. How many of these guys are getting injured at a higher rate than we used to see? Can we really say it’s likely the footwear getting worse? If more games means more injuries (see the lockout shortened season’s toll), more time in the gym and more intense workouts does too. Westbrook and Rose are both two of the most explosive little guys the NBA ever saw, and both have end of season injuries, both have the same training regimen – they’re workout buddies.
    I bet this doesn’t happen to KD til he’s Kobe’s age.

  • ballislife

    It may be the beginning of the end .

  • the rain

    woah woah woah woah woah hold on now. RW got injured because dude ran into his leg when he was at a dead stop

  • 604ricy

    Its official. Torn meniscus. He is done im afraid..

  • robb

    Of course Adidas is responsible. Those shoes he wears have zero cushioning. Players like him need better cushioning dude’s too explosive and those sh*tty adidas are terrible. The impact his knees and ankles receive is too strong because of his style of play. I hope john wall stopa wearing them becaus he could get injured again. F*ck the three stripes. Call me what you want it’s the truth. Have you seen the sole? The herringbone goes sideways. If you wanna make a spin that sole wont let you do ir freely. I’m very upest about this.

  • Lloyd

    Probably the biggest disappointment in recent years in the NBA.

  • Mike From Spain

    I remember the first time I saw Rose play on the TV. I thought immediately two things: 1. Wow, who is this guy? If he’s not a star he’ll be one soon. And 2. This style of play is unsustainable and he won’t last long. I am sorry to say, the modern NBA game is just too much and these explosive guards have a higher chance of session or career ending injuries than in the past, they are playing right at the body’s limit.

  • Duke4005

    Stupidest thing I have read yet. Adidas has a higher share of athletes in the NBA than ever and guys aren’t dropping every day. Explain Curry – wore Nike’s. Explain Penny – wore Nike’s. G.Hill – wore Fila’s. Stoudemire – Nike’s. No correlation. And as for the sideways traction – the most popular shoe in college/nba has the same traction – Nike Hyperdunk 2013.

  • KingBenjamin

    It’s a relief that it’s not an ACL tear, he can come back in 2 weeks if they just have to trim the meniscus but if they have to repair the crust side of the meniscus then he’ll be out 8-10 weeks.


  • Almighty G ™ 11/23

    what a fucking idiot you are

  • 604ricy

    2weeks? 8-10weeks? Sorry it will take way more than that I am afraid. D.Rose will never be the same again after this. I am curious how he will adapt after..

  • Stepfan Raiford

    I’ll take a torn meniscus over an ACL injury any day. Depending on what needs to be done to the meniscus he could comeback sooner than you think, but his mental game will be tested like never before. If I recall Metta World Peace came back in like 12 days, but again it all depends on what needs to be done on the meniscus. I hope this isn’t a Brandon Roy/Penny Hardaway situation for D-rose. My only question is with this injury do the Bulls blow it up and focus on the upcoming draft?

  • Vince Gully

    It must be devastating for a guy who cares about basketball as much as Derrick Rose does to be robbed of basketball again after working his ass off to get back. Hopefully the recovery for this knee won’t be long and he’ll be back better and stronger than ever.

  • Vince Gully

    On another note, I’m glad that people posting on SLAM are more mature than idiots on ESPN. I can’t believe all the snarky comments I read about Rose’s injury. I don’t understand how people can find another person’s injury funny, especially one to a dude like Rose who plays hard every night he’s healthy and stays away from trouble off the court.

  • KingBenjamin

    You don’t know that, so don’t assume.

  • Caida Davis


  • Da-Meat-Hook

    As some one who has had both an ACL recinstruction (4 years ago) as well as a Medial Meniscus arthroscopy (less than 2 weeks ago), I can say that a meniscus tear is not serious. My surgeon actually told me that after my surgery, I wouldn’t need crutches because I’d be able to walk out of the recovery room, I’d be able to drive in 2 days, and I’d be back on the basketball court in less than 1.5 months.

    Rose’s return will depend on whether they can sew the meniscus back (like Westbrook) which is better in the long run but has a longer recovery time, or shave it down like Griffen.

    A meniscus tear is not a career threatening injury.

  • guest

    What are you on about?

  • Saleem Rainman

    Did u just reply to urself with a completely different perspective?

  • redbeard

    Now’s as good a time as ever to blow the whole thing up and pick up a top 5 pick. Derrick Rose’s early success cursed him because they couldn’t get enough young talent around him in subsequent drafts to have sustainable success 4-5 years down the road.

  • Interdico Scriptor

    I said at the beginning of season that Rose could be this gen’s Grant Hill. Hate it when i’m right (it rarely happens)

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Say what?


    It’s over. Book it.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Russell westbrook and cp3 are a few guys that have had torn meniscuses recently and how do they look now????? Not a career injury, 2 months maybe 3 if the bulls feel a tank session coming along

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Huh??? Griffin 3 tore his acl because he stayed in that playoff game…… what does this have to do with anything…? He comes out of that game, he doesnt tear it….

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com/ Dutch Rich

    You know what, I said my piece and I won’t dwell any further. It’s a sad day for Rose and the basketball community at large. But if we are gonna discuss how this could possibly happen to such a phenomenal athlete than we should consider all the factors.

  • house

    The left ACL tear and right meniscus tear may have won a couple of battles but I believe that DRose will win the war, by which I mean continued successful elite seasons in the NBA.

    I am absolutely gutted for him that it happened, especially at this point given how hard he was working on and off the court. For example look at how hard he was defending Kyrie, G. Hill and Lilliard the past few games. In terms of work ethic and heart he is an elite player, and while he is absent the NBA is less of a league in my opinion. I hope he comes back stronger still. And smh @ those people who are glad that Drose, (or any other player) is injured. I hope the same never happens to them.

  • melvo

    He actually just kinda lost his footing while he was running. I don’t think It had anything to do with his explosive play. Regardless, I do think he needs to really develop his non-athletic related basketball skills. Even if he stayed healthy, that explosiveness wouldn’t be there forever. Hope this doesn’t hurt his career or confidence any more.

  • don

    what a dumb comment. so you’re telling me rubio and curry DID NOT GET injured while wearing nikes? Lou williams is wearing what when he tore his acl? or how about marc gasol? are you saying nike provides cushioning that will prevent injuries? lol. what a sheep you are.

  • Max


  • 604ricy

    Well okay I wont assume. But I know he wont be the same.

  • 604ricy

    You had it in both knees just like D.Rose’s? I don’t know how explosive of an athlete you are on the court, both left and right just indicates severity of knee conditions. I am curious of his prognosis.

  • 604ricy

    Left and right. People. His explosivness will never be the same

  • 604ricy

    I haven’t seen D.Rose play much this season but maybe that meniscus tear happened due to accumulated stress? I agree he does need to change up his game now.

  • Ugh

    Funny, I was standing at ‘dead stop’ in the supermarket the other day and someone ran into my knee with a cart and my meniscus didn’t tear.

    Seriously, though, intense and repetitive load bearing and impact are contributory to ACL tears, meniscus tears, microfractures, plantar fasciitis. These injuries are occurring more frequently to players who are in otherwise great shape who are playing the same number of games that players in the past have played, and who have better treatment and better equipment.

    The two most above-the-rim players in the last 15 years, Blake Griffin and Kenyon Martin, had microfracture injuries early on in their careers. Greg Oden gained maybe 20-25 pounds in college, then even more in the NBA and has ruined knees. Westbrook and Rose are the two most explosive little guys in the NBA and now have season-ending injuries in their early twenties.

    Who did this happen to twenty years ago, when the equipment was worse and the treatment was nowhere near as good but players were less muscular, less explosive and had much smaller vertical leap?

  • robb

    The the hyper dunk’s herringbone pattern it’s a regular herringbone. Now, I’m not gonna explain sh*t because no matter what I tell you you’ll still say there’s no correlation, but there is.

  • robb

    Rubio got hit and Curry has baby deer ankles, obviously players will get injured no matter what, but the degree of the injuries adidas players suffer is way more severe and those injuries usually happen without direct contact. Like I said I don’t give a f*ck about what you wear, but the truth is Adidas makes terrible basketball shoes. Explosive players should never wear them.

  • house

    Well, speaking for myself, I have had injuries keeping me from playing competitively the past few years. I love the game and hate it when I can’t play. I also feel for other people whose injuries are preventing them playing the game they love. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  • house

    Yup, logical thinking for the win.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Yup. Trust me. A meniscus tear is a walk in the park compared to an ACL reconstruction.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Pistol Pete, Bernard King, Fat Lever, Danny Manning, and Tim Hardaway to name a few.

    You are right, though, in that ACL tears and knee injuries in general are far more prevalent now than ever before.

  • The Fury

    Penny, Grant Hill, Agent Zero, T-Mac…and now him. Man oh man, that’s why its scary when a player unexpectedly peaked early.

  • hagekg

    not trying to say that roses injury is 100 % from adidas shoes, but believe it or not, I think robb has a small major point on this, which is adidas shoes arnt as good as nikes. they always make light shoes eg the crazy lights, and I remember i couldn’t even put them on due to the narrow fore foot of the shoe shape :( …. but i think, if you’ve got weak kness, no matter what shoes you wear, you would still get injured…..these people don’t even need CONTACT to get injured :(

  • Armando

    The scientific correlation so far is in fact that the less cushioning the higher stability and better movement control. More cushioning = less movement control (It’s a pick what you feel you need most kind of situation). There’s a reason smaller players tend to prefer less cushioning and vice versa. This also goes for ankle stability. There’s no correlation between ankle injuries and low top/little cushioning shoes. The key to ankle stability is in the heel-cap of the shoe and how low-to-the-ground they are (little cushioning). There are also some results pointing to high tops actually being worse if you twist your ankle as in some cases they prevent natural movement and cause injury further up the leg (the knee has to deal with the impact). How you feel about Adidas is your personal opinion. For me the worst shoes I’ve worn (injury wise): Nike Flight (The ones Marion wore with the Suns, with the Shox). Best: Adidas CrazyLight Low.

  • JML-G

    so u wouldnt mind they would laugh at someones injury who isnt considered so humble, hard working and gets into trouble sometimes? hypocrite

  • http://h2hoops.wordpress.com/ Habeeba Husain

    We’re rooting for you, D-Rose.

  • Duke4005

    Okay – let me explain. Sideways – left to right. If you have the sense and ability to turn a shoe over and look at the bottom you will notice the HD pattern is sideways from normal herringbone just like the Rose 4.
    And making excuses for injuries to players in Nike’s. Freaking sheep. Where is your swoosh tattoo?

  • Castrovi

    Ummm no.

  • danpowers

    ehwwww…. that sucks

  • Evan Boland

    9 days, but he had his removed.

  • robb

    im not talking about ankle sprains I’m talking about ankle inflammation and cartilage erosion. I know about ankle stability, that’s not my point. What I’m saying is when you have bad cushioning the pressure ankles and knees take is enormous, specially with guys like DRose who are very strong and very explosive. The force he applies when he goes up and the force his body receives when he comes down needs better cushioning. If he played like Tony Parker (fast but closer to the ground) he would be fine with those Adidas, but that DRose model is not what a player like Derrick needs.

  • urriah

    yep.. same reaction.. same amount of Us and Ks… i feel you max..

  • brothasdontsurf

    It sucks, but it feels like every season theres a franchise player that goes down

  • Jase Mase

    It’ll never be the same but he will still be explosive. Look at Westbrook.

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  • Xbone

    I agree. In Toronto they are selling DROSE shoes for $50. I almost bought them until I remembered what Kobe said and D Rose’s latest injury.

  • Wings23

    Props for saying Chicago-land area. Most burbanites just say they are from Chi lol