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Dwight Howard Says Facing the Lakers Won’t Be a ‘Reunion Game’

Both sides are desperate to move on, but naturally, fans and the media won’t let the storyline die. Dwight Howard will play against the Los Angeles Lakers tonight for the first time since choosing Houston over Hollywood. The big fella says the nationally-televised showdown shouldn’t be considered a reunion of any kind. Per USA Today: “It’s not a reunion game,’ Howard said. ‘What’s the reunion? I think people are making a big deal out of the whole situation. Yeah, I left the Lakers. Ok, I did what I had to do. This is my decision, and for me it’s another game. Half the guys on the team weren’t on the team last year anyway, so it’s really not like a reunion.’ [...] ‘It’s time for everybody to get over it,’ Howard continued. ‘It happened. It’s in the past. I’ve gotten over it. It didn’t work out (with the Lakers last season). The timing was off. It just wasn’t (there). Everybody was injured. People can say that I ran from the situation, that I couldn’t handle the pressure. But I think there’s more pressure coming here to win than there was in L.A., because I left the Lakers to come play for somebody else. So I’m supposed to feel like there’s more pressure to win now, because everybody is like, ‘He left the Lakers; can he win?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m happy. I’m going to win regardless.’ I think people just need to let it go, and if they don’t, then that’s on them. I’ve let it go. It’s in the past.’ Besides, there’s no sense in worrying about the past when his present is going so well. It’s a wonder anyone still questions Howard’s decision considering the chasm that his choice created between the two teams’ fortunes. The Rockets enter the non-reunion game with a 4-1 record, a locker room full of love for their new big man and a future that looks so incredibly bright with Howard, James Harden and company. The 2-3 Lakers, meanwhile,would have been hard-pressed to win even if Howard hadn’t left the team (and the extra $30 million he could have had to stay on the same team). Kobe Bryant remains out as he recovers from his Achilles tendon tear in April, meaning the potential face-off of former teammates who clearly never clicked likely won’t happen until their second Houston meeting on Jan. 8 or the first Staples Center matchup Feb. 19. And for the record, as Howard made clear, they haven’t spoken since he made his decision.”

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  • robb

    Go Lakers

  • Saleem Rainman

    This guy just goes ONNNNNNNNNN and onnnnnnnnnn, funnily enough after saying people need to move on, then he goes on some sort of a diva rant about how and why he made his choice. stfu already. damn.

  • anon

    Word. What happened to that “We do our talking on the court.” sh*t?

  • bike

    And somewhere, Kobe Motherf*kin Bryant is thinking ‘Oh yeah..it’s a reunion game my man…make no mistake about it…it’s a reunion….’.

  • don

    he was asked.

  • C.M.G

    nobody is checking for the lakers…..if Dwight doesn’t mention them…….NOBODY talks about them…….at least till kobe comes back and plays off into the sunset

  • Hursty

    As a long time, die hard Rockets supporter, I have no qualms about saying that this game vs the Lakers was absolutely shockingly horrible. We did not deserve to win, and hopefully the loss will do more good than winning. Our defensive intensity was horrendously bad. James Harden was flat out embarrassing.
    Casspi and Garcia aren’t doing their jobs – shoot open 3′s without dribbling – and Beverley is rusty/can’t score apparently.
    Parsons seems to have regressed and Dwight/Omer aren’t flowing together.
    It’s very, very early in the season, but this game needs to be a learning experience for them to make ‘the jump’. From ATO’s to transition D, to defensive rules, to offensive positioning. It’s really, really bad.
    Superior talent will only get you so far.

  • Solito

    Media availability is a b**ch… You have 20 reporters in the locker room, and if they are all after the same story, you have to answer (D-Stern loves him some Media Availability). So in the end there is plenty of material to patch any type of statement together.

  • pposse

    hahaha yes! and hack a dwight strategy worked to perfection!!

  • LakeShow

    What’s that?

  • C.M.G

    nobody cares about the lakers aside from laker fans because its obvious they are goin NOWHERE this season. the only way the lakers get a article on slam is if dwight howard is included….broke it down for u.

  • LakeShow

    Nobody cares about anything they aren’t a fan of lil guy lol.

    Try to use cognitive thought if at all possible…

    Everything you said is all completely inaccurate.

    The Lakers win the “fan night” game on nbatv every time…

    People want to see the Lakers even when the aren’t putting out the best product, like this year. The Lakers will forever be one of the most storied franchises in L history and future.

    So it’s cute that you think that Dwight Howard has a sway on the amount the Lakers are talked about, but as far as fact goes, the Lakers are the most important franchise in the L.

    Good try, and nice effort though.

    You still think the LeBron is the MVP of the Chicago Bulls?
    Or did you end up being able to start that lil noggin of yours up?

  • C.M.G

    true basketball fans check on teams other than favorite, they even have favorite players that play on other teams….i guess u wouldnt know that though….and who cares what the lakers have done in the last 20 years??? and when is the last time you seen a lakers article on slam that didnt have dwight howard included??? i’ll wait for that answer lol…..your a douche..your mom should of swallowed you. and who cares if they won fan night lol…..that just means people wanted to see them lose.

  • LakeShow

    You notice how I don’t have to resort to name calling and personal attacks?

    You know why that is? Because I have facts and truth on my side.

    I also can illustrate my points well with legible grammar, and contextualized, appropriate stats.

    I don’t need to try and turn this into a sh*t flinging contest. I can show why you are wrong on every instance with facts and reason.

    Enjoy playing with your poo though young buck.

    PLEASE stop wasting my time. You will be embarrassed every time.

  • C.M.G

    im embarrassing myself by stating that just because someone may be a fan of one team doesnt mean they dont check on any other teams lol??? didnt know i was talking to a english major lol…..the lakers are irrelevant this season……until kobe comes back.

  • LakeShow

    What’s your point? Yes, the Lakers are slightly less irrelevant than the Suns. I’m over it, what’s up wit you?
    You seem stuck on it.

    You doing okay with the Lakers not being the marquee franchise this year? I am…

    let me guess, my mom should swallow j*zz? good one bruhh

  • C.M.G

    i made my point in the first comment i left on this article. the one that you replied 2. did u miss it?? lol….and i said your mom shoulda swallowed you….i’m not familiar with that “jizz” slang….lol sorry bruh

  • LakeShow

    Glad you realized you’re in the ring with the big boys here.


  • C.M.G