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Jason Kidd Fined $50,000 for Spilling Drink on the Court to Delay Game

He may have managed to fool the refs, but with HD cameras everywhere, Jason Kidd was caught red-handed for purposefully spilling his drink on the floor for an additional timeout on Wednesday night. The NBA announced that the Brooklyn Nets head coach has been hit with a $50K fine for his antics. Per the AP: “Kidd bumped into Brooklyn reserve Tyshawn Taylor with 8.3 seconds left in the Nets’ 99-94 loss to the Lakers on Wednesday, causing his drink to spill. A video of the fumble showed Kidd appearing to tell Taylor to “hit me” as the guard walked toward the bench, and the resulting delay while the floor was being cleaned allowed the Nets, who were out of timeouts, to diagram a play. Kidd denied any intent after the game, joking that he had ‘sweaty palms’ and was ‘never good with the ball.’ … ‘In the heat of the battle you’re trying to get guys in and out of the game, and the (drink) fell out of my hand,’ Kidd added. The NBA didn’t believe it and punished Kidd for the second time in his first month as a coach. He was suspended the first two games of the regular season after pleading guilty in a drunken driving case. Kidd and the Nets are off to a 4-11 start.”

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  • i_ball

    Well that’s an expensive drink…
    One month into the season the NBA has already made more than half a million in fines


    David Stern just said to himself: BOSS

  • fruizm

    Haha damn!!…At least he can tell that story to his grandkids and it will be great!


    Say what you want about this move, but I wouldn’t mind playing for a coach that would do anything he could to put you in a position to win

  • robb

    He ended up looking like an idiot. With all those cameras around? ‘hit me’ lol

  • spit hot fiyah

    like having his assistant draw up a play while two guys from the opposing team are in the huddle


    They still got a clean look at a 3. Pierce just couldn’t knock it down

  • spit hot fiyah

    i hear you. it ended up being a 50 000 dollar mistake. the poor guy looks clueless


    Yeaaaa sadly he does. Doesn’t help either when your general is hurt and your “big names” aren’t giving you any consistent production. He’s in a tough situation

  • spit hot fiyah

    i didn’t like the signing when it happened and didn’t understand the thinking behind it. but yeah, not having williams and lopez certainly doesn’t help. KG looks like he is completely done. what’s the record for most 4 point games in nba history? feels like he has 4 points ever time i check the box score

  • Cortez Mack

    I get your general point but I would rather play for a coach that would not be in that position in the first place.

    That was very bush league in my opinion.


    Who wouldn’t? The point was tho that he was willing to go there to try and give his team a chance. Better than a coach that just doesn’t care at all

  • Damjan Vlastelica

    Ummm I agree that when you view the incident by itself it may look like it was a ‘smart’ attempt to try to gain an edge but consider the entire context. These guys travel nearly year round with each other, many have been in the NBA for years, many have been in nearly every situation imaginable on a basketball court.

    Now try and tell me that their first reaction would be “wow look at what coach is doing for us”. Most would instead be like “Is this really what it has come to”. Garnett and Pierce just spent the last 5 years playing for one of the NBAs best coaches and now their next coach acts as a decoy so that his assistants can draw up a play {pls read that sentence again}.

    Im not sure how I could respect a coach thats probably short on ideas and who thinks making this move is a smart strategic play. I also feel for the real coaches on the bench who had to go along with Kidd’s play. Its like really bad office politics. Imagine your boss, who you are more competent than, coming up with an idea that will make you both look foolish that you have to go along with. Resentment would be the first thing that comes to mind. id be surprised if anyone in Brooklyn was apprec

  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    so if you were Garnett, you wouldn’t have like this even though Pierce missed the shot?

  • Damjan Vlastelica

    you also must be supportive of NBA players that flop. After all they are trying to use gamesmanship, and cunning to gain an advantage, and help their team at any cost by getting opposing players in foul trouble, being harder to guard, and getting relatively easy points from the free throw line?

    Which brings me to, I really think that the NBA wasnt harsh enough in this situation. Im not sure if the CBA allows them to suspend a coach, but had it been I would have been expecting a message sending suspension (think 5 games or so). I mean flopping is bad enough when players do it, but if coaches start doing it I think its really going to make the NBA tough to watch/respect. Again viewed as an isolated incident then yeah Kidd’s actions werent that bad. but if this encourages Mike Malone et al. to take one for the team, then I think its going to be tough to support

    And if you say which other coach is going to try this as well? Well exactly, that says it all about what Kidd did.

  • Damjan Vlastelica

    Id be like ‘Where the f$#^ am I’ why is my coach acting like a player, and what f*^king difference is it going to make, if its the assistants drawing up the plays and we have f#^king steve blake who I’m going to stand over and try to intimidate (seriously watch the vid its pretty funny) and Xavier Henry in our f#^king huddle. Cant wait to hear coaches whiny voice at practice the next day as he runs us through some of his other brilliant suggestions.’

  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    i saw the game but the plan worked(besides the shot).


    I’m not supportive of flopping actually but I don’t think players should be fined for it either. I actually think that rule is ridiculous. Refs don’t get fined for calls they miss so why fine players for attempting to get a call? That’s just me tho. To respond to your statement about suspending Kidd, I disagree with that as well. This situation is similar to when he darted down the sideline as a player during a game and ran into a coach. When he did that as a player, everyone thought it was genius. Now because he’s a coach, an act to attempt to give his team a chance is crazy? Another coach won’t do it but other coaches do whatever they can to help their teams win also. Hack a Howard rings a bell for me. If Popovich would’ve done this we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Everyone would talk about how amazing a coach he is and how he thought outside the box and gave his team a chance to win


    to me his signing was a great way to minimize expectations. You have this great team on paper but without a good coach you really go nowhere. The move by the Nets was an easy way to curve disappointment if the team struggled. Everyone will yell “fire kidd” before they yell anything else. And you might be right about KG lol. I dropped him from my fantasy team last week. he was killing me

  • Evan Boland

    He’s so in with today’s American imperialism.

  • robb


  • Ugh

    I get what you’re saying, but I don’t think anyone in the Nets wants to minimise expectations at this point. It’s great strategy if you’re a tanking team – rookie coach, not much talent/talent on the bench – but the Nets are spending a fortune and have to pay off a brand new, state-of-the-art arena.

    Hmm… maybe the Nets are tanking with the most experienced and expensive roster in the NBA as a blind? It’s the perfect ruse – nobody will see that coming!

  • Ugh

    Given that Kidd also missed two games for a drink driving suspension, he’s making a season out of expensive drinks so far.

  • mike

    Pop would never do this , and no other respectable coach i can think of would. I agree with Damjan , a small fine does not seem harsh enough, a suspension would have a sent a stronger message to other coaches and jason. I cant make any judgements on his coaching but his actions have been the most unprofessional of any coach i have ever seen. this , DUI, cellphone during preseason game…..

  • DMC14

    i always thought kidd would maker a great coach after he finished playing. he’ll come good give him a season or two.

  • Damjan Vlastelica

    The fact that this worked in the sense that the Nets got an open shot in rhythm tells you more about dantonis defensive principles rather than the basic high screen and roll that the nets ran from the extra time kidd bought his assistants to diagram a play that they could have probably called anyway

  • PZL

    the overlooked part is he was just quoting his wife, evidently :(

  • MagicFan2009

    This is all part of Mikhail Prokhorov’s plan.. the guy is a true hustler, Nets are tanking to get Andrew Wiggins lol