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Kenyon Martin Still Angry Over Lack of Playing Time

In general, Kenyon Martin seems like an angry individual. He does, however, have a beef with the way Knicks head coach Mike Woodson keeps him glued to the bench. Per the NY Post: “Sunday wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination not just for me but for the whole organization — to go out there and lay an egg like that on your home floor,’ Martin said after Tuesday’s practice. ‘People pay hard-earned money to come see us play. We shouldn’t put a performance like that out there.’ Woodson explained he didn’t play Martin in Sunday’s game because the score was too lopsided and wanted to stick to the platoon with Stoudemire in which they rotate games. ‘It wasn’t worth doing it,’ Woodson said. [...] Woodson said Martin will play in Atlanta and (Amar’e) Stoudemire will sit. But Martin will be back on the pine Thursday when Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin and the Rockets invade the Garden. Martin is also on a 15-to-20 minutes restriction as set by the Knicks medical staff. Martin said it was ‘difficult’ to sit during the San Antonio debacle. ‘That’s been y’all and Woody,’ Martin said edgily of the platoon and minute-restriction guidelines. ‘I’ve told you all I’m fine. Every time you ask me, I’ll give you the same answer, I’m fine — whatever the minutes is.’ Referring to Tyson Chandler’s broken leg, Martin snapped: ‘Tyson wasn’t there but I was available. Tyson couldn’t play. It was difficult for me to watch any game from the bench, not just a loss. I want to play. I’m a competitor, man. It’s all about winning. It’s all about the team. [But] I want to play.’”

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  • underdog

    It’s actually great to see this dude, not just wants to collect his guaranteed paycheck, but wants to play some ball too. Coach should give him some PT, because at this point I’m not entirely convinced, that Amaré is the better player.

  • D

    Why is bargnani in the rotation over Martin , Tyson goes down and bag boy is supposed to hold down the paint , not bloody likely

  • jmm

    I love K-Mart. Dude genuinely cares and every time I watch him play I feel like he makes good, tough decisions. One of the best Knicks easily.