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LeBron James and Chris Bosh Playing Career-Low Minutes

The Miami Heat’s gruelling journey towards a third straight NBA title hasn’t been gruelling at all. It’s very early, of course, but thanks to an improved bench, head coach Erik Spoelstra has managed to significantly lower his star players’ minutes. Per the Miami Herald: “So what else could derail the Heat besides Indiana, injury or the Western Conference champion? There’s the exhaustion theory, the one articulated by TNT analyst Steve Kerr during the summer when he predicted that Miami will not three-peat because of the physical and mental toll of playing so many playoff games over a four-year period. Kerr speaks from experience, having played on Michael Jordan’s Bulls teams that won three championships in a row from 1996 to 1998. The Heat’s reaction to Kerr’s theory has run the gamut, from dismissiveness to an acknowledgement that this journey will be more difficult than anything previously. ‘I mean: Who comes up with that?’ Spoelstra said of that theory early in the training camp. ‘Our competition is trying to drive that narrative. We have a highly motivated group of guys. If you don’t have passionate guys, then mental fatigue” could be a factor.’ Point guard Mario Chalmers also disputes Kerr’s notion: ‘I don’t buy that at all. Steve Kerr did it, so why can’t we do it? We’re a very strong team. We added two great pieces in Greg Oden and Michael Beasley. We have a lot more pieces to keep us from wearing down.’ [...] It’s very early, but the Heat has shown no signs of fatigue or malaise so far, and Spoelstra has kept players fresh by playing his stars fewer minutes and making ample use of his bench. LeBron James is averaging a career-low 35.2 minutes, down from 37.9 last season and 39.6 in his career. Chris Bosh is averaging 28.5 minutes, by far the lowest of his career and down from 33.2 last season. And besides sitting out three games to rest his knees, Dwyane Wade is averaging more a minute per game less than last season (33.6), which is the second lowest of his career. ‘That’s extremely important,’ Bosh said. ‘Our second group has done a magnificent job this year and made our jobs a little easier. It’s making it easier on us not having to play a lot, especially early.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    greg oden = great piece according to mario chalmers

  • Lloyd

    mario chalmers= best piece according to mario chalmers

  • richardh

    mario chalmers = john wall according to mario chalmers


    Besides Tony parker, no PG has more rings than Chalmers

  • Hum

    norris cole

  • TriggaMan

    Beasley was a great pick up, he is scoring great, and given spo a chance to rest the king

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Megatron

    Yes, norris cole has more rings than chalmers

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Megatron

    D-fish does tho, hes still kickin’


    i didn’t know that dfish was still in the league

  • dana

    greg oden has a great piece lol

  • Evan Boland

    No, he has the same amount.

  • playa

    C’mon man give Grandpa Oden a break,he made he’s cameo appearence,we’ll see him on the floor in 3-4 years,that’s how he rolls.


    Obviously, SLAM, they play in the East.

  • bringbackthesonics


  • pposse

    Its silly how wiley veterans and up and coming ball olayers looking for a second chance because if their kunuckle headed past all choose miami furst. Zero competitive spirit in the nba!!

  • mo

    @pposse: So anybody who chooses to go and play for the Heat is not competitive?

  • Feez_22


    Go look at the history of the nba. Wiley vets always cling on to champions/contenders late in their careers to win. Now… beasley is the heat’s only true knuckle head. He chose miami after being waived by phx bc it was a familiar atmosphere (he was drafted there) and he could be mentored by his old friend dwade , lebron and bosh. What’s the problem with that?

    Besides, beasley was waived. 29 other nba teams had a chance to claim him off of waivers and didn’t. The heat were dead last in waiver order since they won a ring. Thus, it is the fault of other teams that he is on the miami heat. They could have blocked it all by putting him on their team but didn’t (including your bulls). smh.

  • pposse

    “he chose miami bc it was a familiar atmosphere” – i whole hearedly disagree with that. He went to MIami for the same exact reason Oden went there and thats to help re-jump start their careers by contributing to the championship. And what better way to do it then go on the reigning 2 time champs?

    I have no idea how the waiver wire works but if your saying 29 teams had the opportunity to pick up beasley and chose not to then the competitive sprits of the gm’s and owners is horrid. IF 28 other teams passed up on Beasley who is making 1 mill this yr give or take then there has to be some sort of conspiracy going on. As much of a knuckle head he is, a gm/owner has to take that fool on their team just so Lebron and Wade don’t get a hold of him. Those two guys make everyone around them better (lebron moreso than wade to be fair but either way). lol and don’t bring up the bulls we had a cap situation and went for broke this yr anyways..

    The wiley vets goin to the heat i get, but having a culture where guys whose prime’s are not yet reached also wanting to go there for less money is too much imo.

  • pposse

    yeah pretty much.

    I am 100% positive that its not only Lebron and Wade who believe they will win 7 championships…all of the B level talent and below in the NBA believe it as well.

  • Feez_22

    Let me give you a refresher on the beasley situation.

    Beasley signed a 3 yr deal in the preseason leading up to the 12-13 reg season. After the season, he was arrested for having marijuana in his car. This isn’t the first time he’s been caught having marijuana. Suns went on to waive him.

    When a player is waived, they are technically still under contract (unless they go unclaimed off waivers; unclaimed off waivers = FA). every team in the NBA didn’t claim him off of waivers (including the heat who were last in waiver order). Thus, beasley became a FA. Beasley then picked miami for a few reasons.

    1. He was drafted there. Thus it’s a familiar atmosphere
    2. They have a strong locker room culture that could straighten him out and keep him in check with stars, vets, young players who don’t have character issues
    3. The heat are one of a few teams that actually wanted him; many teams didn’t even inquire on him.

    Playing for a champion is just a bonus reason. He needed a fresh start. the heat offer a place where he wouldn’t have any starter pressure, could learn under 3 all stars and could ween his way into playing.

    BTW, beasley was waived and is being paid 7m by the suns this yr so he’ll be alright. Again, any other team could have had him on the cheap. This is what happens to most waived players. they make minimum or close to it on other teams. look around. it’s not just something the miami heat get from young players who haven’t’ hit their prime. If you are waived, chances are you make significantly less on your new team as you are still being paid a large sum by another team (no matter what your age is). Andray blatche makes 1.4m this yr since he was waived. beasley makes 1.03m this yr for the same reason.

  • Tarzan Cooper

    supercoolbeas=best offseason pickup for any team.

  • Feez_22

    btw lol bulls could have went after him ;)

    Bulls are over the cap but still had the minimum to spend. beasley received a 1 yr non guaranteed deal worth 1.03m… basically vet minimum. bulls were still able to pay that. any team could pay that (since you don’t need salary cap space to sign vet minimums)

  • Guest

    Being a great piece, and having a great piece are two complete different things buddy.

  • Caboose

    Anybody playing for the Heat is noncompetitive? Oh for f*ck’s sake you moron.

  • pposse

    cool got it thanks for the refresher.

  • pposse

    whats moronic is you asking a question and then responding to the stupid question you asked without getting a response from me, even tho i already responded to that question. Why ask that question? (asks the ‘moron’ to the all ‘intelligent’ one on these threads)