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LeBron James Humbled By Love From Cleveland Cavaliers Fans

Three years ago, it was impossible to imagine hoops fans in Cleveland showering LeBron James with anything but vitriol. Last night, Cavs fans launched their sad “Come Home LeBron’ campaign, and James said he was flattered by the gesture (though, unlike the tampering Anderson Varejao, LBJ refused once again to discuss his impending free agency.) Per the Sun-Sentinel: “Three years after ‘The Decision,’ the tune has changed. Fans here once burned their James jerseys. Now, the fire is used to fuel an attempt to sway him back to his former team if he opts to become a free agent next summer. James gave the fans more reason to want him back after scoring 28 points in the Heat’s 95-84 victory, their eighth straight. [...] After a bad breakup, all the Cavs fans want is another chance. James was flattered by the gesture but preferred to keep focus on the Heat. He spoke for an uncharacteristic 10 minutes before the game, answering mostly questions from the Cleveland media. ‘It’s not for me to really comment on or really get too caught up in it,’ James said. ‘Like I said, it’s humbling. It’s flattering to know that you have fans everywhere. I’m grateful for that.’ The mood inside the arena was different from previous trips. When James appeared on the big screen during pregame, he was greeted with a mix of boos and cheers. How things had changed since he made his first return to Cleveland in 2010. ‘I haven’t done the whole Family Feud thing, where you ask 100 people a survey on the street, `Do you still like LeBron or not,’ James said. ‘I haven’t done that. I don’t know. For me, as a basketball player and as a man, I’ve grown over the years. I can just do one thing and that’s continue to represent my family and do the things that I love to do every day and that’s play the game of basketball at a high level.’ As he has all season, James refused to answer questions about his future. He said he will keep the attention on trying to lead the Heat to a third straight championship. The change of heart from the Cleveland faithful came as no surprise to guard Dwyane Wade, saying ‘Why wouldn’t you want the game’s most dominant player in your uniform?’ … ‘We’re just enjoying what we have,’ Wade said. ‘When it’s time for him to sit down and make a decision for his future, he will make that decision. I’m one of his good friends. I’m going to support him whatever decision he makes.’”

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  • Shooting Guard

    Things change

  • melvo

    That’s actually very nice to hear.

  • alex80


  • spit hot fiyah

    let’s pretend this never happened

  • Lloyd

    If these are just the fans that never hated him and always wanted him to comeback, that’s cool. But if these are the same people who showered him with boos and burned his jersey, that’s just pathetic.

  • King David

    lol word

  • The Mauve Avenger

    Being a fan nowadays means nothing.

  • JML-G

    i liked this part from RealGM article:

    “I just finished the “Game of Thrones” books, so pardon this analogy. South Beach is like King’s Landing — a seat of power from which you can rule the realm. Install a legitimate King on the Iron Throne and you will always find players to wear your colors. Once you’re in a position like that, the last thing you want to do is start over somewhere else. Even if Miami falls short this year, there’s nowhere LeBron can go that will put him in a better position to get back.”

    also Cavs are still shitty, even with Kyrie. sorry Cleveland, but theres bigger chance Kyrie goes to Miami than Lebron returns so soon

  • cgeorge22

    So they’re bi polar now?

  • grgeblck


  • 604ricy

    Fickle clev fans…
    James will stay sorry gilbert… its your fault. Ha- drafting Bennett was another sign btw

  • richardh

    I can’t see how he would want to play for an owner that displayed a personal letter of disgust against him on their webpage and for the world to see. That was ridiculous. But who know’s? I hope he stays in Miami.

  • Beavis

    Cleveland is a joke.