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Michael Jordan Willing to Give LeBron James Advice

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James recently said that he wishes he had a relationship with his childhood idol, Michael Jordan. The Charlotte Bobcats owner says he’d be happy to sit and build with LBJ — who Jordan considers the League’s best player — and provide him with basketball advice (even though, technically, they’re NBA rivals.) Per the AP: “Sure, I would be willing to talk to a bunch of the kids,’ Jordan said. ‘And actually I do. I don’t advertise it because I don’t want it to be misconstrued or to be viewed as tampering with other stars. I’m in a more difficult position than other owners because it can be viewed in a different way. But I’ve always welcomed an opportunity to talk to anybody, LeBron included.’ Jordan, a six-time NBA champion and the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, said he’s mentored other players but has kept it on the ‘down low’ because he doesn’t like to publicize his efforts. He wouldn’t name the players, but said there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to help the game. ‘I was very moved to see (Lebron) said that. But I’m not the type that is going to chase down today’s athletes,’ Jordan said. ‘If you welcome conversation or insight from me, I’m here and I’m always going to be receptive of that. I will do what I can to better the player for the game of basketball and not give them bad information because he’s with the Heat and I have a team over here. I’m about the game of basketball and I would give feedback to improve them as a basketball player,’ Jordan said, then added, laughing, ‘even though it may cost my team a chance at the end of the game.’”

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  • Enigmatic

    “COLLUSION!!!” – People who overreact to everything if these two meet up and talk.

  • Jerome

    As long as he doesn’t give relationship or gambling advice, who cares?

  • The Seed

    MJ, don’t do it.

  • Max

    That would make Lebron so OP.

  • The Philosopher

    Mike gets advice from… THE KING!

  • BostonBaller

    What up Philosopher?!? I’ve read articles of MJ helping players in the past (Especially those who wear his brand. lol) I see nothing wrong with him imparting a piece of the game to current players regardless of whom they play for.

  • ATL dynamite

    Why tho, Lebron’s game is seemingly developing into something different from Mike’s. Apart from those post fades, they are now playing in different positions, different team makeups etc.

  • fenga papit

    Lebron will have to make a ‘decision’ for this.

  • Ugh

    ‘My advice is to talk to Scottie – his entire career played out in my shadow, just like yours will be.‘

  • King David

    Mike dont waste your time talking to that bum

  • Cortez Mack
  • Timshel

    I thought MJ said the Bobcats wouldn’t tank?…..

  • smooth

    keep your friend close but enemy closer… right MJ?

  • Allan

    “Don’t leave while you’re hot, that’s how MJ screwed up”

  • rhys

    This much hate on the Goat on a basketball site?….who are you to judge someone who lives a completely different life style than you

  • thor

    I don’t think playing style is the only thing you can teach. Small tricks, mentality, bodywork(not that lebron needs that though), shooting, footwork. Man I could go on and on.