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NBA Reportedly Sent Memo Reminding Teams About Bullying

The NBA has sent a memo to every team in the wake of the scandal involving the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, according to an ESPN report. The memo highlighted violations, including:

“The lengthy list of violations, sources said, includes: any physical abuse or threats of violence; verbal abuse focused on an individual’s race, nationality, color, gender, age, religion, sexuality, etc.; destruction, defacement or theft of a fellow player’s personal property; engaging in any activity that intimidates or threatens fellow players with ostracism or inflicts extreme mental stress, embarrassment, humiliation or shame; and forcing an individual to engage in any activity or perform any task that violates federal, state or local law or NBA rules and regulations.

“Also prohibited, sources said, is requiring an individual to unreasonably pay for meals, travel, entertainment expenses, goods or services that are being solely enjoyed by others as well as imposing physical activities on a fellow player — such as exposure to weather, confinement in a restricted area, or consumption of food, liquid or substance — that leads to unreasonable risk for the individual or adversely affects their mental or physical health or safety.”

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  • http://h2hoops.wordpress.com/ Habeeba Husain


  • spit hot fiyah

    take note chicago

  • Guest

    Some of the nicest people that I have met are muslims. I heard kenny smith saying that hakeem olajuwan was a stand up guy on nba open court. Maybe nba players need to learn how to behave from hakeem and not let the money get to their heads. I am guessing you are muslim based on your head covering. But if you are not no offence.


    Noooo “shes a ghost for halloween”…

  • underdog

    So I guess that means good bye to some of the traditional rookie hassling and pranks, too. I’m cool with this.

  • serious slam commenter

    not funny

  • http://h2hoops.wordpress.com/ Habeeba Husain

    Yeah you guessed right, haha! Honestly though, I think this whole bullying thing is a matter of respect.

    Like you hear some horribly mean stuff that happens to rookies in all levels of sports–whether amateur or pro–that’s way beyond the “all in good fun.” People forget where they come from, that they were once the rookies or even the new kids in school/workplace. Already singled out as young, inexperienced, and prone to making mistakes, getting humiliated by the people you’re supposed to look up to/make friends with is the last thing you’d want to deal with.

    Glad Hakeem was one of the nice guys on the court; I’m sure there are many others as well. And overall, I’m really glad the NBA sent these memos out. The NFL sitch was a wake-up call to whoever else might be guilty of this unacceptable behavior.

  • Caboose

    So can they still fill rookies’ cars with popcorn?

  • 3Chainz

    I think we are getting way too soft as a society. When I was younger my mother told me if someone was to hit me I’m to hit them back. Now these pussies are saying “tell your teacher” and “Please stop cyber bullying me.” just delete your accounts and hide in your closet wimps.

    Grown man filing complaints for BULLYING! I hope the guys don’t have to raise young MAN! I can see this difference between the people who told the teacher vs the stand up guys. People that told the teachers are mental midget yes men. Stand up guys are the one’s who make the real changes for the better. America was built on ppl standing up for themselves and for what they believe. Not this new age weak bullshit the media is trying to flush down our throats…

  • Jeremy de Sa

    You shouldn’t be living in the past mate. When you aren’t strong enough that means you aren’t worthy of respect as an individual? You are missing the entire point.. why is there a need to hassle each other about our color, or creed or religion.. this is a measure to curb bullying at the source. Not to create “wimpy yes men”.

  • 3Chainz

    I think you’re missing my point. I’m not condoning “Bullying”, I’m saying stand up for yourself and have the balls to fight back. Stop acting like victims and stop allowing yourselves to be bullied. If you feel someones crossing the line show then why you demand respect. Don’t run to mommy or daddy. Soon they won’t be there for you. FYI i’m black and I’m pissed at the Dolphin Lineman Jon Martin for not popping the “bully” in the mouth and then creating his little complaint.

    I don’t think the “bully” was right but I do think Martin is a coward. Now guess where he’s living?… With mommy and daddy LMAO! Where I’m from we DON’T have bullies because we earned our respect as children. Notice who shoots up schools because of “bullies”.. The same pussies that probably never had the balls to stand up for themselves because mommy and daddy bought them a video game and told’em just stay in the house or tell your teacher.

    Once again!! I’m not saying bullying right BUT not standing up for yourself if definitely just as wrong…

  • MikeC.

    If I recall correctly, that happened on the Nuggets right? Didn’t KMart do that to a Nuggets rookie? If it wasn’t buttered, then it’s borderline hilarious. If it was buttered, that’s a d!ck move. But then again, if I recall this correctly, KMart isn’t gerneraly concerned with perception.

  • MikeC.

    Some of the “carry the ball bags” and “you’re bringing the Gatorade today” type of rookie hazing doesn’t bother me. That’s some “welcome to the club, now pay your dues” stuff that reminds the rooks that they’re rooks and there’s time to put in to earn your way. What went down in that locker room is something very else.

  • 3Chainz

    Another thing, If you had a option for some to be your LEADER.. would you rather have a person who stands up for them self or a person who runs and finds mommy and daddy or the teacher? I think I already know your answer and I’m guessing you choose Jon Martin over Bruce Lee lol. Bruce Lee was just random but it works. Watch his life movie…

  • 3Chainz

    cyber bullying… please stop before I tell mommy.

  • Dfrance

    Never been in an NBA locker room, but I have played tons of organized basketball and as far as I see it, basketball is just not that type of sport. The NBA is famous for the more fun spirited type of hazing, carrying girly bookbags, making the rooks get coffee and donuts etc.

    Only in football do you hear about this type of degrading, break a mans spirit type of bullying and I really think its uncalled for. Caller the dude a nigg3r and saying you’re going to kill him? It serves no purpose other than to just be mean. I didn’;t even like when JPP of the Giants dumped Amukamara head first in the cold tub last year. Its uncalled for.

  • 3Chainz

    My bro just sent me a text tellin me “bring yo punk ass out 2nite”… dude has no clue how quick i’m about to tell mommy! #punksupbulliesdown!

  • BigAl#13

    You should be ban from the internet…FOR LIFE! I hate ppl like you

  • 3Chainz

    Dam “I hate ppl like you” are you a cyber bully? If so i’m reporting you…

  • BigAl#13

    ^^ RLLY BAD JOKE ^^

  • 3Chainz

    ^^ Cyber Bully^^

  • Guest

    Did you just repy to ur Self?!?

  • 3Chainz

    Are you following me around to bully me on the net? LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE!!!!

  • Guest

    Yeah. And when someone with more power, influence, and money just wants to mess with you. what are you gonna do stand up. Live in Russia. American’s with their attitudes. I’d love to see what you do when a mafia member takes your girl in front of you or knocks your car just for the fun of it. This can happen in public on the road. Who are you gonna call. Don’t act tough on the internet

    You are lucky you live in democracy.

  • guest

    bro do you have a problem with modest clothing? do you know what it means to be modest

  • Mrdjhiphop23

    The article forgot to mention Anthony Davis vine lololol

  • berkamore

    Interesting take but I think you may be missing the point here. There will always be some people who can take care of themselves and those rules are not about them.

    But what about those who can’t? Why do you think we have police departments, a judicial system? Hell, how do you think the mafia got started?

    Because (and I grant you I am making things overly simple here so give me some rope), some people just don’t have the strength, resources to stand up for themselves. And they have rights and need protection all the same. We just can’t have a society where the strong can do whatever they want and the other can go to hell.

    Furthermore, don’t forget that strength (financial, physical or otherwise) is not forever. You can be rich and go bankrupt, you get older and weaker. Then what, you have no rights?

    And also, to your America remark. America was also built on the backs of people who had no voice and/or couldn’t vote. Hell, voting rights a while back (when you could vote) were sometimes based on how much property you had. If you had no property, you were pretty much f….d. Even if we still have a ways to go, I believe things have improved somewhat and for the better…………..

  • Jeremy de Sa

    I get where you are coming from, but we are all different in the way we handle our problems, just because one person doesn’t solve his with violence doesn’t mean he is weak.. he actually has started this whole focus on bullying in sports, and done more for bullying than popping his aggressor in the jaw would have done.. I think the man has done something incredible.. by walking away from that confrontation he has effectively removed himself from the chain of action and reaction. You could say that because he took the hard road and chose the path where there would always be people that call him weak, but what he is doing is for the greater good.

  • berkamore

    Thank you and very well said. Good to remind people that America is in many ways the exception, not the norm. As I lived abroad AND in America, I understand how lucky we are…………….

  • Guest

    Most of these nba players great great great great grandparents were slaves. I wonder how much a lebron or a carmelo woulda been worth as a slave.

  • redbeard

    Salam :) . Glad to see that there are sisters who are passionate about basketball! I didn’t know there were other Muslims on here.

  • Guest

    As Salamu Alaykum (Peace be upon you). How many muslims read slam? I saw slam covering Dubai’s hoop scene-MPAC

  • redbeard

    I grew up in NY so I’d always buy Slam on my way to school on the 3 train. Sadly I haven’t found any place that sells Slam in Ann Arbor

  • Guest

    subscribe ikwan/brother. slam is super cool

  • redbeard

    Lol broke college students can’t afford a Slam subscription

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    You sound awfully insecure for someone talking about being tough. Shut the hell up.

  • 3Chainz

    Why are you telling me to shut the hell up? That’s bullying… Maybe you don’t have a more intelligent response. So the only reaction you can have is aggression. Like a person with a poor vocab uses more curse words than the average person.

  • BballisFun

    Hey Slam, I am Muslim and use to subscribe to your magazine but money strapped. I wanted to let you know about the http://www.nmbt.org/ . they are pretty sweet tournaments and I am sure you would get a lot new subscribers and fans too.

  • ATL dynamite

    Patrick O’Bryant and Iggy got this treat too if I’m not wrong. Guess the popcorn thing is common around the league

  • Holger Geschwinder

    You seem very confused about what the adult response and what the childlike response in this situation is. “Settle it with your fists” is the kind of childish playground logic that most of us grow out of. Martin is a fully grown adult in a workplace (known as the NFL) who was subject to racist and other kinds of workplace harassment.

    He had a range of choices in how to deal with this. He could have meekly done nothing and accepted that this is just “the way it is.” He could have clocked Incognito, and thereby sunk to his level, which by the way does absolutely nothing for the next person who would be in Martin’s shoes with the Dolphins or elsewhere.

    Or he could have risked his personal reputation and gone public with this BS. It his to his credit and a testament to his bravery that he chose this last option. He has now started a league-wide and nation-wide conversation about this extremely stupid and unprofessional behavior, at the cost of opening himself up to scorn and ridicule from every talking head and internet tough-guy (ahem) on the planet.

    If you can’t see that he chose the most risky AND the most productive course of action, then I’m afraid that says more about you than it does about him.

    Sorry, internet tough guy.

  • Troop

    In china the up and coming sumos have to wipe the ass of the veteran sumos.
    just throwing that out there.

  • 3Chainz

    Holger Geschwinder…. sounds German, but anyways I have to remember I’m posting online. Most people online live behind a computer. You bully me by calling me a “internet tough guy” but the reality is in person I’d break yo fuckin jaw white boy!! Back to my ChIraq duties….

  • Busta213

    I hope this anti-bullying policy statement wasnt signed by David Stern, lol.

  • Guest


    I am Muslim. I read Slam.

  • bigA

    You wonder about some stupid shit.

  • Dingo

    LOL thanks for the mental image

  • Ugh

    It doesn’t bother you? I had no idea you were an NBA rookie.

  • Brickshooting J

    Quite the opposite: it’s over 60% cheaper than buying it on a news stand.