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NBA Told Derrick Rose to Stop Wearing Tape on His Neck

When will the war against Derrick Rose end?! The League apparently asked him to stop wearing tape on his sore neck. Per the ESPN: “I think the NBA told me I got to stop,’ Rose said before Wednesday morning’s shootaround. ‘So I probably won’t be able to wear it tonight.’ Rose says he never got an explanation from the league as to why it doesn’t want to see the tape. The Bulls face off against the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night. ‘I don’t know, man,’ Rose said. ‘I don’t even want to get into that. I don’t know. I swear I don’t know.’ Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau wasn’t sure exactly how the ruling came down from the league. ‘They’re pretty strict on what they allow and what they don’t allow,’ Thibodeau said. ‘So that’s just the way it is.’ Rose said the injury has improved over the past week.”

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  • FritzLn

    i’d love to hear a good reason for this. 5 billion to the winner

  • Dfrance

    Because people have seen it and are wondering what it was. Kinesio tape is probably selling like hotcakes right now and because it doesn’t have an NBA logo on it and they can’t make money off it, the NBA shut it down.

    I accept paypal.

  • FritzLn

    that’s the right answer, but not a good answer.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Lol “I accept paypal” zing!

  • Jeremy de Sa

    What bull****. Micromanaging at its finest. Although he can now blame poor shooting nights on the lack of tape.. or a drunken stupor.. either one is fine

  • Cortez Mack

    I see what you did there.

    Oh Canada!

  • i_ball

    There might be a medical reason for wearing Kinesio tape. My brother had problems with his quads and wore that for a full season. It actually made him feel better.

    Anyway the NBA is acting stupid again

  • Dfrance

    It’s definitely sold as some sort of pain reliever. I’ve noticed a lot of tennis players wearing it in recent years. I guess D Rose has some neck issues.

  • JustAbrowser

    Why does slamonline want me to download Empire: Four Kingdoms from the App Store so bad? I keep getting directed there everytime I open up this page.

  • pposse

    where is david sterns office im inclined to throw eggs at it

  • bike

    Evidently, the nba doesn’t recognize it as an ‘official piece of wardrobe’.

  • Evan Boland

    Man… Truly sad.

  • shockexchange

    In the Shock Exchange’s opinion, the neck tape doesn’t seem safe given the potential impact with other players. That’s why the league doesn’t want guys wearing jewelry. If D. Rose’s neck hurts that badly then he should go somewhere and sit his ____ down.

  • danpowers

    these tapes are in almost all kind of sports these days. they should just tell him to put an nba logo on it and everybody should be happy

  • shockexchange

    LOL. Let godaddy.com advertise on it and share the proceeds with the league.

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet

    They told him its coo now. The approved it on an experimental basis.

  • uqk

    Kinesio now can put “banned from nba” on their promo

  • Caboose

    Really? Of all the sh!t he did, this is the thing that warrants eggs? Granted, I’ll be right there with you if we can find his office


    The city was so well-run that a substance-abusing oaf was able to be its unfettered figurehead for quite some time. Ford was actually kicked out of office midway through his present term. It’s Canada’s unimpeachability loophole for its politicians which stagnated the “mayor’s” removal.

    You may remember that he actually accompanied Raptors’ admin, Ujiri, and Drake at Toronto’s 2016 “re-branding” precursor assembly (I personally do not think that they will be called the Raptors anymore). Astonishing, really, that a man could be so shameless.

    We certainly are – to put it politely – archaic at a judicial-political level. His arrest is impossible until he leaves office. The City of Toronto may only demand resignation, one final dignity.

  • Suresh Govindula
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