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Nene Says Wizards Must ‘Take Their Heads Out of Their Butts’

by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

The season began with so much promise, and heightened expectations for the Washington Wizards. Once they hit the court, however, things quickly soured.

The Wizards have lost three in a row, and are off to an ugly 2-6 start. After last night’s 92-79 beatdown in San Antonio, Nene said some of his younger teammates are playing selfishly, and the big fella colorfully implored his squad to play the right way.

Per the WaPo:

“They kicked our butts in the most classy way — playing the right way,” Nene said, fuming following the clinical destruction of the Wizards by the selfless Spurs. “It’s crazy, that’s what makes me mad. Our young guys think they’re so smart. But if I was young, I would watch video of that game for one week to see if I could learn something, because the way they play is how you’re supposed to play.

“They not talented as us,” Nene continued. “They have great players, a great team, but the way they execute things, the way they cut, the way they exploit weaknesses, swing the ball. They don’t think about stats. We still think about stats. Our young guys must take their heads out their butts and play the right way, because I’m getting tired of this.”

The only positive to come out of the Wizards’ performance, is that they forced Tim Duncan into a career-worst 2 points on 1/12 shooting.

Nene should perhaps adopt a more philosophical approach to things. After all, the Wizards have been terrible in San Antonio for a very long time — Washington has lost 15 straight games when visiting the Spurs, dating back to Dec.11, 1999.

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  • Jeremy de Sa

    Thanks for keeping it family friendly Nene!

  • spit hot fiyah

    so he is calling out wall? i didn’t see the game. who else can he be talking about? beal? the rest of the guys getting minutes are vets

  • shockexchange

    In the Shock Exchange’s opinion, this is a sea change from all that “We gon’ make the playoffs talk” during pre-season.

  • BugEyes

    Decipher” john wall leave your ego at the door, your not that nice, and where the heck is our rookie phenom.”

  • Stepfan Raiford

    Man how about you get in shape and try to stay healthy for once. So disappointed in my Wizards.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Wall was the best player on the team last night.
    Nene finished with 4 points and 2 rebounds in 25 minutes…..for a team worst -17
    hopefully he isn’t calling out anyone in particular.

  • LLC#12

    John Wall should write this on his shoes instead of “playoffs”

  • spit hot fiyah

    ok so frustration on him part maybe. he repeatedly says young guys though, not a whole lot of those get playing time

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Jan Vesely was outright terrible last night (and in general). If there was a young guy in particular to call out, he would have been the one lol

  • spit hot fiyah

    he gets to play? poor guy, he needs encouragement not criticism at this point

  • bike

    “They not talented as us,”
    I love the smell of stupidity in the morning.

  • underdog

    Seems like, not only young players should watch video of that game for one week.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    i agree…but i really don’t think anyone should call out teammates to the media 2 weeks into a season.

  • BE.water

    Considering he is from Brazil, You would think he would get some slack, seeing as how Portugese is his native language.

  • bike

    It’s not how he said it that I consider pretty stupid. It’s WHAT he said.

  • Lloyd

    But “talent”, could be understood as natural ability. If that means athleticism, then there could definitely be a case made for the Wizards having more talent. The Spurs are definitely more skilled though and by far the better team…that goes without question.

  • BE.water

    For sure. I kinda was taken back by that statement at first too.

  • bike

    I’m sure that’s what he meant but after getting beat by an obviously superior team at this stage in the season, criticizing your teammates doesn’t seem right. Nene didn’t exactly tear it up himself.

  • Brandan E

    Nene is saying something i know others are thinking about especially on that team. You can include the Sacremento kings on that list as well.

  • aj

    try and stay healthy? how ignorant of a thing to say. As a guy who has taken better care of his body than anybody I know, and still battling knee injuries that derailed any of basketball hopes starting at age 20, I’d show some empathy

  • Saleem Rainman

    “They not talented as us,” you lost me there, nene

  • RunNGun

    Nene to the Knicks… make it happen, Walsh.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    I hope the ” John Wall will be an all-star” bandwagon is empty right now

  • Chuck Wagon

    point blank…he’s right. Maybe the coach should be saying it instead, but he’s right.

  • Guest

    Yeah, hate on a guy because English isn’t his first language and he makes a grammatical error whilst speaking about an emotional issue. Stay classy.

  • Saleem Rainman

    my point wasnt the gramatical issue, jackass. The point where he lost me was where he said the spurs werent as talented as the freaking wizards.