Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 at 6:30 am  |  8 responses

Polladaday: MVP Challengers?

LeBron will be the favorite to win MVP as long as he stays healthy, but CP3 and Paul George are making serious cases to steal it early on. Which is more likely to win the award?

Which player is more likely to win MVP this season?

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  • bourgozie

    Kevin Love.

  • lucentum

    Even though he has been “disappointing”, I still feel that Durant is #2 on the MVP race. As good as he is, I feel Westbrook’s contribution is a bit overblown. KD is the second best player by far.

    Then yeah, Love, for sure.

    Out of Paul and George, I prefer CP3.

  • Caboose

    Why would Durant be #2?


    Love has better:
    Win Shares
    Win Shares/48
    Offensive Rating
    Defensive Rating
    Rebounding (by a huge margin)
    Turnovers (MUCH lower)

    Durant has better:
    More points on less shots

    As for the Westbrook comparison, both KD and Russ have an overall net negative points for their team (odd, I know), but Durant’s is more negative than Westbrook. Essentially, Westbrook has been making the Thunder better than KD at this point.

  • Jone

    Lebron will win it again this season… right now he looks disinterested but still puts ups solid numbers… but as of now I will go for Love… the man’s a BEAST!!!

  • lucentum

    Yeah, well, I overreached, by far…

    However, I do feel that at the end of the season, Durant is going to end up as the second most valuable player…. And it’s only a hunch, not basing it on any data. Basically he is the second best player in the league and I think he will pick up

    What I meant to express is that the absence of Westbrook during the playoffs and early season has sort of reversed the view the media and fans had on both of them…. I feel that people are minimizing Durant’s impact on the game as opposed to previous years, when they were claiming that Westrbook was sort of holding him down… i hope this is clear enough

  • Diana

    How do we just leave out Kevin Love? He’s been playing extremely well this season. I know it’s still early but if he can keep up, why not consider him a front runner? I also like Paul George he’s on the rise and will only get better. I think the MVP is nothing more than a popularity award now. LeBron is great, he can be GOAT if he wants to, but no matter how many pieces he gets around him the majority already have it made up in their minds before the season starts to give it to him. That’s unfair to other players playing equally awesome. Almost like they don’t even exist.

  • cgeorge22

    My name is Chris George. Coincidence? I think not.

  • robb

    Without CP3 the Clippers would be a mess.