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Post Up: Gasol Brothers Thrive

Pau and Marc Gasol both flirt with a triple-double as their teams pick up victories.

by Jay Wallis

Blazers 118 (8-2), Raptors 110 (4-7) OT

This game got off to a blazing (pun intended) start as Portland started 6-9 from the floor and Toronto made all 8 of their first attempts. Gay (30 points, 10 rebounds) and Valanciunas (19 points, 9 rebounds) were the initiators of their hot start, scoring 13 of the team’s first 17 points. The Blazers took a 57-54 lead into haltime, never really creating much separation. However, with a balanced attack from their starters, the Blazers went on an 11-4 run to take their first double-digit lead into the fourth quarter. After Damian Lillard (25 points, 8 assists) went on an 8-0 run of his own, Thomas Robinson finished off a Mo Williams (13 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds) pass to extend Portland’s lead to 91-74 with 8:18 left in the game. They even held a 100-89 lead with 2:42 to go after a patented LaMarcus Aldridge (25 points, 11 rebounds) jump shot. Then came the turning point of regulation play as Toronto went on a quick 13-2 run, finished of by Gay layup to send this game into overtime. He might put up an excessive amount of shots, but you have to respect his ability to hit big shots. With six game-winning or tying shots in the final 10 seconds of fourth quarter or overtime these past four seasons, Gay now passes Carmelo Anthony for the most in the NBA. Even though Gay hit this big shot at home to add five more minutes of basketball, the Blazers quickly got their act together, going on a 14-2 run and claiming a sixth straight win. Terry Stotts has his team playing solid team basketball and moving the ball well. The Blazers are averaging 104.6 ppg, good for 8th in the League. As for the Raptors, until Dwane Casey finds a way to bring down Gay’s and DeRozan’s shot attempts (they combined to have 54 tonight), this offense won’t find its rhythm.

Grizzlies 97 (5-5), Kings 86 (2-7)

So far this season, Arco Aren—I mean, Sleep Train Arena has endured many losses but at least been entertained by their dominate, young center. Yet, on Sunday night, DeMarcus Cousins (9 points, 5 rebound, 4-11 shooting from the field), along with this rest of his fellow starters, looked pitiful from the get go. The Kings shot 32 percent from the field in the first half and let the Grizzlies continue to build their lead in the third quarter. Marc Gasol (19 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists) led the way for the Grizzlies as Zach Randolph (22 points, 10 rebounds) had his third straight double-double. After Mike Conley (19 points, 9 assists) knocked down an uncontested 3-pointer, Mike Malone called a timeout and pulled all his starters—something he’s already had to do this season. Being led by Isaiah Thomas (15 points, 4 assists) and Travis Outlaw (18 points, 6 rebound, 6-9 shooting from the field), the Kings bench actually played very well, cutting the deficit all the way down to three points in the fourth quarter. However, the Grizzlies kicked it up a notch by game’s end and close this one out. With the win, Memphis continues to fight through its slow start to the season, reaching .500 for the fourth time…they still haven’t held a winning record.

Lakers 114 (5-7), Pistons 99 (3-6)

When the Pistons added Josh Smith (18 points, 8 rebounds) to a frontcourt that already consisted of Greg Monroe (17 points, 7 rebounds) and a budding Andre Drummond (14 points, 13 rebounds), many questioned the team’s potential offensive spacing ability, or lack there of. Well, as Sunday’s game showed, the team’s glaring issue pertains to the other side of the court. When Detroit put these three big men on the court at the same time, the Lakers shot 59.6 percent and made 7-13 from three. This was in large part due to hot shooting from Jodie Meeks (19 points, 4-7 on 3-pointers), who was often being fed by Steve Blake (9 points, 16 assists, 4 steals). Sixth man Rodney Stuckey (16 points) looked lost most of the night, making the mess down low look even worse. Brandon Jennings (23 points, 14 assists) did have a good outing in return to his hometown and helped build a 56-50 halftime lead. However, with Nick Young (19 points) splashing 3-pointers and Jordan Hill (career-high 24 points, 17 rebounds) continuing to break out of his shell, the Lakers went on a 16-0 third quarter run and never looked back. Throughout the wild game, Pau Gasol (12 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 blocks, 2 steals) remained a constant force, being the savvy veteran that consistently makes the right decision. Record-wise, who knows what this team will be once Kobe returns. Enjoyment-wise, they might rise up the ranks fairly quickly.

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  • Harvey

    -The Blazers have surprised me. Batum, Aldridge and Lillard are three solid players performing great for them. Their record speaks for itself.
    - I hope the Lakers can hang in there; around .500.

  • JohanSafari

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  • guest

    Yes you can make good money being a whore.

  • Sérgio

    Man, this must be wrong: “With six game-winning or tying shots in the final 10
    seconds of fourth quarter or overtime these past four seasons, Gay now
    passes Carmelo Anthony for the most in the NBA”. From my memory, without checking, I can remember at least 6 of those shots by Kobe since 2010-2011:

    - Game tying at Portland, with the ball bouncing off the rim (10-11);
    - Game tying at Sacramento, in one of the last games of the regular season (10-11);
    - Game winner in Toronto (11-12);
    - Game tying and game winner against Toronto in LA (12-13)
    - Game winner against Atlanta, on a drive on Josh Smith (12-13).

  • Kap

    Jordan Hill looks mighty impressive this year but honestly he always has when given the playing time. With him adding the 10-17′ jumper to his game he could elevate himself to not only a solid starter but maybe a top 15 PF in the NBA. He’s like a more athletic, somewhat more skilled Reggie Evans.

  • Caboose

    Man the Pistons look like sh!t.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    did you just guess? at least 3 of those i can’t find. Portland, Sacramento, and (1) Toronto i can’t find at all.

  • spit hot fiyah

    not very surprising

  • LakeShow

    Yeah, love his energy. He’s a much more solid player than people realize.

    He’s twice as good as Evans offensively. That’s how bad Evans is haha. And honestly they are comparable rebounders. Hill is the better defender too.

  • Sérgio

    No, I remember. I’ll post them later.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Word, thanks.

  • Max

    Doesn’t the Kings coach know ZBO eats SF’s in the post for a breakfast??
    Q was looking like Zorro out there.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Sunday night observations

    1.I won’t buy any stock in Portland fluke record they still have no depth or bench

    2.How is Greivis Vasquez still Sacramento starting point guard when lil’ Isaiah Thomas has outplayed him every game this season

    3. #FreeJimmer the Kings have SABOTAGE this guy career

    4. R.I.P. Charlie Villanueva NBA career

  • Sérgio

    Hey nbk, those are the shots I was talking about:

    - Game tying at Portland, with the ball bouncing off the rim (10-11): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru8nZakSjYc , around the 3:15 mark ;
    - Game tying at Sacramento, in one of the last games of the regular season (10-11): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8CuGlS9vY0 , around the 1:50 mark;
    - Game winner in Toronto (11-12): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27dfamB-4u0 , around the 1:33 mark;

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    maybe you just have a solid enough memory to remember all of those shots from Kobe over the last 3 years?

  • Sérgio

    Hahahahah… oh, I’m a huge Kobe fan, so I kinda remember his performances of the last years, specially the great ones.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    LOL i know, but normally Kobe fans like yourself misremember things like this. i’m thinking you just remember all (6), assuming they all did take place in the last 10 seconds, or maybe we are both missing something minor that puts him at 5.

  • Sergio

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I think we re missing something, but dont know what, cause it doesent make sense not to mention Kobe in the review of the game Rudy hit that shot.

  • Sergio

    Oh, nbk, I remember another one from Kobe: a game tying jumper over Prince, at Detroit, when Kobe was wearing the mask, also from 2011 2012. I cant copy the video right now, but, if you dont remember it, ill post it later.