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Ray Allen Disappointed That Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce Still Won’t Talk to Him

Over a year since he left Boston, Ray Allen still can’t get so much as a conversation with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, and according to this Boston Herald report, it sounds like it’s starting to get to him: “At this stage, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have made like the last Japanese soldiers on Iwo Jima, refusing to give up the war. That’s how the two former Celtics continue to regard their former teammate and current Heat guard, Ray Allen. ‘They haven’t spoken to me,’ Allen said before last night’s game against what remained of his former team. … Allen admittedly is hurt, because he doesn’t understand the difference between their trade out of Boston last summer and his decision to leave two years ago. Deep down, Allen believes Pierce and Garnett determined their own fate. ‘For them to be so upset with me is disappointing because of how everything happened,’ Allen said. ‘That banner in 2008 is still going to be there, and we’re still going to be tied to it. Look, I have a feeling they were in the same predicament I was in this summer. Even with Doc (Rivers), he had to make a decision that was best for himself. I was in the same situation. I’m happy they were put into the same situation as I was. Anytime you get traded there’s no telling where you could end up. They’re in a situation now where they can contend. Kevin had to make that decision, and that was the predicament I was in.’”

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  • Jeff Moore-B 

    It’s because you don’t understand is why they probably won’t talk to you
    I bet if he had gone to any team but the heat they would have been cool

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet

    I still get annoyed about people calling Ray a sell out for not being loyal to Boston. When they tried to trade him multiple times.

  • Ro

    How does he not understand. The difference between his situation and KG and Paul Pierce’s situation is that Ray left. He made a decision to leave the team. KG and Pierce were TRADED. If Danny Ainge still wanted them KG, Paul Pierce, and Doc Rivers would all still be in Boston right now.

  • TriggaMan

    Kg had to waive his no trade clause my dude

  • James McLeod

    I could be wrong, But I’m Pretty Sure KG Demanded A Trade Since Doc Was Leaving, and That He Talked Pierce Into Leaving Also.

  • dwade flops so hard

    for way less money even

  • JoeMaMa

    The situation is different. I don’t blame Ray for leaving – it’s turned out roses for him. But Garnett and Pierce thought that those 3 should’ve stayed together until the end. They almost won multiple titles. Once he left, Boston became worse. Boston decided to blow it up, and it only took the consent of the remaining two. I guarantee you that 90% of Bostonians understand Pierce’s departure. 10% of them get Allen’s. But that’s sports, and fans, and loyalty, and business.

  • Saleem Rainman

    Cuz u left to miami, the team that beat u in 7 games, further, resulted in breaking up a core of a team that still felt they could contend after going so far in the playoffs. Its simple. Paul and KG left when there was nothing left to fight for pretty much, Ray Allen left when there was still everything to fight for.

  • Mr_Austin

    loyalty in sports can be very misunderstood and overrated. you would think KG of all people would know this.

  • Cortez Mack

    “…because he doesn’t understand the difference between their trade out of Boston last summer and his decision to leave two years ago”

    What Ray Allen did for himself was fine with me. He owed the Celtics corporate organization NOTHING. They got their money’s worth, plus they tried to get rid of him numerous times.

    …but there is a big difference.

    Ray Allen implicitly told Pierce and Garnett that they were not good enough to play with anymore in his opinion. That is a PERSONAL insult to a basketball player. Pierce and Garnett are insulted PERSONALLY. Allen took LESS MONEY to get away from them because he thought they were washed up (he is probably right, but that is another issue).

    Allen knows this. In fact, it is one of the MAIN reasons that he left the Celtics. They [the Celtics] (implicitly) told him numerous times that he was not good enough. They told him this by attempting to trade him numerous times. Allen was PERSONALLY insulted by the Celtics. You can assume this because he took LESS MONEY for the exact same role that said he did not want in Boston (bench scorer).

  • Tameka (BloggerPoet)

    Did Ray say he was hurt or disappointed or was he just answering a question? As a Boston fan I was disappointed when he left and a little hurt because he’s one of my favorite players, but it was a professional decision he had to make and he had a right to do that. I surely wished he had picked anyone else besides the Heat due to them being our biggest rival, but the NBA is a business. I hope they all can speak again as friends one day after emotions have cooled. They brought something special to Boston and as a fan I’ll never forget that.

  • Roy Blumenfeld

    I have no problem with Ray’s decision to leave Boston. After all, Danny Ainge kept trying to trade him, he and Rondo didn’t get along, his role on the team was shrinking, and the window for the Celtics to win another title seemed like it was almost completely closed. However, I can understand why KG/Pierce still aren’t over the fact he took less money and a lesser role on the Celtics biggest rival as his way out. Even though they both aren’t on the Celtics anymore, Ray’s departure was a huge hit to the team when it was already on the decline.

    But at the end of the day, the Big Three will always be a part of NBA history, as will Ray’s contributions to the Heat now. That’s all that really matters.

  • phil

    wrong way around. pierce convinced kg to waive his no trade clause so that they could get traded together

  • underdog

    Man, maybe you right, but I still kind of miss loyalty from the NBA. Both from the players and from the teams (it takes a smart player and a smart team, though). Despite the obvious business side of the game, I really like to see franchise players start and finish their career in the same organization.

  • Enigmatic

    Sorry, but I gotta drop another ItsReal85 YouTube video on here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xr4qWAIz-BI

  • Above_You

    At this point he really shouldn’t care so much. F them and keep it moving. Lives and careers still go on. Let the two grown men holding on to their childish grudge be the only ones giving this “situation” energy.

  • Guest

    I’d rather be friends with Lebron and Riley over ainge and pierce. And Miami better weather and city than cold Boston

  • Busta213

    Good points – the Celtics signed Terry – and Bradley was already starting ahead of him the previous season. Even while offering Ray more money they were showing that they didnt think he was good enough anymore.

  • hubristick

    After hearing how he was Boston’s trade bait all year Ray said “YOU WANNA FK ME?! OH YEAH?! WELL FK YOU!”

    It was between Allen and the Celtics front office not between Allen, and these two teenage girls who wanna whine “I hate you now! So there!”.

  • hubristick

    Then why were the Celtics using him as trade bait all year?

  • RedDragon10

    It’s like freaking high school.

  • Mack

    Agreed! If they were in Ray’s situation they would have done the exact same thing. Yea Ray Allen left Boston; he did it because he realized their core was over the hill and on the verge of rebuilding. If he stayed he wouldn’t have been there very much longer since Ainge obviously had been looking to move him out of town anyway. Also, the defending champions are offering you a nice contract and role alongside the best player in the world on the beaches of Miami; why would you turn that down? Smh @ people on these message boards acting like they wouldn’t do the same damn thing.

  • Tarzan Cooper

    everyone knew boston was falling apart. ray just got out a little earlier.

  • Tavoris Sinclair

    I love how Rondo has stayed out of this foolishness, especially since his freezing Ray out for long stretches was a major part of why Ray wanted out.

  • Free

    It cant be as much about loyalty as they make it seem b/c the Celtics organization had NO loyalty to him and were ready to ship him out anyway BUT to go to Miami, without a doubt their number 1 rival is what I think is the root of all the animosity.

    I don’t think they woulda been as mad if at all if he left to any team not named Heat, Knicks, or Lakers.

    Also, the Garnett/Pierce situation deff is diff from Ray’s and even if it was Garnett or Pierce in Ray’s situation I believe they would’ve left but NO WAY they go to Miami

    Lebron/Wade/Bosh hate Pierce/Garnett, that’s where the intensity in the rivalry comes from, prolly Rondo too.

    Ray just rides for whoever is on his jersey, he isn’t competitive and into the whole fierce rivalry aspect as much as Pierce and Garnett are, those two prolly talked so much shit to Lebron Wade n Bosh while Ray just played his role in helping his team win.

    Prolly best way to sum it all up when referring to the Heat-Celtics rivalry: Ray wanted the Celtics to win, Pierce and Garnett wanted the Heat to lose.

  • brothasdontsurf


  • Brandan E.

    Ray…u left to go to Miami bro!!!
    they were bitter rivals to the celtics!!
    how the f u expect them to react. im glad they reacted that way. what u expect..them to dap u up after u left them for a rival opponent??
    and im not a fan of boston or miami!

  • Guest

    man if i was lebron i would definitely be getting player exclusive 11′s and rocking them on the court. Lebron needs to rock the jordan 11′s, 16′s like he did in high school

  • ATL dynamite

    The media keeps feeding players with such questions that players may give an answer at times, then the media highlights the story, and all readers go off… I think ray should have already moved on, he is one of the most mature guys in nba that I have always looked up to.

  • ATL dynamite

    itsreal85 is the man hahaha

  • reason

    There’s no laws or rules mandating them to answer dumb questions they’ve already spoken about 100 times before. He could have just said, “that’s not relevant to anything going on with my team now, next question”. Feeding the story by practically pouring out his heart is pointless.

  • grgeblck

    Don’t worry Ray. I see their stats and I am smh.

  • Nick Holden

    Just another reason to love the Spurs

  • rhys

    if the players ran the team tht would not be the case

  • hushabomb

    That 08 team will be always special cos they won a chip.

    What would everyone say if KG/Truth were being shopped all season. Regardless of the no trade clause they have, I bet they’d be hurt like Jesus. I understand ya gotta be loyal to ya team. Yet I don’t like them jot talking to Ray. Ya don’t have to go all lovey with them, just show him some love every now and again.

  • Shooting Guard

    ”if you were lebron” lol

  • Above_You

    The players don’t dictate where he and family live from year to year, the Celtic organization does. Ray didn’t owe them sh!t.

  • rhys

    yes clearly but obv his teammates wanted him there still

  • Above_You

    Which has nothing to do with whether or not management would have kept him or not. Clearly it didn’t matter when he was trade bait

  • Sam

    No concept of loyalty? About to ship him away? They offered him more money and a no trade clause but he went to Miami because he was butt hurt…. He had no loyalty at all… Oh and ring chasing is just not respectable, esp if you already have one….

  • James McLeod

    Thanks for the correction, and the validation. I wasn’t 100% sure, but I knew it went something like that