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The Los Angeles Lakers’ 320-Game Home Sellout Streak Ended

Xavier Henry’s monster dunk being the lone exception, the Los Angeles Lakers have given their fans little reason to show up for their games this season. Last night against the New Orleans Pelicans, the Lake Show’s 320-game home sellout streak came to an end. Per Bleacher Report: “The Lakers’ 320-game home sellout streak ended when Staples wound up 571 spectators shy of the 18,997 capacity for the game against the New Orleans Pelicans.A Lakers game not selling out?! It hadn’t happened for seven years (Dec. 6, 2006 against the Oklahoma City/New Orleans Hornets). That was so long ago that the NBA was using what wound up as a temporary new microfiber composite basketball—and Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, Luke Walton and Lamar Odom joined Kobe Bryant in the Lakers’ starting lineup. Nothing so far in this Kobe-less Lakers season—led by an out-of-shape Pau Gasol and a semi-limping Steve Nash—has been as interesting as the Lakers not being able to sell their tickets. It speaks to how dependent the team has become on the star power of Bryant, recovering from his Achilles tear at age 35, and how dangerously close the Lakers are to losing the attention of a local fanbase that loves winners but always has the entertainment industry to turn to anyway. Coincidentally, Forbes published a story about how the Lakers three years ago had an average ticket price on the secondary market $150 higher than the Clippers—but that margin has been cut to $70 now. The Lakers have dropped behind both the Heat and Knicks in average ticket price on the secondary market. According to TiqIQ.com, you can get a seat for the next Lakers home game Friday night against Memphis for just $20. With another nondescript opponent, Detroit, coming in Sunday night, you can attend that game for $17.”

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  • LakeShow

    I don’t plan to go to a game till Kobe comes back.

  • Juan Manuel

    Don’t worry. Jack Nicholson will buy all the empty seats… (!)


    People should pay for an incomplete product? You can respect the game from home as easily as you could with 18 300 other people. 571 people short of capacity and it’s newsworthy that the most lucrative franchise in the NBA lost, what? Ten grand?

    This also reveals how loyal the supposedly fairweather Lakers fans are. 2006 was when the team started Smush Parker and Kwame Brown.

    Incredible that it was 320 (32).

  • Sean Superstar Juan

    Lol, I could take this in many directions but I won’t at this time. Well, yes I will. You’re a Kobe fanboy posing as a “Lakers Fan”. You’re the same moron who told me about how exciting this “young” team was and how Nick Young, Jordan Farmarr, and Wes Johnson would provide so much energy. Now you’re waiting for KB24? Lol, ok.

  • Guest

    remove your hate from your heart for lakeshow

  • Saleem Rainman

    bigger kobe fan than laker fan? or vice versa?

  • LakeShow

    Being that I was around the age of 10 years old when Kobe was drafted by the Lakers, the Lakers and Kobe are synonymous in my mind.

    That’s why his impending retirement is going to be hard for me to take.

    The only Lakers I’ve ever considered my team is the one with KB starting at SG.

    So yeah, it’s pretty hard for me to distinguish the Lakers and KB as being a different entity.

    I will always be a Laker fan. That is just who I am, but my favorite Laker is Kobe Bryant. So it makes a whole sh*t ton of sense I would not pay $300 to go see a team missing my favorite player, doesn’t it?

    Oh man, that all just made a bunch of sense didn’t it…

    Oh BTW, I LOVE the youth and athleticism of the young bucks.

    Did you see Wes Johnson with 5 blocks last night??! 5! From a small forward that won’t be in the L in a year or two… Impressive.

  • LakeShow

    Read my retort to “supahhhhstar” below .

  • Sean Superstar Juan

    Lol, is that you “Lakeshow”?

  • Sean Superstar Juan

    Nice synopsis of your youth but, FAIL.

  • LakeShow

    You mean, nice shut down of your failed realization.

    Troll sooooo hard!

  • LakeShow

    You ever thought about having a basketball related argument on a basketball website?

    Novel thought…

  • Sean Superstar Juan

    Yes I have. Any more silly questions?

  • Sean Superstar Juan

    Naw, I was pretty accurate in describing your nonsensical gibberish. Troll= one who disagrees with “Lakeshow”.

  • LakeShow

    You obviously have no idea what it’s like to be a fan of basketball then.

  • LakeShow


  • Sean Superstar Juan

    Game.Set.Match. Mr. Juan.

  • Sean Superstar Juan

    From your age description I’m 6 years older than you. I was a fan when you were born.

  • LakeShow

    You finally won…

    You’re older than me.

    I can’t compete with that!


  • LakeShow

    You’re FG% and Total Field Attempts look nice…

    But I outscored you overall because of my Free Throws…


  • Sean Superstar Juan

    The Final score was 13-1. That one was most likely your vote. Lol.

  • LakeShow

    I made 13 free throws though.

    Oh that’s right Free Throw’s don’t count in your basketball paradigm…

  • brothasdontsurf

    If ya’ll still gonna overcharge w/o Kobe or any kind of D on the court, expect this

  • Sean Superstar Juan

    If you have one point, you couldn’t have made 13 free throws. Mathematics 101.

  • LakeShow

    Wow, you really, really don’t understand basketball.

    That’s not mathematics lol.

    That’s the rules of basketball. You get fouled you go to the line…

  • Sean Superstar Juan

    This “conversation” is way over your head, I mean way over. Look man, I’m not thumbing up my own posts so when 16 people seem to agree with my reading of you and one ( I wonder who that is) doesn’t, it might be time for retreat. The misguided arrogance of your tone only makes it worse. Lol, you’re village idiot who thinks he’s the genius.

  • LakeShow

    8,740 people “accidentally” up-voted me it looks like.

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