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Tom Thibodeau Says Refs Penalizing Derrick Rose for Being ‘a Nice Guy’

Despite being one of the NBA’s most aggressive players, always looking to attack the basket, Derrick Rose has only attempted ten free-throws through three games so far this season. Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau thinks Rose’s reputation as a nice fella is working against him. Per the Chicago Sun-Times: “Next question,’ coach Tom Thibodeau said before weighing in. ‘I’ll say this: I don’t know of anyone who drives as hard as he does. Nor as fast as he does. And I think sometimes he’s penalized for being a nice guy. I’ll leave it at that.’ No question, Rose has had a difficulty re-entry so far. His shooting (28.8 percent) is down. His turnovers (5.67 a game) are up. His defense has been a struggle. But not getting to the foul line? ‘I can’t complain about it,’ Rose said. ‘All I can do is continue to drive. I guess I’m not getting fouled.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    i’m calling bs. according to thibs logic having a rep as a bad guy will earn you an easier time the refs.

  • Chubachuchi

    Derrick has to come up with a few b*tching expressions for the refs

  • Enigmatic

    I smell a fine coming.

  • Feez_22

    I do think rose should get more calls.

    However, i have noticed something about rose’s game that makes it so that he doesn’t get the calls he deserves.

    Hear me out on this. I have watched all of the aggressive guards in the league drive to the basket. No one (and i mean no one) changes their shot in the paint as much as drose does. Drose also contorts his body a lot while finishing. It’s like… he is contacted but since he is doing contortions and changing his shot in there all the time, refs don’t know whose initiating that contact. It is like… he actually knowingly avoids contact to make the shot. If you are trying to avoid contact that much, refs won’t call it as much as if he were doing otherwise.

    Now… you may call me crazy or a hater or w/e but you can just go ahead and look at the finishing style of guys who do get free throws v rose’s. Russel westbrook rarely changes his shot at the basket. John wall also rarely changes his shot at the basket. Both of these players get ft’s because when they drive, they don’t contort, don’t change their shots and finish just as hard as they drive. Rose drives hard but when there are players in there, he finishes soft in comparison. now… his dunks aren’t soft but look at the style of his layups in comparison to wall and westbrook. You’ll see what i’m talking about. This is the reason why wall (6fta per gm for career) and westbrook (6.3fta per game career) shoot more ft’s than rose (4.9 fta per game career). If you don’t believe me, watch the bulls’ next game, watch his youtube game highlights (dawk ins) or watch his youtube compilation offensive highlights(NBAClutchTime) & focus in on his and1 finishes at the basket. then watch wall and westbrooks ones in comparison. you will see the difference.

    I do think he should get more calls but i understand why he doesn’t.

    Now this nice guy notion? i don’t think it factors into this. There are a lot of non dbags in the nba that get calls bc they either don’t change their shot/contort their body frequently at the basket, drive right into the defender or go all floppy like harden. rose does the opposite of all 3 of these things so… that would explain it. Now… i do think the refs will have this on their radar for the next gm so maybe he gets 10fta but i think the trend of him getting low fta continues until he decides to alter his finishing style.

  • Caboose

    Oh come on.

  • Caboose

    Durant is SUCH an evil guy right? That’s why he gets all his FT’s.

  • kc

    D rose has been out of control on a lot of drives and looking for the refs to bail him out.

  • Above_You

    Waaah waaaah.

  • bball knowledge

    He also has a lot of Technical Fouls…

  • J Du Bois

    thanks for the book

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