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Derrick Rose Says He Will Never Recruit Other Superstars

Chicago Bulls superstar point guard Derrick Rose is a deeply proud, stubborn fella. Though it’s obvious that he needs another star or two by his side to win an NBA title, Rose insists that he’ll never reach out to his rivals around the L for help. Per the Chicago Sun-Times: “It’s a stance Rose always has maintained, and one that could be a detriment to the Bulls building an elite team. ‘I don’t think so,’ Rose said when asked if he would start looking for help from another superstar to lighten his load. I don’t think I will ever recruit. If you’re a hooper and you know as a basketball player if you can play with someone, I don’t think it’s a problem with just coming to a team. . . . I’ll play with anyone. And I think I can play with anyone. But I’ll never recruit.’ [...] Rose finally admitted why he refuses to play pickup basketball in the summer, even with all the time he has lost with his knee problems. ‘I never play in the offseason, and I think I never will,’ Rose said. ‘I just don’t like people looking at my game. I think that’s when you see players’ tendencies, and I don’t want anyone to see my tendencies, so that’s why I don’t ever play pickup.’”

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  • Dfrance

    Yeah Derrick, we’ll forget the hundreds of hours of NBA game tape we have on you and go watch you play pick up in the Chi Town pro am to pick up on your tendencies.

    I like Rose but that was just silly.

  • pposse

    D Rose is the anti Lebron and thats freakin awesome!

  • spit hot fiyah

    he probably shouldn’t be a GM when his playing days are over

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk
  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    I guess Rose has never heard of youtube… And he must still be butthurt from that time he sort-of-tried-to recruit Lebron.

  • sauce

    I’m Derrick’s biggest fan but he should really consider shouting out to another star/superstar. He and the Bulls won’t reach their potential without some major roster changes in the near future. This team is on a huge downfall from a couple of seasons ago…
    but first things first D-Rose – get healthy

  • LP @ThisisEther

    I don’t mind him not “recruiting” players…Thats not his job anyway……..but you gotta play some pick up, DRose…. had he played a little this summer, he wouldn’t be so rusty….


    i don’t know any basketball player that will be anti 4 regular season mvp’s, 2 finals mvp’s with 2 rings. soo

  • pposse

    im speaking in terms of personality. Like with this whole recruiting, Lebron is all about recruiting while Rose is against it and spoke out against it. Rose is all about giving credit to a higher power while lebron is illuminati (this particular example is sarcasm) etc etc.

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    …Don’t think he was talking about fans. It’s not about us. He’s talking about other guys in the league seeing new parts to his game if they play with him during the summer. Why would any player, on any level, be concerned about fans picking up on their tendencies?

  • pposse
  • booblover

    her boobies look spectacular here

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    He stated outright that he wanted to “the guy” on that team. So why would he be “butthurt” after LeBron chose to go elsewhere?

  • north

    so only fans can watch basketball games? You missed the point. Dfrance is saying that players already break down game film with their coaches… playing summer ball doesn’t show more than those tapes do already. Two games into the season everyone knew Rose’s new moves if he hadn’t used them in the preseason already that is.

  • pposse

    i respect the fact that he addressed the media and that he is willing to sit on the bench with his teammates in the near future. Indifferent on playing in the summer. I think they were asking if he would play in the d league to prepare or something idk

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    Those 2011 Lockout summer mixtapes got to a lot of people too much. Relax. Had those 2011 summer games not happened, most people wouldn’t care at all about seeing players play in pickup games. We didn’t know what most of these guys were doing during the summer before that lockout summer unless they did an interview with someone and told us. The only big pickup games I heard about before that summer of 2011 was at UNC, UCLA and in Chicago. But they weren’t posted all over YouTube. KD goes off at the Rucker. LeBron, Melo, KD, CP3 and some other big names make appearances during one summer and now people want to see that every summer. Rose was doing fine just working out in LA with his trainer, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love (Durant this past summer). Why should he change now?

  • Dfrance

    I wasn’t talking about fans either. You don’t think other teams study film of his game all year? C’mon man.

  • Dfrance


  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    If I were Kyrie and I played against Rose in a few pickup games where he showed things he didn’t have in his game last season, I’d spend more time focusing on stopping what I just saw…not game film from last season when he wasn’t doing some of the things I just saw him do.

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    Nah, you missed it. Hypothetical situation…if Rose added a new floater and a postgame and played against other PGs during the summer, don’t you think they’d know what was coming during the season? If CP3 played against Rose during a pickup game and saw new parts to his game, what do you think he would spend more time concentrating on…film from 12 months ago or what he just saw in front of him in person?

    Two games in the regular season wasn’t nearly enough for anyone to see what Rose was going to look like once he got back into rhythm. So no one saw anything significant from him. All anyone saw from him in the preseason was a better jumpshot.

  • bike

    He says all that now but just wait another 2-3 years w/out a chip and D-Rose in his prime years. That ticking clock has a funny way of changing talk and attitudes

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    so you think Derrick Rose is going to show you more in a pick up game, then in an NBA game he is paid to play in? That pickup line is total nonsense.

  • Dfrance

    Do you really think DRose is gonna break out the whole new repertoire he developed over the summer in some silly pick up game? Probably not.

  • thebossman15

    illuminati lol..james basically sold his soul to go to miami so u right bout that

  • 23

    2 championships*

  • 23

    DRose is trying to make playing on a good team a bad thing. Star players have a responsibility to do their part to attract players. Does this really make him more appealing to anyone? Imo he is trying to act like his is above recruiting. Above everybody else’s tactics. Especially LeBrons.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Why doesn’t he retire? He has his wealth. Plus, he’s not winning a title with the bulls. And I don’t see him being a great second option unless he pairs up with a dominant big man like Old Shaq.

  • pposse

    for the love of the game bro!

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    honestly, summer league games allows nba players to put their full individual talents on display. The NBA restricts it.

    Tyreke Evans is MVP of the summer

  • pposse

    Your saying its his part to attract players, but thats the gm’s. Other players want to win, Rose wants to win so i highly doubt that it hurts his appeal.

  • hubristick

    With Lebron it doesn’t matter….study him, don’t study him, but, to him, it won’t matter.

  • thebossman15

    cuz hes got so many moves huh?

  • greg

    Rose really overrates himself. Nobody wants to sign with the bulls because they have a cheap owner despite being one of the most lucrative teams in sports, wing superstars don’t want to be compared to Jordan, and he must realize that no iso or pick and roll heavy scoring pg has won a ring. He should be begging for help.

  • Freeky Zeek

    Drose you is the boy, aka yung res, aka the truth for our city of Chitown. But for real, I’m with you guys in saying c’mon about that pickup remark. I just want to see him play like he used to.

  • Freeky Zeek

    Autocorrect totally killed my grammar. Woops.

  • Mike Gilbert

    what are you talking about?? He recruited Kirk Hinrich!!!

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    If dude played in off season the ONLY thing I would be looking for is to say that he’s healthy…so he can forget recruiting or not…. the only thing to worry about is he going to regain the ability to create work for himself.

  • Cortez Mack

    Why did you bother to respond?

  • Cortez Mack

    Everybody yapping about how they dislike Rose’s stance will probably criticize others, or Rose himself, for attempting to alter the roster by…

    1. Pushing to be traded
    2. Pushing for others to be traded
    3. Pushing to have coaches fired/hired

    Rose is not saying he will not make other players feel welcome or will not speak on the pluses of playing in Chicago if anyone asks him.

    He is saying he is not about to be out stick stroking other grown men to come play with him. He is saying everyone in the league can see what he is about and if they think it is in their best interest to come play with him then they will make their own decisions about where to go.

    At the same time, he is SUPPORTING his current teammates. For example, openly campaigning for a new small forward is implicitly telling your current small forwards that they ain’t crap. That is bound to cause some issues in the locker room.

    Rose, rightly or wrongly (I say rightly), believes that he and his mates can get the job done by focusing on THEMSELVES and their development. He believes this, primarily, because be has confidence in his own abilities and he sees the potential in his CURRENT team.

  • vim

    Cuz he’s been dominant for a decade.

  • Hope

    LeBron is about God”, He’s a proud catholic and believes in Jesus Christ. unlike Rose, he is not shame to speak about God in public