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Houston Rockets Not Trading Omer Asik for Now


by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

The Rockets’ self-imposed deadline to trade disgruntled center Omer Asik came and went, and Houston will reportedly hang on to the big fella for a little while longer.

Despite plenty of speculation that a three-team deal was in the works, Asik will continue to work and live in H-Town for the time being.

Per Yahoo! Sports:

Houston general manager Daryl Morey informed Asik’s agent Arn Tellem of his decision on Thursday afternoon, sources said. “This gives [Houston] a chance to buy some more time,” one source involved in the deal process said. The NBA’s trade deadline is Feb. 20.

Asik has a $15 million salary-cap hit next season, and that, combined with rival teams’ unwillingness to package a quality power forward with an unrestricted first-round draft pick, pushed Morey away from making what he believed would be a bad deal now. Boston had offered Houston a package of Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee and a restricted future first-round pick, but the sides could never come to terms on an agreement. Philadelphia had remained in pursuit of Asik, but Morey found no deal there, either.

Omer Asik demanded a trade as soon as Dwight Howard joined the team through free agency last summer, and has done everything to find hind himself a new employer. So far, no dice.

The NBA’s trade deadline is on February 20. It would be hard to imagine this unhappy marriage lasting past that point.

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  • don

    i like asik’s game last year, but this time, he’s been a very unhappy prick. Apparently, being part of team success is not a good thing for him,

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    You can’t make an arbitrary deadline like the one Houston did without knowing you have a trade in your back pocket that you want to take. Only treating a deadline like this as a “blind auction” will ensure a maximum on your return. Given all incentive to make the trade revolves around the fear that someone else gets him first.

  • ROGandhi

    dear danny- just don’t, yours truly- a grateful celtic nation.

    jvg just made a good point the other night re: asik- he should just suck it up since he’s still getting paid anyway. try and get the ring (since we won’t win it this year- hope that clutch city gets it- class team, fans and town), increase his value/repair his image for what it’s worth in the meantime, and just be a good soldier.

    then go nuts during the offseason.

  • LakeShow

    Just announced Kobe’s out 6 weeks with a fracture.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk


  • LakeShow

    Guess we all kind of saw something like this happening though.

    Poor old dude. Not the way he should be going out.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    the stress his left leg has gone through over the last year is serious, the fear that his determination and “never relent” attitude may come to bite him in the ass is starting to look like a reality. The guy needs to let his body literally rest. But he probably is finding a way to run as we speak so….

  • LakeShow

    Yep lol. Arggh.

  • clownicle

    He was a good soldier and asked to get traded the day after Houston got D12. Houston management decided to stretch it out, not him.

    At first everyone is bitching that an 8 million dollar man is coming off the bench. Then when the man actually shows he wants to play and earn his 8 mil, those people bitch that he needs to take his spot on the pine.

    Makes no damn sense.

    Boston would be wise to pick up Asik. His rim protection alone would earn the C’s more points than Green consistently puts in via buckets. Asik changes shots and is the best p&r defender in the league. Add in offensive rebounds and you have yourself one of the best big man defenders in the game.

  • clownicle

    Oh come on Don. Asik was getting crap for getting paid 8 mil to sit on the bench when D12 came, and now he’s getting crap for actually wanting to earn his money and play. Dude can’t win with you all. People need to stop being impossible.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    ugh, he literally demanded a trade within an hour of Dwight being traded to the team………

  • Saleem Rainman

    probably asking for way too much as usual…

  • roscoe

    Who really wants to play w/ DH12?

    Have you seen any chemistry on that team?

    Magic 3.0? Wait for it & DH12 will make another mess.

  • Ugh

    That’s the problem – his value won’t increase when he’s not playing. He knows it, he isn’t stupid. People still have questions about Asik, another season of progress would have proven them wrong.
    Also, it’s perfectly fine for non-players to tell players to not play, as non-players don’t play all the time. They forget players usually like playing. Sitting on the bench sucks, especially when you went from 30+ to 10- minutes a game because of one trade.

  • Ugh

    Magic 3.0 is right – trade him for Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee? Two of the guys Dwight felt weren’t really part of the Magic’s future? How’s that going to work out?

    Can we stop saying Daryl Morley is a genius yet?

  • uqk

    it’s called …bluffing

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    You can’t bluff unless you want to ruin any trust and all trust you have earned with the 29 other GMs you are attempting to make a business deal with. Bluffing is an unnecessary risk unless your job is literally on the line. And Daryl Morey’s job is extremely secure.

  • uqk

    the fact that now Asik still stay….means that self imposed deadline is just a bluff.
    it’s just negotiation 101

  • Quesy Dan Man

    A.K.A nobody wants to take on his eventual 15 million dollar poison pill salary for a offensively limited center.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Houston had to step back because they had no leverage……the deadline was not a bluff, it was poorly executed. The fact that Asik is on the roster indicated that the deadline failed. Sometimes you have to accept defeat. That’s all this is.

  • uqk

    yeah…the bluff failed
    same thing different perspective

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    It wasn’t an intentional bluff is the point. They weren’t bluffing, they just thought they had a hand that they didn’t.

  • Don

    well there’s a difference in “I’m getting paid, i sit on the bench for now, i’ll stay positive and contribute when i’m called” to “I wanna go to another team because I ain’t the starting center.”

    afterall, the team is winning. I would feel for him if the team wasn’t winning because that’s different. Also, if you knew that the person starting ahead of you is better, then be a man and accept it. Play your role sometimes. This guy thinks that he can’t contribute if he’s off the bench?