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Jason Kidd Says Brooklyn Nets ‘Comfortable With Losing’

Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd blasted his team when chatting with the media on Monday night, after dropping a home game to the Indiana Pacers. Kidd thinks his players are growing a little comfortable with their losing ways. Per Newsday:

“I think it’s getting very close to just accepting losing,” he said Monday night after a 103-86 thumping by the Pacers at Barclays Center. “We kind of get comfortable with losing, and we’ve got to make a stand with that, because when things get tough, do we just give in? And most of the time right now, we do.”

That’s an indictment of the Nets (9-18), who looked lost in their first game without Brook Lopez, who’s lost for the season with a fractured right foot. But it’s also an accurate depiction of a team that was embarrassed and outclassed by one of the teams they were supposed to be fighting for Eastern Conference supremacy. Instead, the Nets have shown they’re nowhere close to the Pacers’ stratosphere.

Doomed by an ice-cold shooting performance and lacking any kind of offensive consistency, the Nets couldn’t keep pace with Indiana. They connected on 38.2 percent of their attempts, a number that slightly improved from their 35.0-percent showing in the first half. “When we don’t make shots,” Kidd said, “we tend to hang our head and we forget about playing defense.”

“I’m not comfortable with losing,” Deron Williams said. “Getting our confidence back, our swagger back, that’s something we need to do.”

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  • JML-G

    yeah, especially KG and Pierce im sure


    LOL this is your head coach saying this?

  • bike

    What Kidd should be telling his team is ‘look fellas, it’s just a game. Go out there, do your best, and have some fun. Because, ya know, in the big scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter’.
    And then add..
    ‘Merry Christmas, Mother fuc*ers’

  • spit hot fiyah

    comfortable with losing = quitting on your coach

  • shockexchange

    As a kid, the Shock Exchange’s problem was that he got “comfortable” getting turned down by Jayne Kennedy, Lola Falana and Pam Grier … as if not “being comfortable” was gonna change things.

  • Ugh

    You know, I’m looking at the roster wondering why anyone thought the Nets would be a good team this year.

    The starting backcourt/wing has Pierce, Johnson and Williams who are all sub-45% career shooters with a starting centre who doesn’t rebound and a starting PF who hasn’t averaged 9 RPG since 2008. The starters are 28, 32, 36, 37 and 25. The second unit are headed by a 32 (AK) and a 36 (JT) year old. The 28yo and the 25yo are injury prone and haven’t played a full season in years – didn’t even play 82 games between them in 11/12.
    And the coach… well, let’s say he was a great improviser in the open court with excellent hands and court vision. That’s not what makes a great coach.

    We must have had rocks in our heads to think this was going to work, right?

  • Ugh

    No. No matter how good your coach is your team may not be able to win. I’ve been on teams where we all did what the coach said and thought the coach was fine, but we accepted we were going to get shellacked every night. When you have wings who can’t shoot or pass and forwards who can’t rebound or post you’re going to have a bad time no matter what the suit on the sideline says or does.

  • Ugh
  • Shooting Guard

    it’s only going to get worse