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Josh Smith Took ‘Real Offense’ to Getting Benched by Maurice Cheeks


Josh Smith didn’t play during the second half of the Detroit Pistons’ 106-82 loss to the Washington Wizards Saturday night, and afterward, he was (not shockingly) none too happy about it. Via MLive.com:

Whatever happened in that locker room Saturday night, the Detroit Pistons left here with their first tangible turmoil of the season. Josh Smith didn’t play the second half of a 106-82 blowout against the Washington Wizards, the second time head coach Maurice Cheeks has made that decision this season.

This time, Smith suggested Cheeks called him out for not playing hard, and that he took “real offense” to the accusation.

[...] “Like I told y’all before when we had this conversation, when you hit adverse times, characters are gonna be tested,” Smith said.  ”It’s either that we’re gonna come closer together and make it all one team, or are you gonna use a scapegoat to get away from what’s really at hand?”

[...] What rankled Smith most was what he perceived as Cheeks questioning his effort.”It’s an honor for me to play, you know what I’m saying?  So when anybody challenges — or anything about the fact that, you know, about me not wanting to play — then I take real offense to it,” Smith said.

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  • spit hot fiyah

    one of the few times that josh smith and “real offense” have been used in the same sentence

    see what i did there

  • Fat Lever

    Pretty sure Pistons fans take real offense to anytime Smith continuously takes a shot outside of 12 feet.

  • brothasdontsurf

    I can see how him and Dwight are close friends.

  • the glove

    MO cheeks can’t coach….got fired in Philly…got fired in Portland…and give two years and he’s gonna get fired from Detroit….I’m not a Josh Smith fan at all but he might be onto something here

  • butternuts

    His Grantland shot chart someone posted on here makes me cringe

  • spit hot fiyah

    that was me

  • kwamepooh

    its even worse this year

  • The Seed

    This dude is stealing money, he is not worth it. Dumars made some more bad decisions, Josh Smith should focus on defense and leave 3 pointers alone, then he can talk.


    Wanted him as a Celtic when he looked to be leaving Atlanta. Boy am i glad it didn’t happen, would have interrupted the chemistry that currently exists with the young guys and we would have been 0-30 by now. Disgusting shooting, get in the paint man.