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Knicks Reportedly Have ‘Zero Intention’ of Trading Carmelo Anthony

Despite winning back-to-back games, Carmelo Anthony is not having fun playing basketball for the 5-13 Knicks and may no longer stand so fervently by his early comments about retiring as a Knick. But according to ESPN.com, regardless of Melo’s intentions in free agency next summer, the Knicks have no intentions of trading their star by the trade deadline:

If the Knicks do not turn around their season when Tyson Chandler returns from injury, you can expect the Anthony issue to become a monster heading toward the February trade deadline. Because if Anthony doesn’t think the Knicks are best for him over the next five years, he will make it an issue and possibly force a trade again if he thinks that would be best for him.

The Knicks, sources say, have zero intention of trading Anthony no matter what he says about next summer. Not only did owner Jim Dolan personally seal the deal to bring Anthony to New York, but the front office realizes it has one of the most talented players in the league and won’t be able to get fair value in return.

Dolan’s Knicks have never made rebuilding trades, and they’re sure as heck not going to start with the biggest star they’ve had since Patrick Ewing.

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  • Caboose

    Next 7 games for the Knicks:

    If NY isn’t over .500 in those games, Melo is demanding a trade.

  • underdog

    Like that matters what the Knicks want. Melo has already once played the drama queen for half a season, he’ll pull that ish again in no time, if he intends to. But I don’t think the situation of the team is that bad, I doubt he wants out.

  • Ars

    Haa! Its reports like this that tell us he is going to be traded

  • knicks stink as usual

    melo is gonna be traded before the deadline the knicks season is over and he clearly is going to leave so the knicks need to get something in return rather than just lose him

  • patrick

    lakers gm shud acqure Anthony imo..kobe and anthony..help kobe get a last chance at a championship

  • TriggaMan

    Shumpert is mad at the world I think that attitude is rubbing off the team, they just lacing en up and balling now

  • 2chainz

    When Miami only had 15 wins with Wade in 2008 did you call for Pat Riley to trade his best player?

  • BigAl#13

    Yea but Wade was only in his 5th year while Carmelo is running out of time, He’s in his 10th year!

  • Ben

    Yeah maybe if they’re given a ball each.

  • shockexchange

    Breaking: Jayne Kennedy has “zero intention” of dating the Shock Exchange.

  • robb

    no thanks. Worst idea ever.

  • Fitzy

    oh yeah, what’re the lakers giving up for melo?

  • Max


  • hoodsnake

    I hear the Nuggets has a few tradeable pieces…

  • JB

    no intention of trading Melo means no intention of winning games. Melo is a selfish player. He rather average 35 and lose than average 18 and win.

  • Max


  • Castrovi

    Well not looking good for them lol 41 pts

  • RunNGun

    Their intention is to have him walk. :) Make it happen, Dolan.