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Larry Sanders Angry Over Race Factor in Club Fight

Once footage of a wild bar fight involving Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders surfaced, the big fella took to Instagram on Thursday morning to vent about race:

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  • esosmooth

    this is one of the most best spoken fact by any nba player……….as a black male i could relate and understand because by him fighting if he would of won the fight he would of got locked up…but he lost clearly which was good because for once black people are the victim not that culprit which we as always label…(thugs,gang members,wild animals)……people say we are always crying bout being black and slavery but until you walk in our shoes you will never understand what we go through

  • shockexchange

    In the Shock Exchange’s opinion, Larry is practically “spitting in the win.” The media calls black men a “two-fer.” Since Sanders got into a fight, they run an article about how he’s a thug. If someone mugs him with a gun, then they run an article about “what a shame these black athletes are targets.” Either way, the media gets website hits and people viewing their media outlets. The media coverage of Sean Taylor (former Redskin) is a prime example of this.

  • leland

    No one should be getting into fights. The media reporting on the incident has nothing to do with his race. They are talking about the incident because he is a professional basketball player.

  • Favorite White People Hobby

    other than racism itself, is telling black people that race has nothing to do with (insert act of racism).

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Black male in America. You should watch abc 20 special on disenfranchisement of blacks. All due to western Christianity look up redlining. Why do black churches bow to a white pagan idol false image.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Social engineering. We are in the matrix. Only the holy Qur’an and Sunnah will set you free.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe
  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe
  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe
  • danpowers

    the qu’ran and sunnah never set any society free and most certainly wont do so in the future. replacing religious fatalism with religious devotion doesnt sound likely to change anything. dig deeper young man

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Lol religious fatalism. Study history. The caliphates success as well as andulisa set the foundation for modern society. When you say religious you equate Islam to other religions… Wrong each religion is its own independent entity and needs to have its source text and impact on human project examined.

    You are right Muslims have limitation in liberty. We follow Divine laws like not to commit adultery, no interest banking, eat pork, drink alcohol, etc…

    But you need to first negate the supernatural origin of the Holy Qur’an before making blanket statements for democracy.

    Prophylactic measure: No Galen was not used, historical evidence proves the Holy Qur’an wasn’t copy of old and New Testament… Holy Qur’an preserved Orally. BUT de omnibus dubitandum STUDY READ

    BTW the absolute narrative of human project is found in the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah. Holy Qur’an 43:61. Hadith of Gabriel contains fundamental doctrine of Islam and also a minor sign toward the Day of Judgement. Look at Dubai, saudia arabia.

  • guest

    And what makes you think that Islam is not a made up religion based around a fake God?

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Lol study read and you will find out. However, there are multiple evidences in case you are curious look up Dr. Yasir Qadhi

  • vim

    So true.

  • danpowers

    i actually studied history among other disciplines so i see what you are trying to do there. you just totally ignored the role of jewish traders and salesmen within the caliphates of the spanish conquista. so that is hardly solely an islamic accomplishment. plus, what did it help islamic cultures to be dominant by then? just look at today’s situation: it didnt help jack sh*t in the longue duree. some refreshing non-eurocentric, non-religious approach, if you are interested into bashing eurocentric global capitalist power structures. may be a bit more legit than your religious approach: http://www.unc.edu/~aescobar/wan/wanquijano.pdf

    cultural exchange between “islam” and christianity was pretty prosperous and christian cultures benefited more from it throughout most parts of medieval times, true. that shifted to an extremely lopsided situation since times of industrialization. today islamic culturs face and suffer from the same narrow minded religious folly that christianity suffered from during medieval ages. isnt that a quite entertaining irony of history?

    what does it help to look at religions as unique entities? if you break it down on function with an analytical approach it all comes down to the same.

    compared to christianity islam structurally is more legit as a historical source – but this doesnt prove anything about the “truth” or “facts” pf its content. nobody will ever know if these are actually gods words or just the words of a smart leader. maybe muhammad just had epileptic attacks and sold it as heavenly visions. maybe jesus was just a smart philosopher who just chose the wrong friends to chill with in the end: we will never know, we can just chose to beliefe. if it works for you: cool man. be merry, just dont try to sell a believe as a superior truth – that my friend will just let you look like an idiot. dont take this as an insult, please. im just trying to help

  • danpowers

    there is not a single evidence. you can just believe that muhammad was actually dictating gods words. nobody will ever know. thats why its called a belief. thats what religions are, not more, not less. if it works for you and makes you happy: fine. if you try to sell it as a superior truth: shame on you

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Great I am glad you did research.

    1. In regards to the Jewish traders, I want to point one important element in contrasting today’s view of Islam with the past. Yes many great Jewish philosophers grew up during the Andulisa period as well as traders, but it was Islamic shariah that facilitated this multipluralism. Now days MUSLIMS and ISLAM are viewed as anti-semitic which I largely attribute to the Holocaust industry. So I am very excited to see that you have made this point. Please look at at my point below to explain greater point to the veracity of Islam.

    2. “conserved old roman and greek knowledge ” That’s a highly distorted view. Algebra, Medicine, Astronomy (even corpernicus heliocentric theory has Islamic influence), etc… Even how books, libraries, and academic institutions were formed was due to Islam. Yes chinese created paper first, but look how Muslims modified and used the paper for greater inventions.

    3. The last point I think you made is a cliche secular over simplified view. Holy Qur’an 43:61. It’s difficult for me to explain the emphasis of continuity of the Abrahamic Peace Be Upon Him tradition theologically. However, I said to look at the individual religions impact because of the distorted view Islam has in the media historically

    4. Final point, If you study hadith sciences from western and muslims scholars, you’ll find Prophecy components are a tremendous value. Each prophecy from the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him are categorized into Minor and Major signs. The current situation of the Muslims was foretold…. This is where I think you need to study Islam more in depth. The Holy Qur’an and Sunnah provide an ABSOLUTE NARRATIVE OF THE TIME LINE FROM START TO FINISH OF THE HUMAN PROJECT… It is not blind belief. I’ll give you 1 hadith to look up the most famous and fundamental hadith in Islam. Hadith of Gabriel. Read the minor signs and look at gulf arab states. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hadith_of_Gabriel

    5. Last point, I never claimed supermacy or arrogance because why my claims are MERITED with tangible reproducible evidence. If i went around ranting without merit to my claims, then you are right I would be like one of those religious heads who say We are God’s chosen people. First off, I don’t know my personal outcome, I don’t know if I am chosen or not there is no evidence – I’ll have wait and see if God will bestow Mercy upon him. Just because i have knowledge of Islam’s veracity does not mean I am saved. THEOLOGICAL POINT.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Lol that’s not true. Read the Holy Qur’an. You have the Holy Qur’an right in front of you on the internet or library. If you read the Holy Qur’an the author makes multiple claims that you can test empirically.

    Here this one is a surprise for atheist about an unseen reality even existing.,… ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT verses in the Holy Qur’an which is used on Islamic information pamphlets is Holy Qur’an 51:56. When you read that verse ask yourself is it possible if Jinn species really exists. I mean if you read the Holy Qur’an you’ll see they are another free willed species on this planet who will be judged on the day of judgement.

    Now many people think oh ok this is just fairy tales. You can go to the oldest university in the world Al Azhar or Al Medinah university or any mosque in your local area and witness it with your own two eyes. Here’s best analogy I can give you…

    Spectroscopy to Oxygen is like Ruqyah to Jinn species

    This is also a subdiscipline study from the hadith. This is just one tangibly reproducibe evidence… NO BLIND FAITH is required in Islam and even the concept of belief in Islam is completely different: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iman_(concept)

  • danpowers

    1. broad topic, too broad to make any generalization. all / most religions have their stretches of tolerance and prosperity, fueling cultural devices such as economics, architecture, philosophy, etc… but also deductive stretches, operating in a totally different way. First off, it’s hard to call Islamic societies anti semites, as they are predominantly semites as well, lol. still, the anti Jewish movements and actions among christians exist throughout history and present – an overly sensitive holocause industry is a cheap excuse, you cannot hide behind that.or should I, as a german remind you of broad cooperations and exchange between Muslim leaders and the nazi regime during ww2? it wouldnt even bethe most disgusting example of antisemitism but bad enough to point out that everybody has corpses hidden in their basement. Islams sh*t just stinks as any other religions’ doo doo and at the same time it also produced many positive stretches of cultural productivity. neither superior, nor inferior to other world religions.

    2. distorted? partially, but not only. most just continued or based on this knowledge was taken further by muslim slats, who by that time, we’re no doubt ahead of the Christian world for many centuries in any cultural, economical and scientific, even military aspects. Then, Christians discovered the importance of secular (more or less) nation states, started their imperialism, the industrialization, consumer capitalism and overtook islam by light years.
    like it or not, the accomplishments of the past don’t mean much if you can’t keep up with today’s world.
    3. to conclude your remaining paragraphs: I am actually aware of all of this, but still all this is no prove at all, not in the slightest, for any existance or absence of a god. You can come up with any mystical, philosophical, historical, theological, or whatsoever argument – it will always lack a final proof as there simply is none, none at all. this makes all religions more or less the same. any attempt to make a different statement comes down to assumptions. You did nt show anything else here. bringing up theological and historical random facts won’t mask an assumption as facts or any eternal truth.

  • danpowers

    Dude, you really make it difficult to take you serious and im trying hard

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    1. Okay, If you read the Holy Qur’an, You’ll understand exactly what I am speaking of.

    IF jinn species doesn’t exist then the WHOLE HOLY QUR’AN is a fable a lie a ancient story.

    You think its hard to take me seriously because of the Jinn species however it is clearly stated that Iblees a jinn species did not bow to Adam peace be upon him. It is clearly stated in Surah Rahman about God creating the Jinn species from SMOKELESS FIRE and Man from elements of the earth. Furthermore, if you read even the Surah Baqarah you’ll here the dialogue of the Angels wanting to take authority over Earth after the jinn species became evil and were killing murdering one another. And like human species the jinn species will be taken to account on the Day of Judgement. Even Prophet Solomon’s temple and army were from the assistance of Jinn species. A select group of Jinn species are shaytans where as others are jews, christians, muslims, and other religions or atheist etc.

    I even provided you a means to test objectively the evidence with your own eyes… Read this analogy and think: Ruqyah to Jinn species is like Spectroscopy to Oxygen.

    In this confusing time, many “progressive muslims” dismiss the existence of Jinn species and equate them to the NAFS (lower self).. .which is completely foolish and makes no sense according to the Holy Qur’an.

    I know for a fact Jinn species exists and over 1 billion people in the world know they exist. So why do you think it’s foolish. You can read the Holy Qur’an if they don’t exist the Holy Qur’an is false and not the word of God because what does verse 51:56 say.

    This is a yale academic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_dYQcqacuE I can even show you a vanderbilt academic trying to convey this to western people. The western world is unaware of a lot of information because there foundational book was the Bible.

    2. I will address the previous comments. Yes, I am aware that hitler invited Imam, but there were famous not notorious leaders who also learned about the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. Actually Ghandi did.One interesting tangential point about Ghandi is that majority of people view him as a pacifist. Just look up his writing the man adovcated violence and forceful resistance. he even dismissed the acceptance of Pakistan.. Read his writing… Media creates a separate reality. But that was a tangential. I am more interested in proving the veracity of Islam to you now. Here read this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_100:_A_Ranking_of_the_Most_Influential_Persons_in_History

  • danpowers

    study of religions were my minor courses during my bachelor studies so you don’t tell me much I didn’t already read or at least hear about in brief version. The inability of eurocentric thinking, academic institutions included, to cross its own borders is also a thing I am aware of.
    I highly doubt tho, that smth like a jinn species exists. It’s highly unprobable. If some spirits exist, like all believes, even pagan ones describe, they d be what all and none describe.
    all “holy” scriptures are indeed full of lies and fairy tales but at the same time also full of valuable wisdom. I’m just not a friend of stocking just to one. That’s when people get rid of reason, logic and an open mind – exactly the function of most religions to bound people to structural thinking that makes them also bound to ethnical-, cultural groups and nation states.
    so once again – if you are Christian, Muslim, Jew, Pagan, Animist, Agnostic, Buddhist, Atheist, etc… and it makes you happy and helps you personally that’s fine. If you think one of these doctrines would be the answer to the lives of all people around you in all situations, you’re just a narrow minded idiot. Which is, behind all your efforts to drop loads of historical and theological “facts”, what you seem to be. The sum of your irrelevant random “knowledge” makes you blind for the essence.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    “If you think one of these doctrines would be the answer to the lives of all people around you in all situations, you’re just a narrow minded idiot” – Ad hominems will not take away from the veracity of my statement. I agree with you there are multiple competing lenses for the absolute nature of reality. Atheism/agnosticism just like religions has a purpose (in atheism the purpose is LIMITED to whatever the culture/society allows the individual to pursue). Every human lives by a purpose whether they directly or indirectly acknowledge it is a different story.

    You stated that “if Jinn Species doesn’t exist” then the Holy Qur’an is not true. I AGREE WITH THAT STATEMENT BUT I KNOW FOR A FACT JINN SPECIES EXIST. If Jinn species don’t exist the Holy Qur’an is not 100% truthful.

    Here is a tangible reproducible observation method. Go to any Islamic institution in the world From Al Azhar to your local mosque. Ask them so that you can observe with your OWN TWO EYES. I will explain my analogy. Jinn species to Ruqyah is like Oxygen to spectroscopy. I have repeated this three times you haven’t addressed it. Oxygen was an unseen entity but with newer observational methods such as spectroscopy we were able to detect oxygen with our senses. Jinn species is the same way. From hadith we know we can detect jinn species. The Holy Qur’an specifically states the jinn species are from a smokeless fire (a type of energy) which is beyond our retinas’ capacity in the non-sleep stage..but that doesn’t mean through other senses they are not detectable.

    Please at least make an effort. You can with your own two eyes, two ears witness it just make an effort.

  • danpowers

    “Atheism/agnosticism just like religions has a purpose (in atheism the purpose is LIMITED to whatever the culture/society allows the individual to pursue). Every human lives by a purpose whether they directly or indirectly acknowledge it is a different story.”

    all of these devices are limited, religions in the same way as philosophies. there is no final answer to mankind’s questions or problems. not yet and most likely not in the foreseeable future.

    ” BUT I KNOW FOR A FACT JINN SPECIES EXIST. If Jinn species don’t exist the Holy Qur’an is not 100% truthful.”

    dont forget please that i studied study of religions, too. so i attended mosques and read the qu’ran, i am aware of mystic elements of religions and each religions “theology” if we may call it like this. heck, i even know religious practice of muslims from different cultural backgrounds (german, turkish, several sub-saharan african and arabic) from my everyday life with
    friends and family. ive als seen the same things in voodoo practice, christians speaking in tongues, people believing to be posessed by demons or spirits, suddenly speaking and knowing of things they normally couldnt know, etc… science would explain this as psycho-somatic phenomenons, islam with jinn existans, buddhism with ghosts, christianity with demons and angels, cabalists also got their 20 cents on this one.
    the difference between your and my approach is that i observed and researched this about most religions / spiritual movements / philosophies from an objective perspective, from an outside approach.
    you are doomed to a more subjective (im aware that there is no 100% objectiveness, not even in science so i wont claim a 100% degree of objectivity for myself neither) view than mine and when it comes to jinn existance i tell you that its either just a psycho-somatic phenomenon, as human mind will create anything it imagines and truly believes to a point that it seems like an immanent phenomenon – or just spirits that exist all around the globe, free of any religious determination – so also free of its qu’ran description as the qu’ran just offers one possible explanation like any other religion.

    in no way on earth the qu’ran is 100% truthful: NO holy scripture is. at least not at all. there is some wisdom and what you call “truth” in it, but also alot of nonsense. thats why its called religion / belief – you can chose to believe in it, but its not an eternal truth. as long as you dont understand this, you disqualify yourself from being taken serious.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    the difference between your and my approach is that i observed and researched this about most religions / spiritual movements / philosophies from an objective perspective, from an outside approach. —>

    Lol bro your research is weak. Voodoo and black magic are real clearly stated in the Holy Qur’an and previous scripture. Evil eye is real as well. Major sin to perform black magic and voodoo. Or there wouldn’t be objective signs and patient symptoms with it. i agree the etiology can cause biochemical abnormalities but the etiology still stands.
    Speaking in tongues is from last 12 verses of gospel of mark which only pentacostals practice–> thats proves how fake it is.

    Go to a mosque and ask the imam to take you. You can observe with your own two eyes.

    refute the minor signs toward day of judgement prophecy occuring in the hadith of gabriel.

    You give these “enlightened” statements Holy Qur’an is a book of wisdom. Lol. You need to back up your statements with evidence tangible reproducible that it’s not what it says it is.

    btw wikiislam.net and answeringislam.org are as scholarly as well ill let you decide via youtube videos

  • danpowers

    “Lol bro your research is weak”

    if you did your homework at all, you would know that other “holy” scriptures offer statements that could be interpreted as different interpretations of what you call jinns or the evil eye (do you believe in unicorns and santa clause, too? lol). voodoo isnt mentioned in the qu’ran, you just assume that black magic means voodoo, but that word is not in the qu’ran, you just interpret it that way. i read the coran so dont even try this bullsh*t on me. you just interpret it in a way that it fits as an answer to everything. this is exactly the folly of religion. same is possible with different holy scriptures other than the qu’ran. and just because something is lessened / articulated by a scripture doesnt mean it is right or true.

    “Go to a mosque and ask. You can observe with your own two eyes. I am giving you that option.”

    please do me a favor and read what i wrote in the comment prior to that.

    (done? ok, then please continue here)

    why do i always have to repeat myself when i talk to you? what you see and hear there is nothing more and nothing less than you find it elsewhere. jinns are just an illusion, a very powerful one. i know even a handful of muslims who grew up with that and believed in it, but converted later on to christianity, became agnostics, rastafari and even atheists and all will tell you, that jinns just seem to be real as long as you believe in it. as soon as you remove yourself from these religious habits you realize that it was nothing than an illusion and / or psychosomatic phenomenon. jinns stop to exist in your reality as soon as you stop to believe in it. sorry man, but real things that only stay real as long as you believe in it, dont seem actually… real as an undisputed and 100% valid truth.

    “You need to back up your statements with evidence tangible reproducible that it’s not what it says it is.”
    you will find your evidence if you read the vehds, bible, tora, buddhist teachings. mix it up with a little atheist philosophies, travel the world and experience other culture with a non-biased perspective and you will see that sticking to one doctrine is ok as long as it helps yourself – but in no way the solution for everybody else or more of a valid truth than other ideas / religions / believes / whatever you call it.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    thanks for your time.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    I couldn’t convey the message clearly due to my limited ability: plz take time to watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOwA0v026wY&list=PL7F4B62A190046A64

  • danpowers

    you expect me to waste 23 more minutes of my life for this after i studied most religions on this earth? you clearly did not read what i wrote and if you get offended by vulgar language let me tell you this: your oppinion isnt any less offensive or disrespectful just because you dont use slurs or vulgar terms. your doctrine lessens other ways of thinking. that doesnt only let your oppinion be ignorant and narrow minded, but also dangerous to all what could be considered “good” by most standards on this earth that emphazise peace and prosperous existance of all beings on this planet.

    you really get tangled up and lost by all the details you try to throw at people you talk to. that is characteristic for religious fundamentalists (i have a low standard until i label someone like that – regardless of his or her religious determination): you are prepared for these arguments, throwing waves of details and so called facts at your conversation partners, already prepared for all pros and cons. as soon as you get confronted with something you are not prepared for, you just ignore it. heck, religious teachers such as priests, imams, rebbes, etc… prepare their religious pupils very well for this, always emphazising flaws of different thinkings and pointing out the alegedly legit points of their own religion. we both know the purpose of this. this strategy just strenghtens the illusional believes of the religious people and aims to confuse the conversation partner. but it cannot distract from the fact that there is no final proof of the validity of any religion. never has been, most likely never will be. thats why i dont find better words than insults for the content of what you are trying to sell me here.

    if this is what you like to do with your life you do nothing different to what insurance agents are doing – trying to convince people to buy into things they dont necessarily need by trying to convince them your product is the best and only available solution – even though it is not. and like them you should feel ashamed of your mission. even if you are convinced that your religion is the best and only available solution for you – it should be clear to everyone, even to people with limited intellectual ability – that there is no such a thing as one superior truth for all people. if you dont get this, you should pray to allah for a better functioning brain. in this case you should also feel free to block me again, as this conversation wont help neither you nor me in any way.