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Mike D’Antoni Tells Discouraged Lakers Fans to Find Another Team


by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni 

All told, the Los Angeles Lakers have fared pretty well. For a team that had zero expectations this season, and given Kobe Bryant’s ongoing struggles with injuries, a 13-15 record is fairly encouraging.

Of course, these are the Lakers, and their fans aren’t accustomed to cheering for a mediocre squad.

According to head coach Mike D’Antoni, anyone feeling discouraged by this year’s team should simply find another bandwagon to hop on.

Per the LA Daily News:

Mike D’Antoni didn’t exactly show a jovial Christmas spirit following the Lakers’ 117-90 loss Monday to the Phoenix Suns at U.S. Airways Center. But he cried Bah Humbug to any Laker fans who are concerned about the team, ranging from its second consecutive loss, the Lakers’ 13-15 road record, the never-ending injuries, the non-existent defense and a competitive Western Conference.

“Why would I be discouraged? We’re fighting with a bunch of good guys that played well and will play well again,” D’Antoni said. “If they’re discouraged, go find another team to root for. I’m alright. We’re not going to give up. Are you kidding me? Discouraged? That’s not even fair to these guys. They’re going to fight.”

[...] “We’ll be back. We’re not going anywhere,” D’Antoni said. “We’re going to fight and try to stay above .500. If anybody hangs their head, then they don’t need to be on our bandwagon. We’re going to fight. We’ll be fine.”

Speaking of discouragement, these short-handed Lakers will be on full display in a nationally-televised Christmas Day showdown with the defending NBA champion Miami Heat.

Mike D’Antoni can posture all he wants about his team’s play so far this season, but deep down inside, even he knows they’re in for a very rough year:

“Keep your head up, D’Antoni said. “This is a slug fest. This isn’t going to be smooth.”

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  • hoodsnake

    Yeah Miami looks like a bit more than chopped liver for that Christmas game of theirs.

  • JML-G

    them Laker fans dont want it with boy boy D’Antoni, he juss like f em dawg

  • Jeremy de Sa

    Discouraged Lakers fans tell D’Antoni to find another team?

  • shockexchange

    If discouraged fans leave then how would the Lakers make enough money to afford Horry Jr’s salary? In the Shock Exchange’s opinion, his salary was based on millions of encouraged and discouraged fans (i) attending games, (ii) paying for apparel, and (iii) tuning into the Lakers network to help generate millions in advertising dollars. *Drops mic … waits for @ballislife smart alecky retort*

  • Max

    Tv deals, sponsors,…

  • shockexchange

    Oh that’s right, D’Antoni didn’t tell the sponsors and TV rights guys to go find another team? You’ve just outshocked the Shock Exchange!

  • bike

    This is all Dwight’s fault.

  • The Seed

    Tank, get top 10 pick, then trade Gasol for ______. Kobe will be back. BOOK IT!!

  • Fitzy

    This is Jim Buss fault if he hired Phil Dwight would probably still be around.

  • spit hot fiyah

    they are doing much better than expected by many, me included. as a laker fan, just stay patient this season

  • Allan

    Do they have a pick in this draft?

  • Daniel Gaskins

    He got some nerve!

  • jay sound 81

    These discouraged fans were frontrunners just along for the ride anyways. Not including the true fans, there are these Kobe nut hangers all bent because it’s obvious There isnt a savior waiting to come in and instantly turn things around. The true fans are dealing with this post Kobe transition period they they all knew was inevitable where as the lames are crying

  • robb

    I agree with the first part, IDK about Dwight staying though, it sounds like a nice thought but don’t get fooled, Phil’s a pretty tough guy when he needs to be, his criticism can be hard to deal with, and I don’t think Dwight could have handled that

  • initbruv

    For a minute there I thought someone was posting with a f*cking Nazi avatar. I’ve never had hate build up and then dissipate that fast in my life before.

  • ballislife

    I actually agree with you on this one. Obviously, d antoni is in over his head with the pressures of coaching in LA. Taking a shot at the fans right now is a dumb move no matter what the circumstance. The lakers really need to take a look at their coaching situation beyond this year. There is just too much money involved now, it is all political now.

  • shockexchange

    Now that Ren-A-Center is gone, Phil’s not interested. In the Shock Exchange’s opinion, L.A. doesn’t have “exceptionally more talent than the rest of the L” so D’Antoni’s job is safe for a while.

  • ballislife

    Yeah I do not want Phil anyway. The NBA is changing. The lakers just need time to rebuild that is all. The media of course and rightfully so, blow it out of proportion. When the lakers sign Thor, then Phil will get his face out of Jeanie’s bosom and want to coach again.

  • shockexchange

    “When the Lakers sign Thor” <— Look at ballislife tryna outshock the Shock Exchange. Nice try though.

  • Jeremy de Sa

    What is that picture btw?

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    what is the logo? I looks like a 4h. when you google 4h it shows an environmental initiative club.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    There is no way any team can keep a coach saying that. The fans are the $$

  • guest

    It’s a stick figure taking a selfie while waving at the camera.

  • Jeremy de Sa

    What does that have to do with what I said? Lmao

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    fans are $$$. There is no way any team can keep a coach saying that.

  • King David

    lmao !!!

  • Ugh

    No offence to any of the coaches in the league, but if Phil were coaching the Thunder they’d have beaten the Heat and kept Harden. If he’d been coaching the Magic they’d have taken the Lakers had he not also been forced to coach the Lakers at the same time and kept Howard.
    Say what you like about him needing more talent, but he makes more from roleplayers than any other coach, even Pop, because he handles talent better than any other coach.

  • sim888

    It’s a symbol used by the hip hop artist, Capital Steez. Initbruv, sadly you’re not far off (right on the money) because it is a symbol with nazi ties (SS etc etc), and as such has/is used by some neo-nazi groups. The symbol is a wolfsangel, derived from a German hunting tool – the wolf-hook. So yeah, hopefully Allen is a bit naive and doesn’t know its true ‘origins’, although in it’s current form, it’s a tough sell to say it’s anything but a nazi related symbol really.

  • brothasdontsurf


  • initbruv

    Wait but Capital Steez used it?! That doesn’t make sense.

  • sim888

    Tell me about it. http://static.mixstream.com/mixstream/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/00-cover3.jpg
    Without rambling, another one of those things that’s inherently/originally OK, and then, well, you know…

  • initbruv

    …then a few bad eggs ruin it for everyone.

  • sim888

    Very true.

  • Max


  • shockexchange

    Within this dissertation, is there a counterpoint or a de facto co-sign for the Shock Exchange?

  • Ben Ireland

    I agree with all your saying, I just wanted to laugh at the phrase “smart alecky” haha been a while since I’ve heard that!

  • Lexluther312

    “We’re gonna fight and try to stay above .500″. That’s promising.

  • initbruv

    Wow thanks for sharing. Crazy stuff.

  • sim888

    No problem…Yeah, sure is! Oh, and when I said it’s used by Steez, that’s only because it was the most logical connection I could make, hip hop-basketball connections etc. Who knows, Allen could be a great descendant of some obscure Germanic town and that’s their coat of arms ;) (ok, now I’m rambling!)