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New York Knicks Had a 10 p.m. Friday Night Curfew

The 8-18 New York Knicks are desperate for solutions to their ongoing woes. Head coach Mike Woodson seems to have to come up with one — no playing while nursing a hangover. Per the NY Times:

Woodson’s players fare poorly in early afternoon games. In their last noon start, they fell by 41 to the Boston Celtics, who opened the game with an 18-1 run. The Knicks’ active night life often is fingered as the culprit. Rihanna, a recording artist, complained during last year’s playoffs that J. R. Smith, the Knicks’ herbaceous-loving shooting guard, was putting in such exuberant clubbing hours that he exhausted her.

So Woodson played college coach Friday, gathering his players at an undisclosed hotel. The coach did not say if he padded around in his slippers making room checks.

“How was the curfew?” I asked Metta World Peace. Wrapped in a towel before the game, he cocked his eyebrow. “I didn’t know we had a curfew.”

Ten p.m., I said.


He turned and pulled a bottle out of his locker. “Kombucha, the wonder drink, man. It’s great,” he said. “They say it has natural alcohol. For real, man.”

The conversation trailed off in an indeterminate direction.

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  • Fat Lever

    Friday Night Lights….Out

  • Don

    WP’s reply made no sense… as usual.

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  • fruizm

    I want to try that wonder drink!

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com/ Off The Backboard

    This is probably the saddest group of “professional” basketball players I’ve seen in a long time. What a disaster of a team.