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Omer Asik Likely to Be Part of a Three-Team Trade


by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

It appears that in a matter of days, the unhappy marriage between the Houston Rockets and center Omer Asik will come to an end.

The Rockets’ self-imposed deadline to trade the big fella is fast approaching, and with so many possible destinations, it’s difficult to figure out where Asik will end up.

The only thing close to being a certainty in this mess, is that Omer won’t be living and working in H-Town for very much longer.

Per the Houston Chronicle:

For nearly a month, (GM Daryl Morey) has made his way around NBA showrooms and talked about deals. By his self-imposed Thursday deadline, he will be ready to buy. Morey would not discuss his plans, but a person with knowledge of the Rockets’ thinking said Morey set his Dec. 19 deadline in part because he knows he has an offer he is willing to take. Though things can change several times by Thursday, that individual said “it very likely will be a pretty complicated, three-way deal. There are a lot of moving parts.”

Ideally, the Rockets hoped to pick up a player who can quickly step into the rotation and, one way or another, have the impact they hoped Asik would have. Less desirable but more likely, Morey would have to put together a package of players or picks for Asik, knowing that the mixed grill option is usually not as valuable as getting one stronger player, especially for a team now built to contend quickly.

After months of acrimony between Omer Asik and his employer, Houston finally appears prepared to pull the trigger.

Candidates for the center’s services include Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland and Atlanta.

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  • Dfrance

    After all this whining, his azz better perform when he lands somewhere. I respect him for not wanting to play second fiddle, but he’s putting tons of pressure on himself as a result.

  • spit hot fiyah

    also hurting his trade value which is making it harder for him to get traded since the rockets seem to want a lot back.

  • Dagger

    Just in case you haven’t seen it, this is a really great article on the Asik saga: http://www.grantland.com/blog/the-triangle/post/_/id/85751/is-anyone-willing-to-pay-for-omer-asik

  • Dfrance

    Just in time for my lunchbreak, thanks.

  • Jameer

    This guy did work as a starter defensively. Could really help out a team looking for that defensive push for the playoffs. Also, Dwight isn’t a good teammate unless you like sleepovers and cuddling in cold weather.

  • esosmooth

    What do you expect…..He was promised a starting role for a team when he signed with them….he has produced the numbers they asked for and maybe better +1..Hes a top 5 flat out center in the league+2….He doesn’t try to shoot threes or be a guard he is a old school tough nosed center which is hard to find nowaways in the league+3…He barely asks for the ball all he cares bout is defensive..+4….Let the man go out and help a team become better overall such as the spurs,or knicks..

  • JJ

    but is he worth the contract?

  • Duh

    Top 5 center?

    At MINIMUM are better than Asik.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    LOL “top 5 Center” is pretty funny

  • bike

    He can’t shoot FGs, can’t shoot FTs, can’t catch the ball if his feet are moving…he’s a pretty good rim protector/defender which is valuable…but that’s about it.

  • sheed33

    This list (=10 Centers are better than Asik) just indirectly explains that 20 other Teams desperately need somebody in the middle that is not a shatin’a'fool regular (Pleaaaase, McGhee, come back!!!).

  • sheed33

    However, I think he may be a top 5 in defensive rebounding, defensive rotations and pick-and-roll defense. then, drummond, lopez, vucevic, gasol, cousins are definitely out of this list…

  • Nason

    Out of all the players who’s name starts with the letter “O”, he’s not even top 5!

  • Courtney Woody

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    ♞♞ ☀♞♞ ☀♞♞ ☀♞♞ ☀♞𝍊♞𝌼 ☀♞♞ ☀☁☁ ☀♞♞ ☀♞ ☀I respect him for not wanting to play second fiddle, but he’s putting tons of pressure on himself as a result.

  • flight

    nope, Bogut

  • Boonie K.

    7 footers in the NBA always valuable. Why u think Bogut is getting that money, he is scoring and rebounding less than Asik last year. Why the heat is signing the young dude with old face like Oden to sit on a bench. Why is Javale Mcgee still has a job.
    If you are big, teams need you doesn’t matter if you are top 5 or not.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Well thank you for that groundbreaking discovery. Tell me more?

  • The Fury

    Atlanta may be a better fit for him.

  • Ugh

    That’s true – “not even in the top ten” can mean “better than 18 other starting centres in the league” and “better than all 30 second string centres”… so there are nearly fifty players at his position he’s better than.

  • Mike From Spain

    Asik would be great as a reserve center for the Wolves.

  • Ernie D

    I could see Boston giving up a couple of players for him, but the contracts would have to match. If Danny managed to trade Gerald Wallace and Courtney Lee, that would work. Lee had good numbers with Houston last time, and has had trouble fitting in with Boston. Wallace is a do many things role player, who also has trouble fitting in with the C’s. Both could be more affective as Rockets. Boston is in dire need of rebounding and size at Center.

  • Ernie D

    Rumor now is that it could be Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee. The sticking point could be the 2015 pick from The Clippers. Might as well give it up. Bass has lost his position to Sullinger and Courtney will see less time when Rondo comes back, because Crawford will eat up his minutes and Brooks is easily capable of replacing Lee’s current role. Boston would not likely be able to even sign the Clippers pick next season anyway, and only want to keep it for a future deal. If they really want Omar? Danny and Kevin will work something out.