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Pau Gasol Open to ‘Appealing’ Return to the Memphis Grizzlies


by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

With free agency looming, Pau Gasol has made it clear (time and again) that he’d love to stay in Hollywood. If the money is right, of course.

The reality is that, this could very well be the last season with Gasol in Los Angeles Lakers garb.

Should the 33-year old Gasol head elsewhere, the big fella certainly wouldn’t mind playing for the Grizzlies again — Pau spent the first 6 1/2 years of his career in Memphis before he was traded to LA.

Per NBA.com:

“There’s different factors you have to take into account,” Gasol said. “The financial factor. That I’ve been with this franchise, for what I’ve been through, the loyalty I have to them. And also the chances of winning a championship. Those three are the most. What percentage I will give or prioritize, we’ll see when the opportunities come along. But I would like to first be in a position to win a championship again and enjoy the last few years of my career and be in a good position to do so.”

“It’s appealing,” Pau Gasol said about playing for the Grizz and with Marc Gasol. “One of the best centers in the NBA, one of the best interior players, is my brother. There’s a lot of attractive factors there. But who knows if that’s even a possibility or if that will ever happen. Right now, I’m just trying to focus on (the Lakers’ opponents) and staying healthy and playing a very successful year so this team and others will have the certainty and the confidence that I am a difference maker, that I am an elite player and I have a lot of years in me.”

Given the state of their finances, the Lakers will have to make a tough decision regarding Pau Gasol (who’s shooting just 41.7% from the field this season), and should Memphis be interested in re-acquiring the third pick in the 2001 NBA Draft, they certainly have the resources to make it happen.

You can’t blame a guy in the twilight of his career for wanting to play alongside his younger brother.

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  • Jay cutler

    The title sold this for way more than it was. Pau was just saying all the right things.

  • The Seed

    Trade him for something.

  • LLC#12

    For nearly the entire time he’s been in Los Angeles Pau has been treated worse than he deserves, by the fans, the media, at times even his team-mates. He is an exemplary professional and one of the nicest guys in the league, and I hope he finds a situation that’s right for him. And him and Marc on the same team would be sick.

  • robb

    I’ll always thank and support Pau, I don’t care if his game hasn’t been all that great these days, the truth is the Lakers would have 2 championships less without him, sh*t maybe Kobe wouldn’t even be a Laker today if Pau hadn’t signed.

    Kobe described how special he’s been:

    “If I could choose my brother,” it would be Gasol. That “he would have the highest basketball IQ in the league” and “you’d have to search and search and you still would not find another player in the history of the game with his skill set.” That “if his organization ever let him down, he would hold his head up high” and “would not lash out or let himself become entangled in the drama.” That “we would both face adversity in our professions, so we would talk about our lives and our careers and the pressures of our celebrity” and that “our bond would be fortified by a trust only brothers share.”

    No matter what, I wish him all the best, he’s a great player and a great guy.

  • robb

    This is the actual text:

    “If I could choose my brother today, he would possess qualities that would make him a great leader: calm in the face of a storm; controlled in the throes of confusion. He would be level-headed in his actions and understanding in his judgment. Like me, he would play in the NBA.

    “If his organization ever let him down, he would hold his head up high. He would come to work every day, and continue to put in his best effort. He would not lash out or let himself become entangled in drama. He would not let it change him.”

    “Our bond would be fortified by a trust only brothers share.”

    “I would be proud of my brother; I’d tell him to write a great book. And I would be honored to write the foreward.”

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com/ Off The Backboard

    Pau has been treated poorly mostly by management and the media. Fans have treated him well – no one really wanted to see him traded. When he was producing, fans loved him and still do to some extent. But you have to realize why fans boo – he makes 19 mill/year but has fallen off a tremendous amount. Initially, we thought it was because of Bynum, then Howard, but this year with Kobe gone, he hasn’t proven himself capable to be the #2 option in any way. He’s honestly been terrible.

    Management owed more to him than to jerk him around in trades. And of course, the media in general are stupid for saying he’s “soft”. Gasol brought it to the tough Celtics when it mattered, and he was option 1A when it came to making it to 3 straight Finals trips.

    He is a sure-fire HOF player, and is a legend in LA, regardless of what people say now. When you think of Pau, you automatically think of 2 titles in 3 years and his relationship with Kobe. That’s a reputation that will endure through time when he hangs it up.

  • Smits#45

    True. Just like 90% of all articles on this site. Usually the comments have more content than the articles itself. They do give people something to talk about though which is a good thing.

  • Evelyn Bailey

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  • brothasdontsurf

    Pau and Lamar Odom always reminded me in high school that big men can play beautiful basketball too, i miss seeing them play together

  • mannyfresh


  • JML-G

    Z-Bo over Pau any day

  • http://www.seanhowell.ca/ Sean Howell

    Isn’t Pau Gasol a medical student that dreams of curing Magic Johnson of AIDS?


    The Gasol Brothers together?
    Would be the most fun to watch.

  • Evan Boland

    GTFO Pau you’re weak and terrible.

  • bike

    In addition to being a key asset to LA’s last two championships, Pau got along great with Kobe. That’s saying something. I sincerely hope LA does him right whenever and however he goes out. It’s never too late to say you are sorry.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Memphis gets – Pau
    Milwuakee gets – Z Bo
    Lakers get – Ilyasova/Udoh/Ridnour

  • darius24

    I’m disgusted as a laker fan at our behavior towards one of the greatest laker players of all time.