Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 at 9:40 am  |  14 responses

Ray Allen to Wear ‘J. Shuttlesworth’ Jersey (PHOTO)

Back in September, the NBA teased the idea of putting its stars in jerseys adorned with their nicknames. Spike Lee unveiled the joint Ray Allen will wear later on this season. Per the Sun-Sentinel: “Lee, of course, was the driving force behind 1998′s He Got Game, the movie that featured Allen as Jesus Shuttlesworth. For those who forget, Travis Best, Walter McCarty, John Wallace and Rick Fox were among other NBA players in the movie. The Heat will wear the NBA ‘Name Collection’ jerseys at home on Jan. 21 vs. Boston, March12 vs. Brooklyn and April 8 against Brooklyn.”

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  • Dfrance

    Anything to move more merch huh? Can’t wait for NBA Name Collection Christmas St. Pattys Day Throwback Green Week Alternate Sleeved Jersey night.

    This is such a stupid idea to me, mainly because half the guys will have jerseys with nicknames and half won’t. Or will they just let everyone make up a nickname for the day?

  • Anthony

    That’s what’s going to be interesting. Will kats who are either role players or bench warmers have on jerseys with nicknames that fans nither know, respect or correlate to said player. (For Exmpl, J.R. Smith with a jersey that says “Rain maker”…or something of the likes) To me, the grey area is the level right below Shawn Marion as “The Matrix”…

  • i_ball

    How do you feel about Nick Young playing with a Swaggy jersey

  • trent

    You know, you won’t have to buy it. Right?

  • Anthony

    The causal fan won’t know the “Swaggy P” moniker. So, its kinda in that grey area to me. He’s more than a role player or bench warmer so I’m sure we’ll see “Black Mamba” and “Swaggy P” on the court…but if Harrison Barnes of Golden State gets a “Black Falcon” Jersey….**Blank Stare**

  • Dfrance

    So you mean to tell me, I’ve been buying all these specialty jerseys all these years for no reason??? Where have you been all my life Trent?!

  • D_Nuggets

    Steve Blake has been given the nickname ‘soft porn’ because of the lack of penetration… Would love to see that on a jersey.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i’ll be looking for this one

  • Max

    I’d love a jersey that said SWAGGY P!

  • brothasdontsurf

    We’re the Lincoln Railsplitters, and nobodys faaahhhkkinnggg with us

  • LakeShow

    Wish Danny Fortson was still playing.

    “The Baddest Man in Pigtails”

  • LakeShow

    “Supah Swaggy P”, preferably.

  • Ugh

    ESPN breathlessly stated that the NBA is doing this “for the first time EVER!”

    I say it again: http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ln732xIlyN1qbxp0io1_500.jpg

  • Jnasty

    Half man half amazing!!!