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Tony Parker Wants an Extension from the San Antonio Spurs


by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

Tony Parker’s ultimate wish is to remain in San Antonio. And why wouldn’t he?

The Spurs are winning, and Parker is putting together yet another strong season.

The star point guard hopes the team gives him a contract extension before his current deal expires.

Per the Express-News:

“If I can yeah”, Parker said. “The history here, they always take care of the guys. They did it with [Tim Duncan] and Manu [Ginobili], so hopefully they take care of me. At the end of this year they have to guarantee my year after, so, technically, maybe, I’ll be a free agent this summer.”

Actually, the chances of Parker becoming a free agent this summer are slim. The 31-year-old Parker, who is averaging 17.8 points and 6.0 assists this season, signed a four-year, $50 million extension in 2010. He is owed $25 million in the last two years of his contract, but the final year is partially guaranteed for $3.5 million if he is waived by June 30, 2014 and fully guaranteed for $12.5 million after that.

Said Parker: “I just don’t want a guarantee, I want an extension, too.”

Of course, things in San Antonio could look vastly different in a couple of years. Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich might no longer be around, and Parker says he wouldn’t be opposed to going elsewhere should that be the case:

“I want to stay positive,” Parker said, “but if it doesn’t work out, then it doesn’t work out. My wish is to stay here and play my whole career here, but if there is no more Pop or Timmy or Manu, I’m not against going somewhere. I’m not against that.”

Despite the possibility of leaving for another team if he can’t get an extension, Parker seems very confident in his belief that the Spurs will take care of him in the end.

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  • spit hot fiyah

    spurs will take care of him. they took care of manu after a pretty terrible post season run. manu has been ballin’ this year though, legit 6h man candidate


    Im a big fan of tony, he has a lot more time left so i hope he can go.to a contender once timmy falls apart (never apparently?). Rockets?

  • Caboose

    I think people have been saying that since 2007…I know SLAM did in their yearly preview…

  • Vince

    I’d be very surprised if Parker didn’t finish his career with the Spurs.

  • ignaciopxm321

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  • danpowers
  • keyon dooling

    Kawhi’s due for an extension this summer, too. His negotiations really will be interesting. Middling production in his reg. season #s but a key guy who’s proven himself (for the most part – barring game 6 missed FT) on the biggest stage. Will be interesting to see if ‘Whi gets max or close to such an extension.

    What are you guys thinking goes down?

  • i_ball

    I don’t think he can will get a max deal or close to it. Parker and Manu didn’t get max deals when they were up for extensions. He should definitely get more than Splitter do my guess is around 10m/year

  • swill

    i have a hard time picturing anyone on the spurs–not just the stars–playing for someone else, actually. not making a prediction, just saying there’s something super distinctive about spurs basketball that gets infused into all their players.

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