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Zach Randolph on Trade Rumors: ‘There Ain’t No Loyalty or Love’


Addressing rumors that he could be traded, Zach Randolph told NBA.com that he “would definitely like to retire in Memphis,” but would hold no ill will toward the Grizzlies if they traded him:

“Go figure,” Z-Bo said following the Grizzlies shootaround at New Orleans Arena on Friday. “Memphis is a place that I’ve come to love and call home and it’s where I would definitely like to retire. I haven’t made any secret of that. Everybody out there knows how I feel.

“I look at it like this: I understand it’s a business. I really do understand that. This is a small market team and money plays a factor. I understand all that. It’s different now. I don’t know if it’s just changes in (salary cap) rules or just a change in the way of the world. Like I said, it’s a business.

“But yeah, it bothers me. It hurts a little bit. I can’t deny that. But it goes to show you that there ain’t no loyalty in this game. It seems like you only get loyalty in certain organizations. You see it in winning organizations like the Spurs, the Lakers, the Heat.

“The truth is there ain’t no loyalty or love, except in certain organizations where they keep players around, value them. Only a very few organizations seem like they want to keep players around to retire there. Hey, everybody gets traded. It’s part of the league, part of the life. I’ve been traded a bunch of times.”

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  • underdog


  • redbeard

    Loyalty contracts kill your finances. Gilbert Arenas is still getting paid!

  • Daniel Noel

    I like Z-bo and respect him ,but he’s starting to sound like gerald wallace after charlotte traded him.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Only loyalty the American religion tells the followers to have is to MONEY them BENJAMINS. $$$ is the pagan god.

    Just like what paul wall said “ppl feelings get hurt when they figure out what I’m worth”– What does this tell you about American Civilization.

  • flight7

    They pay him what, over $40,000 every single day, where is the love?

  • jub_al

    The man feels how he feels… can’t hate on him for that. Difference is, I think Z-Bo has matured, developed and played well in Memphis. And he’s still an automatic double-double, without the headaches from his Portland days. He deserves a bit more loyalty from the Grizzlies if you ask me. Gerald Wallace on the other hand…..

  • Max

    The connection between him and the Grizzlies fans and people from Memphis is huge, you can’t underestimate that.

  • Bandwagonfan

    You know the motivational hierarchy? Here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs . Zbo is at the higher level where he dont really consider money. He needs respect, love and such things. More than that, he will need sense of achievement. Its different from a rookie player who barely needs playing time, contracts, etc. at this level he needs love, a place to come home, loyalty, achievement, etc

  • Foxx Dot PH

    Zach – You need to move in L.A. Lakers swap to Pau gasol. I think is a good move.

  • Lan

    Straight Talk. A rare thing in professional sports, anywhere.