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Bulls Reportedly ‘More In Play’ For Carmelo Anthony Than Lakers


A source close to Carmelo Anthony told Yahoo that Anthony is considering leaving New York in free agency this summer, adding, “Chicago is much more in play for him than L.A.” Anthony has not publicly addressed his pending free agency, but this isn’t the first time he’s been linked to the Bulls and Lakers as possible destinations. Per Adrian Wojnarowski:

Only now, the gloom of the Knicks’ season – the uncertainty of the franchise’s future – left that man to believe it’s possible Anthony could leave New York in free agency.

“Chicago is much more in play for him than L.A.,” the source said.

The Bulls traded Luol Deng for draft picks and are leaning strongly toward using the amnesty provision on Carlos Boozer. They could create a maximum contract slot for Anthony, pairing him with Derrick Rose. For Anthony, it is leaving a cap-strapped team through 2015 for a Chicago proposition with significant risks of its own. No one can be sure of Rose’s return to his MVP greatness, but everyone can be sure of one thing: The franchise’s mandate isn’t winning championships, but sidestepping luxury and repeater taxes to turn the fattest possible profits for the owner.

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  • Doug

    I’m not a Carmelo fan, I do like the Bulls, and I really like Rose. So it feels very odd for me to say that I think the Bulls should trade Rose and acquire Carmelo. Rose simply cannot be trusted to remain healthy. Honestly, I expect him to come back next season, play for 2 months, and blow out his other ACL. He was one of my favorite players, but I think he’s got the point-guard version of whatever Greg Oden has and he simply will not be able to be a reliable franchise player again. Carmelo is a very talented player but has a poor conception of “team”. My instincts tell me that Chicago’s “tough guy” roster, and Tom Thibodeau could make Carmelo into a team player for the first time in his career and, although his stats would take a hit, make him into the overall best player he’s ever been. So if Bulls keep Thibodeau as head coach (which they 100% should) then Chicago is Carmelo’s best bet and Carmelo is Chicago’s best bet, at least for the near future. If Chicago is gonna fire Thibs and blow-up the team however, then all bets are off.

  • Lexluther312

    I’m the biggest bulls fan out there… And I PRAY this doesn’t happen. Would it be nice to have a scorer who can finally create his own shot and battle with all the other superstar wings? Absolutely. But Carmelo is an isolation scorer, and DRose needs the rock as well as he is not the prototypical set-up point guard. I’d like to see is build through the draft and let Melo go somewhere else.

  • notoner

    Not happening, think that’s just rumours. I don’t think he is leaving NY.

  • The Real

    Very true…….I don’t know about building through the draft it’s not that easy. Bulls would still have nice pieces if this all played out, with Butler, Snell, Noah, Gibson and maybe if they signed Augistin as a backup. Some systems work well with a ball dominate point guard and an iso scorer, example OKC.

  • Saleem Rainman

    a core of Rose, Melo and Noah? not bad…

  • Ugh

    “everyone can be sure of one thing: The
    franchise’s mandate isn’t winning championships, but sidestepping luxury
    and repeater taxes to turn the fattest possible profits for the owner.”

    AFAIK the owner still wears six rings. Odd claim to make.

  • Lloyd

    Could Melo be a solid contributor to Thibs’ defensive system though?

  • JJ Jones

    I think carmelo is going to leave but not to Chicago whats there for him exactly? My gut is telling me that his decision will hinge on whatever lebron decides to do. If wade’s health fails him again this year I expect to see what beset two playing together in some fashion.

  • pposse

    i dont know man im skeptical too, but note, Carmello never ever played for a coach that he truly respects. Thibs is not like them other coaches he will demand Melo’s respect.

  • pposse

    chicago is the perfect destination, we got a ton of bigs and play great defense. its a perfect destination for any scoring small forward or shooting guard.

  • pposse

    yeah i was gonna say the same, that was a blanket statement made by the writer with no proof.

  • pposse

    cosign on everythign but your Rose comments.

  • JJ Jones

    Yeah but I just doubt that rose (or their roster) can stay is healthy. I just dont know if they would be good enough offensively do give carmelo a shot at a ring

  • house

    So, uh… if my Bulls sign Melo, who do we lose? Boozer? (I hope so) and who else. I am intrigued because I really think Thibs could turn Melo’s career around for the better. Part of me wants to see this happen but part of me doesn’t.

  • robb

    Please get him Chicago, and also get rid of Thibodeau so he can coach the Lakers.

  • cgeorge22

    Are you an actual bulls fan?

  • ATL dynamite

    it’s pretty obvious he’s a Lakers fan lol….

  • Evan Boland

    Jordan… Pippen..

  • Evan Boland

    ‘Melo’s going into his 12th season and is 30 years old now. Have fun.

  • Drig

    Best Lakers news in a long long time.

  • def80s

    carmelo would be considered 2 way player if coached by thibs for the first time ever

  • DJ_BobbyPeru

    I don’t think Melo will change for anybody. 10 years in the league and in his prime he’s not going to magically start playing D and passing the ball for Thibs. If the Bulls get him you know what you’re going to get. When you sign Carmelo, its his team and he’ll dominate the ball and iso a lot. Thats who he is.

  • bringbackthesonics

    yes they won six rings but no player other than jordan earned over 9 mil a season

  • This LadyLuvsLakers

    Not sure if Carmelo Anthony coming to LA would help or hinder My LAKERS, but New York to Chicago?, doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  • pposse

    to be completely fair, if Rose is heallthy it will be a bonus. Last year the bulls without rose were 5th in playoff seeding and won a first rd series. That same possibility is very likely this year too. Besides all that every year we’ve played Miami tough our defense speaks for itself imo and should be the ultimate recruit for any good/superstar player to come thru.

  • JJ Jones

    True I just dont know if chicago is the best fit for him though.

  • pposse

    i mean it was stated before the 98 season that it would be the ‘last ride’ seemed as if everyone was on the same page from the owner to p jax and the players. MJ was like 35 years old too.

  • cgeorge22

    That’s what I thought

  • The Seed

    The Clippers should trade Blake and Crawford for Melo and Shumpert. Then to me the Clippers would be favored to come out of the West. Knicks get an And 1 player in Crawford and a side show highlight film in Blake to wow the Knicks fans while they continue to lose. Win-Win for everyone. Clippers are going nowhere with Blake as their second best player, plus Shumpert has a great upside, Knicks are not using him well.

  • Smits#45

    Yeah, I think that would be a great trade in NBA 2K but the Clippers would take a huge risk when it comes to chemistry…

  • chicagosux

    He has six rings because of Jordan and Pippen. He’ll pay the star player, as in Rose, but he’s not paying for anyone else. Not after Boozer the Bozo. They guy doesn’t like spending money to build Bulls teams. He’s even said so himself.

  • Jennifer Lester


    ▰▰▰▰ ▰▰𝅍▰▰▰ ▰▰▰ ▰▰▰▰▰ ▰▰▰▰ ▰▰▰𝄹▰▰▰▰Some systems work well with a ball dominate point guard and an iso scorer, example OKC.

  • Slick Ric

    You’re underestimating Rose, I’m pretty sure he have no problem deferring to Melo if it means more W’s and less stress for him.

  • Luke

    Why would he want to go to Chicago? So he can continue to look up at the Heat and the Pacers? Rose is frail. We already know that. The owner isn’t a fan of spending. We know that too. His best bet is to seek a team out West and challenge the Thunder for the crown out west. He’ll have a better chance of making the finals, despite the West being more talented top to bottom. The Bulls aren’t an attractive option beneath the surface. Plus, who wants to go from freezing NYC to beyond freezing Chicago? It’s not even a step up off the court. The Bulls are a better team than the Knicks, but at the end of each season both teams will share the same fate.

  • JJ Jones

    My thoughts exactly this isnt just about teams its also about marketing who wants to go from lights of new york city to the dangerous streets of chicago. This is the kind of thing that people forget to factor in.(its cold as f**k there)

  • Conor

    Thibodeau is a special coach. What other bench boss could play an eight-man rotation with several of those eight playing 40+ minutes and not hear a whisper of ingratitude? Pop? Doc? Who else?

    Anthony is capable of playing exceptional defence as he showed in 2008 & 2012. It must be coaxed from him, but he is more than capable. Thibodeau would also limit his isolation freelance by putting Melo where he belongs: on the block.

  • Caboose

    Replace “exceptional” with “good,” and I agree.

  • Caboose

    KD’s off ball skills are approaching Rip Hamilton levels, meaning he’s more than just an iso scorer. Melo doesn’t have that in his skill set nearly as much as KD.

  • Caboose

    So then the Knicks have 3 of the same player in Hardaway Jr, Smith, and Crawford, no small forward, and 4 guys who all play the 4/5 in Bargs, Chandler, Blake, and STAT. And no small forward.

    And the Clippers then get a player who takes the ball out of Chris Paul’s hands since his off-ball skills are meh. Shumpert then gets in the logjam of Dudley and Redick, while the Clippers then lack a starting PF.

    This sucks for both teams in every way imaginable.

  • Caboose

    It’d be hard to hinder the Lakers at this point.

  • Caboose

    Boozer is.

  • Conor

    Yes, better word.

  • jimmer

    He should take less money and stats and go to the spurs. Avg. 20 a game and get a couple rings for pop, and maybe one more for Duncan

  • Interdico Scriptor

    That’s some idiocy there.
    Clipps got a much chance as anyone right now
    with the best PF in the game IMO. Melo makes nuttin’ better…

  • Interdico Scriptor

    Y’all don’t realise… Griffin is the FUTURE OF THE L

  • Evan Boland

    While I think you’d have the popular opinion on the matter, I can tell you you are absolutely incorrect. ‘Melo DOES make them better. They will NOT win the west with BG as their second best player. Absolutely not. With ‘Melo, I think they could.

  • Evan Boland

    Absolutely disagree. I believe ‘Melo will be relevant as a star for almost as long as Griffin.

  • Evan Boland

    Definitely a risk

  • Evan Boland

    I agree that I think it would work. I can’t think of any fit would be much better he’s still not getting a chip. I can’t really think of any situation where ‘Melo would be the piece needed to put together a championship team. though. I keep thinking of SAS even though it’s impossible. Parker, Ginobli, Duncan, ‘Melo and Leonard. *Drools* I think it was a HUGE mistake investing 40 mil into Splitter.

  • Evan Boland


  • Evan Boland

    If I were a Chicago fan, I’d be PRAYING for ‘Melo. You’re nuts.

  • Evan Boland

    Agreed. If FULLY healthy, a Rose, ‘Melo, Noah core with great role players (like MIA) could challenge the Pacers and Heat. Especially with Chi-towns grit and Thibs defense.

  • Interdico Scriptor

    Nuh. Sorry. IMO Blake is worth More to the L and it’s future (and Los Angeles) now than Carmelo… AND that’s def not in the majority. I’m the only Griffin fan on this site (of the regulars, you included)…

  • Interdico Scriptor

    Thank you

  • Interdico Scriptor

    Are u in the US?

  • Interdico Scriptor

    it’s glorious, innit?

  • Interdico Scriptor

    Melo & SAS makes u drool? dude, that’s the stupidest one ever. A defence first team all about , egalitrian coach?? No way Pop want’s to touch that… Griff is more like to end up there. NY would love him, granted. I seriously think they want to change the culture in LAC land by keeping guys who know the system. Doc is a coach who works best with what he’s got… Like Pop, the two best coaches in the L, Spoelstra close third…

  • Fitzy

    yeah cause if melo plays for the bulls I’m sure no one in the gangs recognize him while they shoot him with his jersey on.

  • JJ Jones


  • Caboose

    Melo is 5 years older. I mean, come on.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    LOL that’s an exaggeration

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    lol you can’t be serious

  • Evan Boland

    While I would say right now that everything pointing towards Blake being the better choice for the Clips, I believe ‘Melo would give them a title shot RIGHT NOW. As it stands I don’t believe the Clips are contending for the chip.

  • Evan Boland

    Look at their playing style. How many people would have guessed Timmy would be relevant as a star LONGER than STAT? ‘Melo will still be a star for 3-4 years, I give Blake maybeee five. He relies way too heavily on athleticism.

  • Evan Boland


  • Evan Boland

    I understand, but playing style.. Look at Duncan and STAT. TP and D-Will. I have a hard time believing Westbrook and BG will be starts in their 30′s, ala Bean, Pierce, etc..

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    uhm, Carmelo Anthony is a horrible defender who doesn’t play well within a team structure…..Tim Duncan is in the top 10 conversation ever, who is 7’0 tall with great fundamentals, and the willingness to defer to others. that is a very silly comparison. and Blake Griffin’s injury history is a lot less alarming than Amar’e