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Carmelo Anthony’s Wife Thinks He’s Staying in New York


by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

One of the most important voices in the Carmelo Anthony Free Agency Saga has spoken, and delivered good news for Knicks fans.

According to LaLa Anthony, her husband will choose to remain in New York next summer.

Per Bravo TV:

“I definitely think he will stay [in New York],” La La said in her interview on Sunday. “I know that he wants to stay and I support him wherever he wants to go.”

“Listen, I used to live in Denver with him. If I can live in Denver, I can live anywhere. I just want him to be happy.”

Melo’s wife also mocked the public perception that she’s behind his free agent decision-making. And because this was on Bravo, LaLa was naturally asked about the couple’s beliefs on pregame sex.

While discussing his future on Monday, Carmelo Anthony said all that matters going forward is a realistic opportunity to win an NBA title — be it in Gotham or elsewhere.

Per the NY Post:

“That’s the only thing I care about. Anything else is irrelevant to me as far as when it comes to basketball. Championship is the only thing that’s on my mind, is the only thing I want to accomplish, I want to achieve,” Anthony said Monday, adding ominously “and I’m going to do what I got to do to get that.” [...] “That’s my motivating factor. Nothing else even motivates me anymore: Just that,” said Anthony.

Make of that what you will.

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  • Jake

    It seems like she was taking a stab at Denver, which is ridiculous considering it’s one of the most beautiful places in the country. It’s not like she got sent to live on Skid Row with him or something.

  • Dfrance

    “All I care about is winning a Championship” and “I’m staying in New York” absolutely do not go together.

  • bike

    “LaLa was naturally asked about the couple’s beliefs on pregame sex”.
    La La: ‘Well, we did the nasty a couple of hours before Carmelo got his 62 points the other night. There was a small tear in the fishnet stockings he made me wear. That might have had something to do with it’.

  • Lloyd

    But what’s his son think though? This story’s incomplete damnit!

  • http://elevatedsportstalk.wordpress.com/ theDankerNuggets

    Ouch Lala that’s cold Denver really isn’t that bad

  • the rain

    Melo could do better than La La.

  • spit hot fiyah

    denver, meet bus

  • BKS

    Cheerios tastes better in NY…

  • Pamela Richard

    It’s not like she got sent to live on Skid Row with him or something.

  • Roy Blumenfeld

    “I know that he wants to stay and I support him wherever he wants to go.” translates to “I know that he wants to keep having pre-game sex with me and I will not do that unless we are in a major media market to shoot my…I mean our tv show. Season 5 coming soon and it defiantly won’t be shot in some shanty town like Denver!”

  • Westerner

    Yeah it’s really nice (as are SLC, Boise, Boulder, and other smaller cities in the west that people write off) if you are cool with cities that aren’t huge and full of the best restaurants, shopping, and clubs and the center of media attention. A lot of these celebs/athletes (and people in general) care about all that sh*t. F*ck the natural beauty and easy access to solitude, quiet, climbing, camping, kayaking, etc…if a spot doesn’t have a decent French restaurant and clubs that Drake frequents then what’s the point?

  • Jake

    Haha true, it was just funny that she refers to it like it’s a cow town when the Denver metro area is over 2 million people. She’s a bit out of touch with reality I think.

  • Fat Lever

    Shout out to Jackie Christie.



  • Nathan Shane Long

    Seriously who give a damn about what Carmelo’s gold digging conniving wife says or thinks to be honest she is the main reason why Carmelo sold out the Nuggets and demanded to be traded to New York because she wanted to live in New York she basically control Carmelo and convinced him to pull a “Vince Carter” and stab Denver in the back but yet three years after the trade Denver has won that deal and obviously has been the better team as far as LA LA goes she is a C-LIST celebrity so moving to New York ain’t helped her so called career either just exactly what does she do again?

  • Happy

    As a New Yorker, I can honestly say Denver is one of the nicest cities I’ve ever been to. And I’ve been to cities all over the planet. It’s very chill. I love the access to outdoor sports.

  • Dagger

    TL; DR

  • Nathan Shane Long


  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    …and the Knicks…

  • Evan Boland

    Denver is AWESOME. LaLa and the Knicks, not so much.

  • Ugh


    Touche, Dagger. Touche.

  • Nathan Shane Long


  • Fitzy

    she’s the wife of a maxed out NBA superstar, of course she’s out of touch with reality. The hardest thing she has to do is swipe a credit card.

  • Fitzy

    sorry that’s probably the second hardest thing she does in a day.

  • Jake

    It’s amazing how quickly people start to feel entitled to only the finest and brightest things in life once they get out of a lower-middle class area lol.