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Deron Williams Willing to Come off the Bench

Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams was a super-sub on Monday against the New York Knicks, and D-Will says he’s happy to come off the bench for now. Per Newsday:

After missing five games, he came off the bench — marking the first time he’s done that in nearly eight years — and had 13 points, three assists and three rebounds in the Nets’ 103-80 win over the Knicks at the Garden.

Williams, who said he would have no problem continuing to come off the bench, slid back into a key role on a team that is 7-1 in 2014, and his revival gave the Nets an emotional jolt.

“It gives us a huge boost because we need Deron,” Paul Pierce said. “No matter how we’ve been playing, at the end of the day, if we are going to make some noise here in the East, we need what he’s able to do. You saw what he was doing before he got injured. We need that Deron to come out here, be aggressive, be a facilitator and really lead.”

Being unselfish didn’t hurt, either. Williams, wanting to step in as seamlessly as possible, said he suggested to Jason Kidd that he be used in a reserve role Monday. The Nets had been rolling without him, riding Joe Johnson’s hot hand, and the last thing he wanted to do was mess with their chemistry. So he came off the bench for the first time since February 2006, when he was with the Jazz. “Just because we’ve been playing so well with that lineup, why shake things up?” Williams said. “It doesn’t matter if I come off or start or whatever. I think the way Joe’s been playing the first quarter, first halves, I don’t want to disrupt that.”


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    now that is a true team player.

  • spit hot fiyah

    deron willing to come off the bench and beno demanding a trade. NY city is upside down

  • Hanna Park

    They are rolling now but when they are struggling, they will go back to DW. When they face tougher teams, things will change. Just be careful with injuries, DW, for now.

  • Matthew Militar

    Nice gesture, but I doubt it. Livingston and Deron in the backcourt has been pretty solid.

  • The Real

    I like him and it sound good from a team like attitude perspective but this is unacceptable. This man make starter money, one of the best PGs in the league type money, he need to get in gear and get out there and perform. I don’t want to hear a player of his caliber and pay rate saying he is kool with coming of the bench. He supposed to be a franchise PG.

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com/ Dutch Rich

    Whatever it takes to get D-Will into the post season healthy.
    With the missed games there are few if any individual accolades to strive for.
    The bigger picture in all of this is the coming out party of Shaun Livingston. He’s proven to be an absolute nightmare against smaller backcourts. The more he gets a mental edge the more dangerous we become in the post season.
    They’re really starting to sync now and there’s still plenty room for improvement.
    PP tightening up on the 2/3 boneheaded turnovers per game. He was clean tonight and had a great game. JT needs to give us a bit more either on the floor or in tutoring Anderson. When AK’s jumper starts failing we become a real problem.
    And finally Mirza is doing what he was hired to do offensively and he’s doing it very well. I haven’t seen the numbers but I’m sure he’s shooting close to 60% from 3 during this 10 game stretch.

    It’s also becoming clear that Kidd will be a very effective coach for this group of guys, and that he’s able to make in game line-up adjustments when needed to get the win.