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Gerald Wallace Blasts the Boston Celtics Again

Perpetually unhappy basketball player Gerald Wallace is mad at his team — once again accusing the Boston Celtics of playing selfish, unispired hoops. Per the Boston Globe:

Gerald Wallace has emerged as the Celtics’ voice of reason and biggest critic in his first season in Boston and once again he challenged the team following its embarrassing 129-98 loss to the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday. Denver canned 14 3-pointers, attempted 38 free throws and led by 22 points at halftime.

The Celtics allowed 103 points through the first three quarters and looked discouraged and lethargic throughout the night.

“I’m very surprised. Right now, we’re the team that’s all talk,” he said. “We talk about how we want to get better. We talk about things we need to do to get better. It’s easy to go out and practice and do it. Practice doesn’t really apply to anything with making yourself better. When they turn them lights on, when it really counts, when it’s about the team and making the team better and trying to win as a team, we don’t do it.”

[...] “Hey, Denver was doing everything the right way, so everything was going their way,” Wallace said. “The way we played, the way we play as a team, the things that we do, we don’t deserve to get the calls they got. They got them. Jared’s first (flagrant) was 50-50 and the second one, I’ve seen that play done 50 times, that’s my first time ever seen it called a flagrant foul. Everything was going their way, so why should get the benefit of the doubt? We’re not playing worth a crap anyway.”

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  • robb

    Gerald Waaaaaallace

  • Lonely

    I’m throwin’ down quarter pounds at tremendous rates: I get stoned like a sinner; I get baked like a cake

  • spit hot fiyah

    it was looking alright there for a while when they were semi-winning. now he is trying to get traded again

  • tnrc75

    Leader’s calling out his teammates. He’s earned the right to do so.

  • Ismael

    Gerald Wallace tonight – 4pts , 4rbs meh
    And just because he’s a veteran/old dude in the team, that doesn’t mean he’s automatically their “leader”.

  • Pamela R. Lawson

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    ♜♜♜♜ ♜♜♜♜♜ ♜ㆸ♜♜ ♜♜♜♜ ♜♜The Celtics allowed 103 points through the first three quarters and looked discouraged and lethargic throughout the night.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    hes not a leader he’s trying to walk on to miami

  • Daniel Noel

    he’s def not a leader. here in beantown, we laugh at him on the court. He’s not boston’s leader. die hard C’s fans will never look at wallace as a leader.

  • tnrc75

    maybe maybe not but when a player`s team gets pussywhupped like that a player of his acoomplishments will talk.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    what has gerald wallace accomplished? he and steve jack were decent in charolette

  • Guest

    its not about whether he has the right to do it, its about whether its good leadership and its not.

  • tnrc75

    He’s been a good player for the Kings, Charlotte, Celtics. He’s always been a gamer. That buys you some credibility if you have done that for 11 years.

  • tnrc75

    You get your ass beat like that you should light a fire under them. If a player can’t handle criticism after getting lit up like the Celtics did, they shouldn’t be in the league.