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LeBron James Wants to Share Ideas for NBA Growth With Incoming Commissioner Adam Silver

This is David Stern’s last week on the job, and with Adam Silver about to take over the big job, the League’s best player would like to help Silver grow the NBA. LeBron James says he has fresh ideas to push the Association forward. Per ESPN:

“Hopefully I can sit down with the commish and just throw out some ideas where I hope the league can be better,” James said as the Heat prepared to face the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night. “Hopefully he has some ideas for me.”

Silver will take over for David Stern on Saturday, the first time in 30 years the league has had a change in leadership. James slowly has been getting more personally involved in league business. He attended negotiating sessions during the 2011 lockout, and last year he considered running for president of the players’ union before deciding against it.

“It’s not a major change, but the game can always be bigger,” James said. “There’s a lot of people who love the game who can’t watch the game, so hopefully we can [expand it].”

“The opportunities I’ve had to be around him as he’s been the assistant commish, he’s been easy to talk to,” James said. “He understands the business and someone who understands what the game means to everyone — the whole pie. Best of luck to him; hopefully he can get 30 years in, too.”

“David has been great,” James said. “Obviously we had a lockout, but at the end of the day the players want more and the owners want more and we all want more. You can’t knock what David has done. He came in in the ’80s and built the game into what it is today. Can you name a commissioner who is better than him and what he’s done? I don’t think so.”

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  • JJ Jones

    I really dont want to know what these ideas are less free throws for kd?

  • Lloyd

    Players should play.

  • Matisse

    Yeah! They should know there place! There basketball players only! That’s what there being paid to do.

  • pposse

    Lebron just saving face..more than likely many many mediocre ball players called him out for not having their back during the lockout negotiations.

  • shockexchange

    Meeting with the new commissioner about NBA growth is not part of the “LeBron Rules … Keys to Stopping LeBron James.” Lose your focus Kang and you will pay.

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    “So commish’ how about we move Indiana to the Western conference…. we’ll take Utah…. “

  • Doug

    Adam Silver: “Okay Lebron, let’s talk.”
    Lebron: “I completely agree there need to be fines for flopping but with one slight revision: when I flop and there is no call, the refs need to be fined. Also, I am not okay with opponents playing defense on me. At all. Lastly, I’m clutch, but sometimes the ball thinks otherwise. I would like to implement a “do-over” wherein if I miss a game-winning shot I get one opportunity to do it over…in the form of free throws…with no one watching. I think that about covers it. Oh wait, one last thing: anytime an announcer brings up Kobe or Jordan I want the other announcer to be required to remind people that I’m a “freak of nature” and that they’ve never seen anybody like me before.”

  • dannyb

    Let’s change the name of the league to Lebronball!

  • Memer

    Let the Adam Silver memes begin

  • Doreen Steven


    ✚✚✚ ✚𐠔✚✚ ✚✚𐠚✚✚ ✚✚✚ ✚✚✚Toss in Thor, Iron Man and Wonder Woman and that would really improve the Lakers.

  • Troop

    Do Rags.

  • Ugh

    You forgot “Look, about this ‘crab dribble’ thing, right?”

  • GrizzGnG

    am i the only one that gets annoyed at player’s swiping through the defender’s arm to get a foul call? i know they changed the rule so they don’t get free throws anymore but when the team is in the penalty, that’s pretty much two free throws just for initiating the contact. The league already took away hand checking, how much more easier does it have to be for the offense to score. And people are amazed players are breaking records left and right.

  • DJ_BobbyPeru

    Next year when the players are wearing assless chaps for the Christmas games, you’ll know who to blame.

  • Grasshoper Funk

    So workers should just work, right? And if their employers screw them over they shouldn’t complain, right?

  • Lloyd

    This isn’t like that at all. This would be a worker going into the new boss’ office and outlining his 10 year plan for the company without being asked or without having any evidence of being capable of contributing anything productive at all.

  • Grasshoper Funk

    First, James didn’t demand to go and talk, he just states it would be nice. Second, how would you know he doesn’t have any good and productive ideas?

  • GeezWhiz

    Wtf Bron??? You might be the top (2nd?) best player in the NBA right now, but please dont act like you can just sit down and suggest things that you think might help the game? As if you own the NBA? Come on dude youre getting too much over yer head!

  • Jordan Naval

    i hope adam silver helps bring honest competition back to the nba. something we havent seen in the nba for 30 years.

  • Lloyd

    Yea but who is Lebron James? Being a really good basketball player doesn’t make you skilled businessman. There are better men than Lebron in the marketing teams that the NBA employs who do what Lebron is saying he can professionally. What evidence is there that he can come up with these innovative ideas that haven’t been thought about and grappled with? The fact that he has tremendous skill in a game?

  • Grasshoper Funk

    Of course there are better than Lebron in this, I’m sure of that. Nevertheless, if I was the new commissioner, I would like to hear what he has to say. Not just him though, all the players, just to see things from their perspective. And build a good relationship with them from the beginning.

    Anyway, my whole point is that players should not just play and do what they told. IMO, they should play a bigger role in all NBA matters.

  • davidR

    why are you looking at it so negatively?

  • Thin Man

    Agreed dude. I mean come on, its not bad to suggest but I dunno bout lebron’s thought process. First suggesting the league to retire number 23 for MJs sake, now this? Does he think he’s above the league or game itself just because he’s suppose to be the best player of today? Bron you dont own he NBA so shut up!

  • Lloyd

    Commissioners have more to do than to meet with every single one of the athletes in their leagues to discuss their half thought out ideas for what they think the next big thing will be. This is especially the case when you have professionals devoted to looking for that next phenomenon already.

    That’s what the National Basketball Players Association is for. They can talk about their ideas amongst themselves. There are elected representative who are supposed to speak for the players on the whole.

    For the machine to work, everyone needs to know their role and to put all their energy into doing it to the best of their ability. If Lebron wants to get involved in front office business, there’s plenty of time for that when he has nothing else to contribute on the floor (not that I think he’d be a good exec either).

  • Lloyd

    Why are you looking at it so positively? This is a player expressing the desire to get special face-to-face time with the commissioner for no valid reason whatsoever. I look at it as an over-stepping of boundaries that ultimately benefits no one.

  • davidR

    explain to me how i am looking at it positively. i’ll wait.

  • Lloyd

    The only other options would be you either agree it’s negative or it doesn’t matter to you, which wouldn’t make sense since you took the time to engage me in questioning (unless you’re an extremely curious boy). And I answered your question. Your response didn’t address any of my points, but just focused on the inconsequential and semi-rhetorical question at the beginning. Don’t know why you waited for that…

  • davidR

    first off, it’s not good to assume. don’t automatically think i’m looking at it positively.

    anyway, you speak so matter of factly as if the commissioner would never have time to take suggestions from any players, especially from the face of the league.

    all successful businesses make it an important point of their growth process to take suggestions from all employees, no matter the title. google developed gmail because a regular employee suggested the company have their own internal email system. look where it’s grown. cheetos found new life in their brand when a janitor of 20+ years (yes, a janitor) suggested to the president of the company that they should try a spicy flavored version of their snack. it is now frito-lay’s top selling snack, and has spawned multiple versions over many countries. these are just 2 examples.

    also, it’s not like the league is immune to making mistakes. i’m sure you’re well aware of past blunders, and current issues.

    so yea, it is never a bad idea to take time to listen to suggestions, no matter where they come.

    and you’re right, i am just curious. to me, the issue doesn’t affect me, but i don’t see why it’s such a negative thing like you do

  • Lloyd

    Did those employees try to get face time with their CEO to present their ideas? They probably told their supervisor, who told their supervisor, who took it to their marketing team, who then took it to the head of marketing, who then took it to his superior, etc until it got put in front of the person who makes these decisions. Lebron is welcome to do the same thing through the NBPA if he so desires.

    David Stern always talked to the players in passing. He didn’t have some open door policy that allows any player that expresses the desire to sit down face-to-face to do so. Like I said, there are proper channels for players to express any ideas they may have that may improve conditions for themselves, but for overall direction of the league and to try to go straight to the commish? Lebron is definitely overstepping his boundaries.

    And the NBA is more capable of making PR moves than Lebron as an individual. At the end of the day, Lebron is a basketball player. The people making these decisions have “trained” their whole lives to be able to do so. They should both stick to what they know.

    I don’t see a face to face sit down with the commissioner beneficial for Silver or the league, therefore it’s just a waste of time, sets an unneeded precedent, and makes Silver look too buddy-buddy with his players.

  • davidR

    in the cheetos example, yes. the janitor had to learn english, learn how to present, and eventually presented his idea to the CEO and the board.

    but hey, with your mindest, progress would take much longer.

  • Lloyd

    How? There are channels for employees to express themselves. The janitor most likely had to still go through chain of command and have to gain the approval of many levels of decision makers before presenting his suggestions to the CEO. There are channels for employees to express their opinions.

    Are you saying that if you were a CEO, you’d welcome all you janitors to come in and present their best ideas just in case one of the many has one gem?

  • davidR

    “I don’t see a face to face sit down with the commissioner beneficial for Silver or the league, therefore it’s just a waste of time, sets an unneeded precedent, and makes Silver look too buddy-buddy with his players.”

    “Yea but who is Lebron James? Being a really good basketball player doesn’t make you skilled businessman. There are better men than Lebron in the marketing teams that the NBA employs who do what Lebron is saying he can professionally. What evidence is there that he can come up with these innovative ideas that haven’t been thought about and grappled with? The fact that he has tremendous skill in a game?”

    it doesnt matter the process. the point is, the ceo eventually agreed to have a sitdown and hear this janitor out.

    you are suggesting that lebron should never get that opportunity.

  • Lloyd

    I stand by it. That’s not how the NBA works. There are elected people who represent the entire body who address concerns with the commissioner on it’s behalf. No one just gets a face-to-face meet with the commish for no good reason.

    He’s most likely going to get the meeting because he’s Lebron James, but that’s not right. What is Grevis Vasquez has an idea that he wants to pitch to Adam Silver? Does he get the same opportunity? Lebron shouldn’t either. He’s just a player.

  • davidR

    all im saying is, you shouldnt be so close minded. if you were the ceo of frito-lay, you might have driven the company out of business because the saving grace for the company came from a janitor. according to you, he’s just a janitor, so he shouldn’t qualify for a meeting right? i mean, what would a janitor know about business, right?

    and grevis would be a great person to talk to, because he could possibly have some good insight on how to expand and generate basketball interest with venezuelans.

    and why would silver not entertain any idea from any player? why would you shut the door for the possibility of a great idea without even giving it a try?

    even in chess, a pawn can become a queen.

    and besides, espn probably asked lebron how he felt about silver taking over. of course he would bring it up if theyre asking him about it

  • Lloyd

    It’s not close-mindedness. Like I said before, the CEO didn’t just open his doors and invite the janitor in, and I’m sure the janitor didn’t request face time with the CEO. There’s a chain of command. Lebron is at the very bottom of it, and again, that’s not how are done in the NBA. Player union, player reps, etc. That’s not decided by who can pass the best or who can score the most. Lebron is a non-factor, especially when there’s no reason to believe he has incredible ideas. Why wouldn’t Stern have harvested LBJ’s brilliance before now?

    Are you under the belief that Adam Silver should have an open door policy where any NBA player who thinks they have a good idea should be allowed to have audience with him?…

    Just because a janitor had a good idea, doesn’t mean ALL janitors have good ideas! He’s the exception, not the rule. E-mail the CEO of Frito-Lays. I’m sure part of his policies and procedures isn’t combing the janitorial staff for business ideas, even though a good idea happened to come out of there.

    If Lebron thinks he has a good idea, he can tell his player reps. Bypassing everything to try and have a meeting with the Commish sets a horrible precedent.