Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 at 10:20 am  |  12 responses

NBA Heritage Jerseys to Reportedly Become Sleeved in 2015

We’ll be seeing even more sleeved NBA jerseys next season. According to CSNNW, all “heritage” shirts in 2014-15 will feature the sleeves:

In the case of the Portland Trail Blazers, their popular white “Rip City” jersey will be converted to a short sleeve fit. The same goes for the Detroit Pistons and their blue “Motor City” jersey.

There’s reluctance by some teams to switch up their look, we’re told. However, this is something the league wants to occur and there’s more teams in favor of the change oppose to the ones that are not, another source said.

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  • danglez

    why lord? why?

  • guest

    What’s the Jazz’s heritage jersey going to say? “Mashed Potatoes Without the Gravy”?

  • spit hot fiyah

    i have a feeling that the all star jerseys might be sleeved even though that makes zero sense

  • robb

    I think I’m gonna puke

  • Jay Brodes

    horrible idea….can cuban be the next commish!!! dont like where this is going!! fail!



  • anon

    These sleeved jerseys are only setting it up for ads on the jerseys within 5 years. Even a blind man could see that one coming.

  • Vince Gully

    Damn. those Rip City and Motor City jerseys actually looked good. Why ruin a good thing?

  • Max

    STAHP IT!!!!!

  • kr1s

    Whenever I’ve seen the sleeved jerseys all I ever heard was groans all around, especially during the big slate of Christmas games. I can’t believe the league is still pushing this idea forward. Ugggh. Make it stop!

  • Bilawal

    Whats next NBA? Long sleeved jerseys?

  • WhiteWash

    The jerseys will be here to stay if the fans give in and buy these. So don’t give in and buy these