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Paul George Says Heat Can’t Beat Pacers Without Homecourt Advantage

The Eastern Conference Finals can’t get here soon enough. When asked about a potential (and highly-anticipated) clash with the defending champion Miami Heat in the postseason, Paul George said he can’t envision the Indiana Pacers losing if they have homecourt advantage. Per Jim Rome (via SI):

“We don’t,” George said. “I mean, we know how well we play at home. We’re one of the best teams in the postseason last year defending our home court. We just know how big home-court advantage is when it comes down to postseason. That’s one of our main goals this year is to lock up the first seed so we can have the opportunity to play at home throughout the whole playoffs.”

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  • Lloyd

    Still waiting for Miami to make that decision to just flip the switch and go on a ridiculous win streak that locks up the 1-seed, but love the confidence. Can’t wait for the ECF!

  • SGM

    Barkley just tore the Pacers up for caring too much about home court — video is on nba.com

  • b

    Not a Miami fan but i hope the Pacers get home court and still lose. The Pacers talk too much sh**

  • RedDragon10

    These kids are too cocky.

  • Cortez Mack

    If he really wanted to be “bold” and talk big, he should have left off the “without home court advangtage” bit.

  • LakeShow

    You want the team with LeBron, Wade, Bosh, and Allen that proclaimed they would win 6+ championships to win again. Rather than the Pacers team who is hand built(drafted), defense loving, small market team, because they “talk too much”… makes perfect sense.

  • LakeShow

    “We don’t,” George said. “I mean, we know how well we play at home. We’re one of the best teams in the postseason last year defending our home court. We just know how big home-court advantage is when it comes down to postseason. That’s one of our main goals this year is to lock up the first seed so we can have the opportunity to play at home throughout the whole playoffs.”

    ^That is “talking sh*t in the 2014 version of the NBA…. Okay I really am missing the old times now…

  • JJ Jones

    As much sh*t as he’s been talking I can’t say that he’s wrong. The heat don’t look the same this year older and weaker defensively while Indiana has DRASTICALLY improved. If frank Vogel hadn’t taken out Hilbert at the end of game 1 then the pacers probably beat the heat in 6. Lebron looks physically better than last year but the heat as a whole don’t they need some younger legs.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Yea I hate the f*ckin Pacers because they talk too much but I’d rather see them get to the Finals than Miami for a 4th straight year.

  • robb

    I’ll be rooting for the Pacers. Yeah they talk way too much but I really like that team.

  • 2chainz

    until they have won an NBA championship they should not be so arrogant…if Lebron talked so much before he became a champion he would have been blasted by the media and critics.

  • 2chainz
  • Feez_22

    The pacers sure don’t act like they were “hand drafted”…

    They act as if they won the championship last year.
    They act as if they are the unanimous favorites to win it all this yr.

    They could benefit from some humility.

    Although, this quote isn’t really much to go off of. It’s not really talking crap However, this team has done a bunch of chirping prior to and during this season. They talk more than the 2 time nba champions. How about prove it first… prove it and talk afterwards.

  • JJ Jones

    Was indiana a top team that year NO. Besides wade has lost a step and lebron doesn’t play nearly as hungry/aggressive as that game. This indiana team isn’t just a bad matchup for miami but one of the best teams in the league now. If u read my post u would know that I just explained that the heat were one coaching mistake away from losing last year. Only 3 teams in nba history have made to 4 straight finals for a reason.

  • 2chainz

    that video was in December 2013 and Miami plays solely for the postseason anyways…but if Indiana and Miami go 7 games in the playoffs it might come down to home-court advantage but who knows…

  • JJ Jones

    My bad for some reason that link took me to the wrong game but seriously that isn’t a good example. Indiana was in control that entire game despite Roy hibbert being in foul trouble. The heat were showing signs of frustration in that game and remember this was at HOME

  • spottieottiedopaliscious

    Hear, hear

  • 604ricy

    omg. be humble and just stfu and play ball. why is PG talking so god damn much. when you knosw you are good you are good.

  • Allan

    Playoffs are all about matchups. Lets say the Piston end up as the 8 & the Pacers at the 1. Maybe the Pistons upset them(Big maybe)

  • slamonthis

    I dont think home court advantage would be a factor this year. Simply because of this year set up. @ 2 2 1 1 1 vs the previous years 2 3 2.

  • Ugh

    Says the guy who’s known for leaving comments on the internet.

  • Ugh

    “…not three, not four, not five…”

  • Ugh

    Dude, put your shirt on. I’m gay and I don’t even want to see that.

  • Feez_22


    So… leaving comments on slam’s disqus board means that i have no reason to talk about the virtue of humility?

    Ok, got it.

  • Lloyd

    Or it’s not “talking sh*t” at all.

  • pposse

    i like how PG is kind of forcing his way into the Lebron KD convo by constantly taking shots at every threat between the Pacers and the crown. He should be more bold tho stop being politically correct!

  • JJ Jones

    Are u serious not 3, not 4, not 5 and throws a damn pep rally like he had already won at the time. The pacers were one mistake away from beating the heat last year they have every reason to be confident.

  • TJ

    The pep rally was for the city of Miami. Nobody told ESPN to televised the welcoming of those players. We did the same thing when Shaq arrived to miami (and he also promised a championship). The reason why EVERYONE outside of Miami is butt hurt is b/c prob your favorite team sucks. I’ve been a Heat fan since the Knicks rivalry, but let me tell you the Pacers are a little bit too overconfident for what they’ve accomplished (nothing). I hope both teams are healthy when the time comes and I hope the Heat whoop their **s for all the sh*t they talk.

  • TJ

    It’s only January and these cats are playing like it’s the playoffs. If you knew more about the Heat, they should know that the real warmup starts after the allstar break. That being said, Miami has gone to the finals three years straight, they know what it takes, the pacers can keep home court AND I hope they’re both healthy when the ECF come just so that the Heat can whoop their a**. Their overconfidence is annoying AF.

  • JJ Jones

    I’ve already said that they have a reason to be confident. Frank vogel puts in hibbert to keep lebron away from the rim in game 1 then they would be eastern conference champs already. They have improved and like or not(I dont) their time is coming soon if not this year than the next year not withstanding some unforseen injury (drose acl )

  • Ugh

    Sorry, I’ll spell it out.

    You’re implying they need to have earned the right to speak assertively, aggressively and confidently. Having been as far as they have in the playoffs isn’t enough to do that.

    On the other hand, you’re talking assertively and confidently about the virtues of humility without having proven any credibility on the subject.

    Get it?

  • Feez_22

    Umm… a couple of things

    1. I didn’t imply any of that. You can speak assertively, aggressively and confidently while still having a sense of humility. The pacers however speak as if they are on top of the mountain already when they aren’t yet. Just go and look at their quotes.

    They have already self proclaimed the mvp and dpoy. They did that 1 month into the season. That isn’t showing humility. Take kevin durant for example. He dropped 54 yesterday and has been on a tear lately. However, when asked about the mvp, he called those talks PREMATURE. think about that. He is playing the best of any player in the nba this season yet has the HUMILITY to stop people in their tracks in terms of proclaiming him something he hasn’t done yet. This same durant said that he is tired of being 2nd but still has the humility to stop people from jumping the gun.

    The pacers are the total opposite of this even though they haven’t won a championship which shows me that they could benefit from some humility.

    2. LOL… so i have to prove that i am humble to speak on humility? Do you want me to post all of my volunteer work or something here?

    Listen… Go ahead and read the definition on humility. Then go ahead and read up on what the pacers say week in week out. Compare the definition to what the pacers do and then contrast to see if they line up. If they don’t line up with significant variance (which they don’t), you can then write and explain why.

    Maybe you haven’t heard of this sort of thing but it is called “analysis”.

    These players could use some humility in terms of addressing basketball related things because they talk as if they are the defending champs. It’s out there for the world to see.

    The heat needed humility in the big 3′s first yr together. They were saying all these crazy things. People were calling them out as arrogant (which they were). However, they were HUMBLED after losing and went through it the correct way the next year. They let their game do the talking. The pacers seem like LOSING gave them some sort of championship confidence which is weird.You are supposed to be humbled by losing. They got some false conjured up championship bravado due to everyone being on their jock in the off-season talking them up. They fed into it. Thus, they need humility. It would help them in the long run.

    Don’t feed into the hype is basically what i am saying but hey… i don’t have the qualifications to talk about virtues it seems… right?

  • 2chainz
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