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Stan Van Gundy Calls the Brooklyn Nets ‘Bush League’

Former NBA head coach Stan Van Gundy is never shy about voicing his opinion, and when asked about the floundering Brooklyn Nets (10-21), SVG absolutely ripped into them. Per the Star-Ledger:

“I think with all the injuries it’s been hard to evaluate Jason Kidd,” Van Gundy said on the “Armani and Etyian Show” on NBA Sports Radio via ESPN. “It’s been easy to jump on him, not just because of the record, but the things coming out of their locker room, the situation with Lawrence Frank, the incident of spilling the drink on the floor.

“I mean, this has looked like a bush league organization much of the year, they don’t play with much effort at all, a very uninspired team. But at the same time they had so many people hurt, you just don’t know. And now they are not they are not going to be healthy all year.”

“You can do whatever you want with the coaching situation, but it is not going to change the situation with their roster. They just don’t have a lot of options — they don’t have draft picks, they are way over the salary cap. They are probably in the worst situation of any team in the NBA right now.”

(Jason) Kidd responded to Van Gundy’s comments on Tuesday — before the Nets lost to the Spurs in San Antonio — and indicated he isn’t worried about his job status. “I think we have one of the best owners (Mikhail Prokhorov), and so I’m confident,” Kidd told reporters. “We’ve got a group of guys in there that are fighting … Everybody has a right to their opinion, but the guys in that locker room are fighting.”

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  • underdog

    Ladies and gentleman, put your hands together for the one and only: Billy King! Great job, great effort. Although, I’ve to say SvG is right about the injuries.

  • JibbsIsBallin

    Van Gundy should’ve done this interview in his Ron Burgundy voice. But he’s right, nets are done and its not not going to magically fix it self.

  • spit hot fiyah

    if u are billy king and prokhorov invites u too a vacation in russia, there is no way on earth that u accept that invitation, right?

  • a101lex

    SVG is absolutely right…
    but if you want to blame someone it has to be on Billy King… If you look
    at his record as Nets GM, it’s mind boggling. So the first thing he did was
    trading first round pick (which ended up being #3 pick for Utah next season and
    they drafted Enes Kanter) and good defensive player in Derrick Favors for D.
    Will. If Nets kept that pick, they could’ve drafted either Brandon Knight or
    Kemba Walker or Klay Thompson since they wanted a quality scoring Guard so bad…
    Then he should’ve traded Brook Lopez for Dwight Howard when he had a
    chance. He tried but failed. Then he traded first round draft pick for
    Gerald Wallace which Portland ended up using to draft rookie of the year Damian
    Lillard. Then he gave max contract to Joe Johnson. And then he goes and trades
    even more picks for KG and PP to Celtics. And throughout all of this, he
    manages to drive Nets payroll to the top of the league…. And I’m not even
    mentioning Jason Kidd hiring… So all of this happen in the last 3 years. That’s
    a lot of bad management in just 3 year. He’s putting Knicks mismanagement to

  • spit hot fiyah

    he is at fault. but he didn’t give joe johnson a max contract. he traded for it. which i am in no way defending

  • a101lex

    He’s owed 68 million for the next 3 years!!!

  • ciolkstar

    Kidd is a joke. Seriously, you can usually (always) find him sitting on the bench not talking to anyone or doing anything resembling active “coaching”. Meanwhile he has a look on his face that just screams “I really hope no one is noticing how much of a fraud I am. Pretty sure I’m good.”
    Prokhorov has plenty of money to burn, but I’m sure by this point he’s realizing there are more fun ways of wasting it…like literally just burning it.

  • Jerry Alex

    Not trading for Howard was a good move, but I agree with pretty much everything else.

  • kwamepooh

    must be good being jj