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Andrew Bogut Considers Mark Jackson’s Sleeping Comment ‘Ridiculous’

Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson told the press corps that center Andrew Bogut might have suffered a left shoulder bone bruise and swelling while sleeping. Um, whatever you say, coach. Per the Contra Costa Times:

Bogut said he hurt the shoulder while playing Jan. 31 in a win at Utah, began getting soreness the day after and played through the discomfort in Tuesday’s loss to Charlotte. He said he woke up in pain the following day and thought, “It’s really killing me.” An MRI exam later revealed a bone bruise and swelling, Bogut said.

“It’s gotten worse and worse, so I just wanted to address it,” Bogut said. “The sleeping comment is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know where it came from.”

“It’s definitely not the case I just woke up, slept on my shoulder wrong and have a bone bruise and swelling in my shoulder from sleeping, very highly unlikely I believe.”

“As far as I know, it was not on the court,” Jackson said. “It wasn’t in practice. It wasn’t in a game. I’m not really sure. It may have been sleeping, and I say that in all seriousness, but it’s important for us to make sure we continue to treat him, it’s legitimate, and then let’s be smart with it. We’re looking ahead at a whole week of rest and recovery, and we need him.”

Jackson blamed the media for making it seem like he took a shot at Bogut.

“I understand how you can make it much more appealing and go for the home run,” he said. “But in three years, in the 23-win season, I didn’t throw anybody under the bus. And you can wait and wait and wait. And it won’t happen here until somebody else is sitting here. That’s not my M.O., and contrary to the choir, it won’t be my M.O. I believe in every one of my guys, and I’m proud of what we’ve been able to do, and I’ll go down being me. I can’t be anybody else.”

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  • Dfrance

    Mark Jackson has this whole passive aggressive nature to him, I’m pretty sure it was a shot at Bogut. If he was not sure how it happened, he could have simply asked Bogut about it prior to making that comment.

  • http://elevatedsportstalk.wordpress.com/ theDankerNuggets

    the media is really happy to pounce on any off-hand comment, it seems like 90% off these “so and so disses so and so” stories are created by the media taking people’s comments out of context.

  • spit hot fiyah

    communication seems great over there

  • bike

    It happened while he was choking the chicken. Obviously, that’s not something Andrew wanted to get around.

  • TR

    Bogut is DPOY in my opinion he deserves some nights off

  • Sandra Johnson


    ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦⮶✦ ✦✦✦ �✦✦✦ ✦✦✦Jackson blamed the media for making it seem like he took a shot at Bogut.