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Cleveland Cavs Roster Will Reportedly Undergo Upheaval Before Trade Deadline


Here’s a not-so-breaking news flash: The Cavs are a mess. Kyrie Irving’s future is in doubt, Luol Deng wants to see more fire, and the franchise’s GM (correctly) thinks the team is playing terrible. Which brings us to this report from the Beacon Journal, stating that barring an unexpected change in the squad’s play, some roster moves are going to be made before the trade deadline: 

The rumbles within the Cavaliers locker room have been growing louder for weeks. Players who initially didn’t want to talk about what is plaguing this team are beginning to open up, and most of the issues are pointing back to guards Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters, along with an unhappiness with Mike Brown and his staff.

“He’s acting like he doesn’t care,” one Cavs player said of Irving.

[...] Most of the complaints are focused on Irving and Waiters. One league source, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed Waiters was removed from practice recently, per the Daily News report. But Waiters’ minutes weren’t affected by the move, which left at least a handful of players raising their eyebrows — particularly within an organization that has preached accountability since Brown’s arrival.

Two sources close to the team confirmed that barring a significant turnaround before the trade deadline, this roster will likely face some upheaval. That very well could include Waiters, whose act has worn thin on his teammates and various members of the organization. 

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  • http://www.sneakertheater.com/ Sneaker Theater

    The DRAMA!!

  • KingBenjamin

    I wonder who that anonymous player is that said, “He’s acting like he doesn’t care,”. That’s low class as hell if you’re gonna talk bad about your teammate and stay anonymous, grow some balls.

  • RKJ92

    It’s not low class, he probably just doesn’t want to deal with the drama that comes with rightfully calling you’re teammate out; If your teammate is immature, and your teams a mess because of it, you call that teammate out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • Lloyd

    I love my Raps as is, but IF Masai was trying to make a trade, I could see the Cavs being on the other end. Kyle Lowry and Jonas for Kyrie and Tristan Thompson? Cavs get an MVP caliber PG, Raps get an All-Star who’s looking for a new scene and top 4 in the East on a young and exciting team isn’t bad. Cavs get a sophomore big man with a lot of upside, and the Raps get a hometown boy who’s no slouch in the paint himself (although I prefer Jonas).

    Don’t know about the money side of it, but on paper I think this would be our best move for Lowry IF the organization feels it needs to pull the trigger. Way better than the rumoured deals with the Pacers and Rockets respectively at least.

  • LouisVuittonDon

    That trade would easily make the raptors significantly worse. Your gonna give up your only Center who is a star in the making, along with your 2nd best player for a combo guard who will surely provide scoring punch off the bench(but that wont make up for what is lost), and a power forward who is no better than one they just brought in(patrick patterson)..yeaa that would be a pretty stupid move

  • Jeremy de Sa

    I’d do that deal. Kyrie is much more marketable than Lowry and way younger… and tristan deserves to play in TO. Raps would win that trade imo

  • Lloyd

    The other two rumoured trades are Lowry and Austin Daye to the Pacers for George Hill and Danny Granger. Next is Lowry to the Pacers for Jeremy Lin and Francisco Garcia.

    I’d take my scenario over both those any day.

    Any trade that involves Lowry heading out makes the Raptors worse. It’s all about getting as much back as possible.

  • Lloyd

    No way are we winning any possible trade that involves Kyle Lowry leaving. He’s the best PG in the East right now.

  • LouisVuittonDon

    My fault i thought you said lowry and valanciunas for tristan and waiters..i like kyrie for lowry but to give up valanciunas as well and get tristan in return is where i think your trade is off. Amir and Patterson are solid PF’s in my opinion and to give up valanciunas would be a colangelo move. Kyrie is more marketable for sure and is a better player but i dont think he is a better fit cuz of how ball dependent he is

  • LouisVuittonDon

    Kyrie is a more skilled player than lowry** not so much a better player as of right now

  • Lloyd

    I’ve liked what Patterson has brought to the team. Definitely the biggest surprise of that Rudy Gay trade. I wouldn’t be against including Ahmir for Tristan Thompson instead at this point, but don’t know if the Cavs are willing to take his contract. He gets paid $7.1 million next year.

  • RKJ92

    No kidding.. you NEVER trade a young, mobile center, that can hit free throws, and has HUGEE upside for an immature PG that hasn’t taken the Cavs anywhere.. Center is the most valuable position in the league HANDS DOWN.. that deal would KILL us..

  • RKJ92

    I vote we just keep the team as is because all 3 scenario’s are sh*t, no offense.

  • Lloyd

    Sure if we live in a land where everything works out nicely and if your vote means anything at all (we don’t and it doesn’t). Like I said above, Lowry is playing like an MVP caliber PG and any trade that sees him leaving definitely makes us worse.

    That said, reports are the Raptors management isn’t sold on him and are only holding off trading him because the fan backlash would be pretty bad since the team is winning. They’re apparently still leaning towards moving him and would definitely feel more comfortable doing so if the Raps start losing again. They’re not willing to go to at most the 2nd round and then have Lowry walk for nothing.

    I think the Cavs move would be best if it has to come down to it.

  • KingBenjamin

    In my opinion it’s low class as hell, if you’re going to call out your teammate say it to his face like a man, don’t go calling him out anonymously to the media.

  • Lloyd

    It is low class. 1.) Taking internal team matters to the media should be avoided 2.) He did it anonymously. How does that improve the situation at all? Now Kyrie’s wondering who said it and hostility and mistrust will reach an all time high in the locker room. If you’re going to go to the media (which you shouldn’t), go the Gerald Wallace route.

  • playa

    No its not, the value of having real 5 is close to none this days unfortunately.& we can safely assume that kyrie now is better player than jonas will ever be(and im valanciunas fan).

  • RKJ92

    Why the hell would you eliminate any winning culture from this team especially with Lowry willing to resign? are you looking to treadmill by trading him? because the offer better be pretty damn good. I’m talking about prospects, and draft picks; Otherwise we will go back to our losing ways and nobody, and I mean NOBODY would want to sign with our team.. sometimes it’s not about what you can get for your team, but what culture you can instill toward your future. Look what they did in SA look how they pick up free agents tweek their older roster, little moves here, and there behind a winning culture, that’s what we need to be doing, not constantly trying to tank for picks, or blow up our team all the time.. that’s why we sucked for 20 years yet you STILL cannot see that, you’re completely blind. We won’t get our worth from any of those offers I’ve read.

  • RKJ92

    Smh, dude if you have a mobile 5, that can shoot out to 15 feet, blow past other centers, shoot free throws at an 80% clip, and is already a solid defender in only his 2nd year (only 21 years old) almost averaging a double double with a motor to match, you do NOT get rid of that.

  • Lloyd

    Not sure if you’re being ignorant on purpose or misreading what’s being said.

    I said I want him back. Do you think I’m in charge of these decisions to be calling me blind and being apparently mad at me for 20 years of mediocrity?

    It’s not about Lowry’s willingness to come back, even if he does have that desire. The way he’s playing, he’s going to earn a big payday this off season. The Raptors aren’t sold that he’s worth that yet, or if he’s willing to come back at all, so they keep looking for trade options. That can’t be making Lowry happy. If he can have security coupled with a big paycheck with another team this off season, he’s leaving. If the Raptors think that’s a very real possibility, which it is, then they’re going to move him while they still can.The Cavs trade is the best trade if that’s what it comes down to.

    Maybe stop rambling irrelevantly about culture and what not and try some reading comprehension bud.

    Oh and I’m sure you’d love to hear that the Raps are hearing trade offers for Demar too.

  • Jeremy de Sa

    Key words: Right now. I don’t know why, but for a guy that has been pretty productive his welcome always seems to wear out.

  • Ugh

    1) As far as any of us know, the conversation has already been had in the locker room and as far as any of us know, the entire locker room has already said it to him.

    2) When that conversation has been had and it doesn’t make any difference there’s nothing more a player can do behind closed doors.

    3) If there’s no accountability from the GM, ownership or coach (and this was detailed multiple times from multiple sources that the Cavs let LeBron get away with absolutely anything he liked while preaching discipline and unity) but if the players speak out against their team it’s usually a breach of contract, which leads to suspensions or fines – “conduct detrimental to the team”, which is a vague phrase used at the discretion of management.

    4) If you feel nobody is doing anything about the problem, that all available avenues have been implemented, you either just don’t care any more, or make the decision of going to the press to try to shake up a moribund situation.

    These points are a failing of team culture and blaming the player is just the easiest answer.

  • Lloyd

    You’re speculating a lot. For all you know, no other player has spoke to him. Matter of fact, the beef between Dion Waiters and Kyrie has been well documented so if he was clashing with other players, we’d know.

    The quote has nothing to do with Cavs management, but rather calls out Kyrie Irving’s motivation and dedication to the team. If anything, the Cavs front office would encourage people to try and get Kyrie to play better…again, this is a personal quote against Kyrie, not the team. It should be addressed to Kyrie from his teammates directly, as well as the coaching staff, and the front office.

    And again, what does going to the media anonymously really do? There were already rumours that he wants out, he denied them, and now this again. He’ll deny them again, and locker room animosity goes higher because the star doesn’t know who cowardly went behind his back

  • Lloyd

    Kyle Lowry has always been projected to be borderline all-star material. He’s been consistent throughout his career, but finally looks like he’s breaking through and he’s found a good fit with the young Raptors team. We’re seeing the proof of this compatibility right before our eyes. We don’t know how Kyrie will fit here. Lowry is the best fit and is proving it consistently. If I had the choice of picking Lowry or Kyrie for the Raps, I’m choosing Kyle Lowry for the foreseeable future.

    And he’s had conflicts with his coach and Goran Dragic in Houston. He seems happy here. He should be kept and the Raptors need to start going about showing some good faith and loyalty instead of continuously waiting to see how he’s going to do before it’s too late.

  • brothasdontsurf

    Hmmm…… I wonder what Ricky Davis is doing with himself nowadays?

  • Caboose

    Cavs get: Paul Pierce, Chandler Parsons, Andray Blatche, Patrick Beverly, Aaron Brooks
    Rockets get: Kyrie Irving, Anderson Varejao
    Nets get: Omer Asik, Greg Smith, 2015 Rockets 1st Round Pick, 2014 Rockets 2nd Round Pick

    Cavs start: Jarret Jack, Dion Waiters, Paul Pierce, Luol Deng, Andray Blatche with Patrick Beverly, Chandler Parsons, and Tristan Thompson off the bench. Plus $30m in expiring deals in Pierce and Deng.

    Rockets start: Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Omri Casspi, Terrence Jones, Dwight Howard with Anderson Varejao, Jeremy Lin, and Francisco Garcia off the bench. Instant contender and potential favorite.

    Nets start: Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Andre Kirilenko, Kevin Garnett, and Omer Asik with Jason Terry, Mason Plumlee,Greg Smith, and Shaun Livingston off the bench. Huge salary cap (and luxury tax) relief and much needed draft picks.

    “Win, win, win.” -Michael Scott.

  • TV63

    Love how this report was slashed in half and didn’t report the rest. Where’s the part about how the other coaches are giving players other instructions behind Brown’s back? Or the real reason Jarrett Jack is getting so minutes when he stinks! His main purpose is to babysit Kyrie and stop him from going 4-1 during games. SO Brown won’t discipline Irving so he sends in a mediocre player to babysit him. WTH? Never mind it’s clutch time and he has the 2nd best shooter sitting on the bench decreasing more chances for a win. Team doesn’t care. Deng tells players to scream at each other for accountability (because Brown sure won’t) . So you got one guy that will and its Dion Waiters, who, unlike the rest of the team gives a sh^$ and does and is vilified by the media. Typical and political to steer whose fault this really is. MIKE BROWN. He’s the head coach and it’s on him to get control. He hasn’t so now it’s on CHRIS GRANT to fire him and hasn’t. Ridding DIon isn’t going to solve this toxic cesspool environment when Brown is an inept coach.

  • aogiaweiog

    the guy probably hasnt seen JV’s conversion percentage when he posts up. It’s crazy to trade JV.

  • jaweg

    lol idk how kyrie and harden are going to pair up but that would be great on paper.Varejao as a backup would be HUGE. Although if this trade was to ease the luxury tax then this would be ideal. i dont think any of these teams would get to the finals tho.

  • TV63

    Well Bynum just publically called him the problem in the locker room yesterday.

  • Patricia Richard


    ◭◭◭ ◭◭�◭ ◭◭◭ ◭◭◭◭ ◭�◭◭and a power forward who is no better than one they just brought in(patrick patterson)..yeaa that would be a pretty stupid move

  • Lloyd

    But Bynum isn’t a Cav.

  • Dfrance

    Just speculating, but can it be that Dion Waiters is such a problem because he actually gives a sh1t? Maybe he cares about winning. Maybe he cares about sharing the ball. Maybe these are the reason why he’s causing all these “problems.” I for one hopes he does get moved because I think he has some game and its wasting away in Cle.

  • Jody Chappell

    Surprise surprise the Cavs are a mess… Luol Deng is going to leave in free agency. Kyrie and Dion are going to continue to argue about who’s the leading scorer until it blows up and one has to be traded which will further decrease their value. But it’s okay because they have thousands of draft picks!!! This is what you get when you have a petty owner, a petty team.

  • JJ Jones

    And lebron would really consider coming back to this mess? I find that really difficult to believe.

  • Lloyd

    The Rockets would be giving up a lot there. I don’t think they’re willing to trade Parsons especially.

  • spit hot fiyah

    great on paper? disaster on defense

  • spit hot fiyah

    there is no way on earth that they are giving up parsons for someone who they will have to pay max money. the only reason they would do it would be to make harden look slightly better on defense by playing next to kyrie

  • Lloyd

    I don’t think they give up Parsons, period. He’s their X-Factor. They’re not winning without him.

  • Wings23
  • Ugh

    Uh, I was pointing out that you guys were speculating and making a counter to demonstrate a possible scenario.

    And you appear to already know what going to the media does, because you say so, so I don’t know quite why you asked me.

  • Ugh

    Man, you are country simple.

  • Lloyd

    How am I speculating when I say that internal team matters shouldn’t be aired out in the media, and doing so anonymously is of ZERO benefit, but could possibly do more damage?

    Your speculations were, to name the most obvious:

    1.) all the players had some sort of sit down with Kyrie

    2.) That this alleged conversation didn’t change anything

    3.) That guys will be punished if they talk to the media on the record (see Gerald Wallace)

    4.) these teammates have explored all means of fixing the team internally and feel helpless so they cry to the media for help

    And clearly you don’t know what a “rhetorical question” is. I already do know the answer. I was teaching it to you since apparently you don’t.

  • Lloyd

    Bynum goes on the record to call out Kyrie Irving? When he no longer is a part of that locker room, when it’s of no concern to him what happens with the Cavs, and when he has to face no repercussions in doing so? It’s not his dirty laundry to air.

  • Ronald Mitchell

    I keep saying Kyrie Irving is the problem he’s not a point guard and has know clue what the hell he’s doing. You can’t win when your point guard spend his time shooting the ball and not concentrating on the overall team play.His focus is on dribbling and showboating and not trying put his teammates in the best position to score. The Cavalier are a better team when Kyrie is not controlling the Basketball!

  • Ronald Mitchell

    Last time someone said something about the fraud he was suspended by weak ass Mike Brown and used as a scapegoat.

  • Ronald Mitchell

    Deng is a Cavalier! He knows Kyrie is overrated

  • Ronald Mitchell

    So why is the Cavaliers losing with him running the club? The best point guard please!

  • Lloyd

    Read it again.