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Isaiah Thomas on Jerryd Bayless: ‘He’s A Fake Tough Guy’


Former AAU teammates—King point guard Isaiah Thomas and Celtics guard Jerryd Bayless—got into a brief altercation midway through the fourth quarter during Boston’s 99-89 win on Friday. Bayless pushed Thomas, who stood over Bayless after a shot attempt. After the game, Thomas took a shot back at Bayless, calling him “a fake tough guy.” Per the Sacramento Bee:

Thomas and Boston guard Jerryd Bayless were both assessed technical fouls after their brief altercation (I hesitate to call it a scuffle) during the Kings’ 99-89 loss to the Celtics at TD Garden.

“I don’t like him,” Thomas said of his former AAU teammate. “End of story. He’s a fake tough guy.”

So where does all this animosity come from?

“He knows,” Thomas said.

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  • Matisse

    I like how Cousins and Thomas are both up front about there dislike of certain players. It’s refreshing.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i prefer studio gangster over fake tough guy

  • underdog

    It so f-ing childish and disrespectful to stand over somebody who fell, I really thought Isaiah has more class than this. Fits great with Cousins, though.

  • anon

    Wait…did someone ever think Bayless was a REAL tough guy? Dude looks like Carlos Boozer’s Mini Me.

  • JJ Jones

    Thats pretty much 95% of the league… with the exception of mwp, stephen jackson, maybe demarcus. (Not melo and Garnett lol)

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Demarcus and Ron Artest are retarded headcases not tough guys

  • anon

    I’d put David West in that legit category too.

  • Mariano

    I like Isaiah but to be honest this whole altercation was his fault and he was the one acting like a “fake tough guy”, not Jerryd.

  • Jermaine O’Neal

    I’m a veteran of the Great Battle of Detroit (also known as Malice at the Palace), and you exclude me from your list? That is bullsh!t, man. I’m offended.

  • JJ Jones

    My bad

  • JJ Jones

    Yeah forgot about him

  • Zabbah

    I’d put Zach Randolph in that list.

  • TR

    why is d west considered a real tough guy? not saying he isnt i just dont know the story as to why

  • melvo

    Mike Dunleavy.

  • Jermaine O’Neal

    It’s okay I forgive you brah.

  • keyon dooling

    throw in Udonis King305 Haslem and I think we’re set

    oh and Ivan Johnson, of course, who could be set to come back to the association once the CBA (China) season is over this month.

  • Daz

    “The word you’re looking for is ‘fugazy’” – Tim Thomas

  • ATL dynamite

    Ivan ’9 to 5′ Johnson is not messing around. Come back to ATL, we have been missing you!