Monday, February 3rd, 2014 at 9:50 am  |  17 responses

Kyrie Irving Reportedly Close to Firing His Agent

There’s no end to the mess in Cleveland. Rumors continue to swirl around frustrated star point guard Kyrie Irving, who is reportedly looking to change representation (and possibly force his way out of town). Per the NY Daily News:

Kyrie Irving is close to firing his agent, Jeff Wechsler, according to a league source. We hear part of the reason Irving is seeking a new rep is that he intends on leaving the Cavs, while Wechsler wants him to stay. As we reported at the start of the season, Irving wants to come back home to the New York area — he’s from West Orange, N.J. — and play for the Knicks. Lord knows they could use an All-Star talent at point guard, and Irving will be headed for his first starting assignment in an All-Star game in a couple of weeks.

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  • Tarzan Cooper

    kyrie is such a brat

  • Dfrance

    Hey SLAM, lets go easy on the “swirling rumours”. We can wait until the facts come out to argue with each other in the comment section.

  • shockexchange

    Let’s all sing along kids – “H to the izzo … V to the izzay”

  • Anthony

    Kyrie…here’s a tip….fire your publicist/P.R. agent b/c you are getting crucified in the media as the cancer that is eating the Cavs from the inside out…

  • JoeMaMa

    But without these swirling rumours, what am I supposed to do instead of checking this site? Community service? You sicken me.

  • Da Real

    cp3 version 2.0 – undeniable skill and looks like a great guy from the outside looking in, but in reality is a whiny pain in the ass to play with that is too small to will his team to victory.

  • Hotpantz

    Shock could be right, We will soon see em both throwing it up at the ASG…..Streets is watchin….

  • Jake

    Dan Gilbert must be slowly slipping into a deep depression….LeBron, Bynum, Kyrie, Waiters….

  • TV63

    He is but the Cav organization made him that way. No discipline. Spurs have benched a reputable Tony Parker on occasion but Irving is way way above that in Cavs land. You see how well that’s worked out.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i would say find a great trade for him where u get back a ton of picks, then i remembered that the cavs can’t draft

  • Guest123

    Oh my are the Cavs the worst at creating a ‘Culture of Entitlement and lack of Accountability’. The team is a joke. Kyrie has been rated a top 10 player on this site and others which is a complete travesty!! This guys has absolutely no leadership skills, plays no defense, and makes none of his teammates better.

    Plenty of stans will argue that he’s better than Tony Parker, Steph Curry, let alone your Mike Conley’s and Ty Lawson’s which is also a complete joke. I’d hate to play with this guy and his prima-donna self. I cant believe that this guy is on pace to be a 10 time all star!! Lol. Him and Kevin Love (lesser extent) are overrated. K-Love case in point – I love stats, I love advanced stats but no amount of convincing will tell me that the Twolves wouldn’t be better this year with Dirk (true G – All Star) than K-Love and his stat chasing, I have no idea how to win habits. PF’s (stretch or otherwise) Id take over Love: Duncan, Dirk, Anthony Davis, Carmelo, Blake (although not arguing that hes better in this particular

    I feel sorry for anyone who follows the Cavs.

  • danpowers

    but its so easy: just move the team to another city with a little more glam or friendlier climate and guys will stay long term.

  • melvo

    Damn, I’ve been out of the loop a lot this season, so it surprises me to hear everyone talk about Kyrie being a terrible leader and a brat. What’s he doing wrong?

  • Caboose

    “Hey agent, am I still on the Cavs?”
    Report: Kyrie Close to Firing Agent

  • Ugh

    I hope he doesn’t leave a suicide note in Comic Sans.

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  • mhm

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