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The NBA Has Discussed Adding 4-Point Line


In 1979, the NBA added the 3-point line, which helped revolutionize the game of basketball. Now, a little more than three decades later, the League is showing its willingness to consider a 4-point line. Here’s more from ESPN:

Rod Thorn, NBA president of basketball operations, didn’t balk at the idea. 

During a sit-down TrueHoop TV interview with our own Henry Abbott, Thorn was asked about the chances that a 4-pointer — as outlandish as it may seem — could be brought to the NBA at some point. In a Per Diem column last month, I advocated for the introduction of a 4-point line 28 feet away from the basket.

Turns out, Thorn didn’t think the advent of a 4-pointer would be outlandish at all. Rather than reflexively squash the radical idea, as you might expect from a 72-year-old NBA lifer who has worn just about every hat in the league, Thorn seemed genuinely intrigued at the notion and revealed that the 4-pointer has “come up” in league discussions.

“Oh man,” Thorn told Abbott, “Some of the players we have can shoot the ball from I assume it would be 30 feet? 28-30 feet. Somewhere in there. Some of the guys we have can shoot that as easily as a 23-, 24-foot shot.” One of those players? Vince Carter. Thorn recalled a moment when he ran the New Jersey Nets from 2000 to 2010 as team president and general manager. As players tend to do at practice, Carter would showcase his shot-making abilities from far, far away.

“I remember when we had Vince Carter in New Jersey,” Thorn said. “Well, he could shoot the ball from the seats and make half of ‘em.”

Don’t we want to see that? Players pushed to the limits of their abilities?

“It would be unbelievable,” Thorn said. “But you know coaches would go crazy because now you’ve got another line out there. That’s crazy.”

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  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    why not just go full on Rock’n'Jock

  • Blarmac

    Steph Curry would have a field day with this.

  • Junior Taylor

    They might as well add some clowns, colored balls and a courtside DJ while they are at it.

  • Vik

    Ha maybe I’m the only one who likes this idea. I think it sounds awesome.

  • Harvey

    Centers will just die eventually. An “inside game” will cease to exist before you know it.

  • anon

    Antoine Walker is readying the comeback as we speak!

  • the Captain

    The GSDubs would win every game.

  • LakeShow

    My childhood dream come true…

    It’ll never happen.

  • JY

    Hilarious my dude. I agree

  • logues

    The only thing that I think would make sense is if it’s past the half court line. It doesn’t really make sense cuz noboby is going to launch half court shots just for an extra point unless it’s at the end of the a quarter but there are lots of dudes in the nba that can hit long range bombs but once you start getting out towards half court the chances of making it are pretty slim. It would be interesting for close games at the end. But, sounds like a pretty dumb idea overall.

  • Tanso

    If the 4pt line materialized I can only imagine a majority of players (maybe even the PFs and centers) trying it at the start of the game.

  • JJ Jones

    How about 2.5 points from mid range or something? Do u really want chuckers like.jr.smith shooting from a 4 point line?.Teams shoot too mant threes as it is now thos is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • GP

    Why not just add a trampoline and make it like SLAMBALL?

  • robb

    don’t forget the fire rings. Those are fun.

  • robb

    Andrew Bynum’s already practising.

  • KipSmithers

    But more important is The Shimmy.

  • KipSmithers

    Just about to type that.

  • melvo

    How are we supposed to make Antoine Walker jokes when there really is a 4 point line?!?

  • Lloyd

    Jimmer just went to the top of the wish list for every team in the League.

  • Caboose

    Dude SlamBall was fun as hell in its day.

  • Caboose

    Logistically, a 4 point line couldn’t reach the corners of the court right? So there are certain angles of shots that couldn’t be worth 4 points. Seems odd.

  • http://www.sneakertheater.com/ Sneaker Theater

    Heck yeah, with 25 point baskets and everything!

  • http://www.sneakertheater.com/ Sneaker Theater

    JR Smith is busting a nut as we speak!

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    TBH they already have a courtside DJ pretty much, they actually play music the entire game through–it’s really annoying. That was probably the thing I hated most about my first live game experience.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Ironically they have all of that during game breaks in the arena, lol.

  • urriah

    NOT an NBA game but NBA players were involved in this shootout…. impressing actually..


  • df

    they should add gamebreakers too for aquille carr.

  • Mako

    This would change the game completely. Plays, players, coaches, personnel would all change. It would effectively kill the post And turn the game into long shots and alley oops, essentially a full court game with no defence. Pickup. You d have players that couldn’t make the league like a freddette becoming mvps. A squad of five shooters could conceivably start games, and I mean a Novak, Allen, curry, durant, melo type lineup would become standard.
    Call me a traditionalist, but I like half court, I like that teams can struggle to score, that defence is often better than the offence. This emphasis on scoring, and making scoring easier than defending has ruined the game, and made one dimensional players stars, and truly skilled all rounders, marginal. This is excluding the all world lebrons of course. The all star game was basically a bunch of shooters, no turnarounds, no mid range, no post up, no backdown, no reverse layups, dream shakes, hooks, call me old school, but I like a varied and rounded basketball game to watch and to play. I like watching players of all sizes and shapes and skillets dominate, not just one prototype,a. Small forwards swing dominate. Or a scoring point.
    I liked that a teams best player could be a big man or a small man , a post or a swing. A team could play fast or slow, big or small. Not just one way as it is now.

  • grgeblck

    Add in 3point dunks. Judges will be sitting courtside and judge the dunks.

  • Shooting Guard


  • Shooting Guard

    steph curry in his recliner is just nodding at this

  • Isaaq Attack

    Jamal Crawford is liking this lol

  • Bruce Wayne

    Great point..should a 20 foot jumper really be the same amount of points as a dunk/layup?

  • i_ball

    There won’t be centers in the game if there is a 4 point line

  • Dbruin85


  • DJ_BobbyPeru

    MTV Rock n’ Jock, bitches

  • pposse

    the in game dj help set up a rhythm for the home players nowadays. My thinking is that a lot of the players rely on them in a subconcious way. You always hear commentators talk about rhythm shooting and getting into the flow of the game, thats all courtesy of the DJ

  • Dfrance

    When you think about it, Vince is underrated as a straight up basketball player. He was amazing in his prime and could shoot from damn hear half court with no effort at all.

  • Dfrance

    I really miss Rock N Jock, the NBA should adopt that format for the celebrity game.

  • JJ Jones

    Yeah just think about today many players are moving away from mid range more in more in favor of threes. Mid range baskets being 2.5 points would bring back a lost art

  • Dfrance

    Funny thing is, we probably sound exactly how the old heads sounded when they wanted to introduce the 3 point line.

  • Dfrance

    No in the corners you have to sit on a spectators lap and take the shot. They bring you a shot of Patron if it goes in.

  • Zabbah

    You know who else suggested a 4 pointer? Kim Jung il.

  • Saleem Rainman

    Steph curry is excited as hell, i guarantee it.

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  • Grasshoper Funk

    I’m from Greece and 23 years old, I didn’t know Rock’n'Jock, I had to Google it.
    NBK, you changed my world. Eff basketball, Rock’n'Jock is the future!!!
    Can you imagine what a 50-pointer would do in the Finals?!

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk


  • Caboose

    I’d watch that. Though Curry might die of alcohol poisoning some night.

  • Dfrance

    Probably the first night. I don’t really see Curry as a cat that can’t hold his liquor. lol

  • Karel Lukas

    What about an MC for on court commentary?

  • josh

    The way I see it is that there are already some really good players that struggle from the 3 point line and could possibly make some pretty good players way more invaluable and some invaluable players like centers that do nothing but take deep threes the leagues mvps, unless you made the 4 point line so deep that it would be ridiculous to take it unless it was at the end of the game and your only way to get back in it. But honestly it would probably destroy the game because basically u would have no more inside presence it would just be a bunch of 7 footers popping 3′s all over the place and kinda how every little kid that plays basketball is in love with 3′s it would become 40 and kids with even worse shooting mechanics

  • Bruce Wayne

    It’s difficult to determine the points though..half points would really change the game..

  • Cortez Mack

    How about removing the 3 point line to get more old-timey and back to “the spirit of the game”!

    …or something like that.