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Nene Says Kevin Durant Gets Away With Carrying the Ball

Washington Wizards big man Nene was all worked up following his team’s upset 96-81 win over the visiting OKC Thunder on Saturday. Nene took angry shots at Kendrick Perkins, but toned it down when discussing Kevin Durant and the refs. Per CSN Washington:

Nene finished with 17 points on 8-for-12 shooting. Perkins missed all three of his field-goal attempts in 20 minutes of play.

“That’s what that dude can do. He can’t do anything else, man,” Nene said. “That dude got zero points. Let’s keep it tame.”

In other words, Nene consciously stopped himself. As he left the locker room, guess who came walking down the hallway? Perkins, with a bandage over his eye. They ignored each other and didn’t exchange a nod or the usual “Good game” pleasantries.

Nene had nothing but praise for the NBA’s leading scorer, Kevin Durant, but took a polite dig at him, too.

“First of all, pray,” he said of how the Wizards were able to hold Durant to 8-for-21 shooting. “Second, have good luck. The third, do your best. That dude is very skilled, long body, tall, skinny but strong for that kind of body — and the referees are allowing him to carry the ball.”

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  • the rain

    Its true

  • ATL dynamite

    His beef with Perkins should have made the title of this story instead, much more juice

  • Tarzan Cooper

    yea, that was pretty funny. and hes right about durant.

  • ATL dynamite

    KD’s left hand carrying is really obvious

  • cbranson05

    lol when i was watching the heat thunder game i noticed KD carries the ball a lot too. someone as tall as him who handles the ball so much i can understand he doesnt like bending low to dribble all the time

  • greg

    his left to right is usually a carry, he gets people with it because when you carry the defender can’t possibly know if you are going to shoot or crossover

  • ATL dynamite


    this t-mac pull up move he called ‘the 62′ and its counter is what KD has always used and carried the ball most, probably cause when he’s setting his defender up with that hesitation dribble he has already picked up his dribble a lil bit, then he does the left to right crossover which results in a travel. so much irony that he taught the viewers not to carry the ball but not doing what he says lol

  • Nick Holden

    Haha Nene, telling it how it is about Perkins – I like it!

  • Caboose

    “Be sure not to carry or palm it, cause they gonna call it” Yeah, not for you Kevin.

  • ATL dynamite

    Keep gettin’ em superstar treatments Kevin!

  • bike

    This might be the most effective way to slow down KD. Make a stink about his left-hand carry and keep elevating it in the media. Sooner or later it will screw with his head and we will be treated to KD proclaiming ‘I am not going to carry the ball anymore.’.

  • JJ Jones

    100 % true

  • JJ Jones

    Nobody cares about perkins that’s why.

  • ATL dynamite

    Not when discussing who the worst starter in the league is tho

  • spit hot fiyah

    and them checks (that was more appropriate for perkins)

  • brothasdontsurf

    99% of players are allowed to carry the ball in today’s NBA. Not even just in NBA anymore, at all levels of basketball. Watch NBA game footage from anytime before the late 80′s/early 90′s.

    THAT is the correct way to dribble, using your fingers and pounding it to the floor with the use of proper footwork and body/head fakes to create space for yourself. They didn’t have to put it between their legs every time they take a dribble to establish a rhythm.

    Personally I’m jealous that I have to force myself to try to dribble in that old style, as I always find myself still putting the ball between my legs or behind my back everytime I dribble, just because it feels natural at this point from growing up in the Iverson era of NBA lol

  • ATL dynamite
  • TriggaMan

    This def goes back to when Westbrook tried to push nene , he didn’t move while Westbrook flew back and he was the pusher lmao

  • swill

    “let’s keep it tame.”

  • Tarzan Cooper

    ron artest dribbles like you are describing. it looks funny to watch him

  • brothasdontsurf

    they really had to make a video for the simplest cross-over possible and rename it counter 62?!

  • brothasdontsurf

    I would scream with joy whenever Ron would pull out a random drop step dunk from the baseline when he was with LA, i’ll always root for him

  • Tarzan Cooper

    my only solace about the lakers winning in 10 was ron being the man in game 7. he played great when it mattered most

  • pposse

    i told yall

  • tealish

    It’s amazing what a scowl and manufactured reputation can get you. Keep getting them checks (Jalen Voice)

  • brothasdontsurf

    And everyone scream NOOOOOO when he took that 3 with about a minute left! hahaha that was my 2nd favorite Lakers game I ever watched live, aside from the “Horry for the Win!” game against the Kings

  • swill

    he was an important part of the celtics’ success during the big three era. his defense on dwight howard and pau gasol during their 2010 playoff run is a big reason they came within a quarter of a championship. and it’s no coincidence that they got killed on the boards in game 7 after he went down in game 6. not saying he’s still at that level, but give him his due.

  • Dfrance

    Ron Ron is stiff as a board out there. Look at his jumper. lol

  • The Seed

    AI and Tim Hardaway Jr, would disagree.

  • Jerome

    Nearly every player iin the L palms the ball. Most also pick up their pivot foot before putting the ball to the floor … correction … most ‘superstars’. I understand the game needs to be entertaining, but it makes me cringe seeing ‘clutch’ shots go in after both of the above rule violations happen in succession. I hope coaches are pointing out the ‘fundamental’ flaws to kids.

  • LakeShow

    I thought it was funny you said that like a week or two ago.

    Duh. He’s done that his entire career. That’s not news. Most players do. James, Wade, Kobe, McGrady use to do it all the time. MJ was king of the carry. Jamal Crawford is one of current and most egregious in the L.

  • pposse

    I can’t help but nit pick, but imo KD’s carry is just as egregious as Jamal Crawfords. lol thats blasphemous to say MJ’s was the King of Carry! MJ used to burn guys with his first step (the dummies who tried to give him zero space). MJ’s go to veteran move was to pull their arm and force their momentum to go one way while his momentum took him to the basket. The way I look at it, is if your playing a pickup game anywhere its impossible to call an offensive foul for a subtle move like that so it just goes uncalled, but if you carry now that causes like a 10 minute argument all the time. Its kinda funny to watch cause KD puts guys on skates, but its getting out of control the same as how Lebron keeps getting away with a double tap pirouette spin move and then pivot (three steps) constantly. PS yeah I’m hating, but just a little.

  • sim888

    …and when your hands are big enough, there’s the slight advantage of split second ‘palming’ too….hold it long enough to change direction/fool the D etc, but obviously short enough to not get whistled.

  • DJ_BobbyPeru

    Him and everyone else in the NBA.

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