Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 at 3:10 pm  |  14 responses

Tony Parker Out ‘for the Foreseeable Future’ With Various Injuries

The San Antonio Spurs announced Tuesday that All-Star point guard Tony Parker won’t be suiting up tonight against the LA Clippers. Parker, according to head coach Gregg Popovich, won’t be back for a while due to a bunch of “maladies”. Per the Express-News:

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  • Mariano

    Played in the NBA Finals, then played for the French National Team, and then back to the NBA… I’m sure Tony is very banged up, and since the Spurs don’t play much for the next 2 weeks I’m sure Tony will get a good 2-3 weeks off

  • Saleem Rainman


  • Saleem Rainman

    to add to my immediate reaction, he plays the few games before the all star break so that he qualifies to play in the all star game, instead of taking that weekend off to heal up a bit more so that he has to miss less games, but then right after the weekend, he’s out for the “foreseeable future”

    iffy or nah?

  • Mariano

    He didn’t play the last game before the AS break and the most he’s played in the last 2 weeks is 26 minutes, and even before that he looked sluggish when he played (even at the ASG). I’m guessing Pop noticed and just decided to give him much-needed rest.

  • LakeShow

    Hmmm… He’s playing the 2nd lowest minutes of his career. Maybe they are pulling a Dwyane Wade type of move.

    For the Spurs sake let’s hope this heals up in the next month.

  • JJ Jones

    He is getting older after all

  • Tarzan Cooper

    a little rest will do him good. its all about the playoffs

  • JJ Jones

    Which the spurs wont be winning anything this year in imo

  • Tarzan Cooper

    do you realize how many people have said that in each of the last five years?

  • Donna Leonard

    I’m guessing Pop noticed and just decided to give him much-needed rest.

  • DMC14

    what is with the adds in the comments on every page? weak.

  • Ugh

    Do you realise the Spurs haven’t won a ring in 7 years?

  • i_ball

    They won the Western Conference last year. You realize only team wins the championship. I think a good playoff run means a trip to the Conference Finals, specially in the West.

  • notoner

    Oh he’s out for the foreseeable future? What a shame…. THEN WHY THE F*CK WAS HE PLAYING IN THE ALL STAR GAME?????????