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All-Star Game 2014 Live Blog

Live updates from the Smoothie King Center.

-by Brian Boyles / @BrianWBoyles

-It’s been real, people. If you ever get a chance to do All-Star weekend, I highly recommend it. Most of all, I recommend New Orleans. Stay up.

-Kyrie takes the MVP. Well-deserved, he and Wall turned the game around. Commissioner Silver’s first every presentation goes to a player from a franchise with serious issues. Thanks Bensons and Mitch Landrieu (“one of the world’s greatest mayors”). Kyrie: stuck to our game plan. Which means there was one! 

-Game: East 163, West 155. Melo or Blake MVP? 

-PG24 to LBJ for a 6 point lead.


-Well, do it, Bron/KD, already.

-You wouldn’t know it was a 2 point game from the energy in the room. 

-Kyrie has 23 in the 2nd half. 

-I want to pause to show respect for Pierre the Pelican, who ran into some personal issues at just the wrong time. He could’ve folded, given in, crawled further into the nearest sewer. Instead, he cut his hair and sucked it up and made it to the court for All-Star weekend. #WeAreAllPierre

-Something’s about to happen at the next timeout and it involves Pierre the Pelican. Put the kids to bed.

-Kyrie and Lebron messing with Cavs fans heads. 

-Paul George is on CP3 now in an aggressive defensive move. Can’t stop oop to Blake, tho.

-Three point game with 5:33 left. Does KD/Lebron emerge and play out like we all want it to?

-Leave NOAH in and win. He is a Mamba time competitor. 

-Is Byron Scott watching this? 

-John Wall elbowed Steph on that drive. Closer and closer to the 2 minutes of real effort, when we’ll really miss Mamba.

-The 22 2′s are killing it.

-If I lived in ATL, I’d buy season tix just for Sir Foster. 

-C’mon CP3, I bet all my insurance money on you winning this MVP. 

-Kyrie and John Wall both rocking the #2 in the backcourt. 

-Dwight Howard must have to really restrain himself every time inflatable mascots appear in the spotlight and do his thing.

-At end of 3rd, there’s a plug for the FIBA World Cup in Spain. Ricky Rubio says, “Spain is in your hands.” Y’all should email Ben Osborne re: sending your man to Spain. 

-Every few months, my mom will say something along the lines of, “That Tony Parker. Is he any good?” Stain remains in the old lady demographic.

-”Slim K.D.” (i.e., “will the real Slim KD please stand up?”) is the new nickname! The Knicks kids reporters just created a new moniker for Durant, at long last giving him one that he seemed to actually liked. “It’s kinda like we’re the celebrities,” one kid says.

-Kendrick and Spike still not talking far as I can see. “I’m Different” starts up as Ryne notes that no one clapped for Roy Hibbert. 

-Kevin Hart gets caught on Kids Cam. Doesn’t notice, then really does.

-Kevin Love intros the NBA Cares montage. New Orleans appreciates the help, fellas.

-Steph’s fresh pass to a cutting KD gets an East timeout. So much strategizing going on right now.

-Are we closer now to Melo/Kobe than we are to Bron/Kyrie?

-I think Blake and his smurf skin shoes want this MVP.

-Melo greatest non-regulation/playoff NBA scorer of all time? 

-We’re back and on pace for 178-154. 

-FYI Ryne and I stood up for Earth Wind & Fire

-Pretty sure they’re gonna send in a brass band to close this out. 

-Trombone Shorty rises to the occasion. His set at the May 2006 Jazzfest convinced me to come home. I love Dr. John, but it’s amazing he’s still on the roster. And a testament to New Orleans advocating for itself that sports leagues include him. And to Jazzfest’s popularity with baby boomers who control the funds.

-KD misses unguarded 3, half closes 89-76.

-Final minute. West is up by 10 and the sound equipment is descending from the ceiling. And the West is about to break 90.

-There’s Chris Tucker’s kid, once again smiling like, “Yep, that’s my dad. There he goes again.” 

-I like how Bron plays in ASG. Long way from Kobe blocking his shot. 

-We’ve all been dreaming for a Joakim/Paul Millsap connection and there 

–Nine-time (wow) All-Star Chris Bosh salutes the US Armed Forces, with members of the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard on-stage. 

-AD is made for this type of game. Long arms, gets out there on the break, great passer. 

-CP3 to Anthony Davis like it might’ve been….well not really, but it was symbolic somehow.

-Spike Lee is sitting next to Kendrick, but it’s awkward. Like not talking or nothing. 

-Could they make a Best 1st Appearance in All-Star Game Award each year? 

-Gucci Mane from Sir Foster

-I mean, playing against the scrub second unit, CP3 SHOULD win MVP. 

-Not sure if this is on TV, but whole arena is singing Happy Birthday to 80 year old Bill Russell. Dope.

-Quarter ends 44-42 West. We’re taking a break cause the organist just played “Still Fly.”

-Hakeem, Clyde, Dr. J. and the Mailman making a move for the tunnel. Get ready for something during the quarter break.

-Blake and Chris co-MVPs? 

-Note: “Another One Bites the Dust” can be mixed well into “Blow the Whistle.” 

-Dirk clarifying things with Blake: “See that spot: David West slapped me right there.”

-Luda looks like he might throw DJ Rob Nice’s tape in the bowl.

-There’s this segment they do during commercial breaks called “Jazz it Up” where they play slow jazz versions of popular songs. Blake identified “New York State of Mind.” It was “Empire State of Mind,” but good BEEF reference!

-Roy Hibbert didn’t believe in that shot.

-So I’m not going to mention any more oops. Gotta really be…OK, that second CP3 to Blake was just right.

-CP3 the first sub coming in. Unannounced in the arena. Missed opp.

-Blake from Curry totally got topped by Bron from Melo.

-Paul George step back 2. He should use this game to get back into the conversation. 

-Second FT for any All-Star should be an intentional miss, dunk attempt.

-Adidas gave us these shorts in our swag bag and they have many parts and features that will look good when I’m drinking on my porch this summer.

-Ryne Nelson and I noted that no SLAM cats picked Bron for MVP. 

-After last week, you’d think Melo would have a hard time even looking at KD.

-Kevin Love first to half court. Seven Nation Army. 

-Lebron to Joakim half hug was half hearted.

-No one’s done a remix of VH’s “Right Now” that could, like, be applicable in 2014? 

-Wendell Pierce realllly doesn’t like New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, FYI.

-Shout out to Robert Pack, who had a SLAMADAMONTH back in the day. Editor Ben Osborne sent me a copy for him when Pack was w/the Hornets staff. Pack asked me to slip it to him outside the locker room, think he didn’t want players to see his shorts and flat top.

-I guess being in NOLA I forget (along with, it seems, most of the town) Mystikal’s, uh, well, past. Maybe not suitable for sponsored content at ASG. Am I overly upset?

-Music-wise, best All-Star weekend yet.

-Drake singing O Canada on jumbotron. Why not get HIM to do it? 

-Bron loves “Happy.” Like noticeably more than others. Leadership.

-And by hip hop I mean Mystikal.

-I hope they close this set with hip hop. 

-Plain clothes Mamba = better than on Mamba

-Anthony Davis gets the bigger cheer, though.

-Chris Paul gets the first West nod, appropriately.

-I opened an Indian wedding with this song two weeks ago, BTW.

-Snoop still wearing his uniform from Friday? That’s what hip hop used to be all about, family.

-Where’s all the twerking? 

-See I think the MVP of the Rising Stars should make this game. Be dope to see Dion Waiters and Tim Hardaway…oh, wait.

-Well if Pierre the Pelican really is a Manchurian Candidate, he has his shot right now. 

-This is an outstanding way to open an All Star game.

-I just applauded Busta

-Nelly hyped, acting like he’s at 3 point contest or something. 

-Nelly. Really Pharrell has the catalog to do a Super Bowl show. 

-We’re sitting behind the stage. So we saw those two enter. Yep.

-Benny the Bull is deep in the pit centerstage. Beware ladies.

-Please bring out Mystikal for “Bounce Back” (produced by Neptunes)

-CP3 and LBJ do the intros. Where’s the bikes? 

-A lot more fans allowed on the floor tonight than for Kendrick last night. 

-Alright we’re in section 117 and the lights are going down for Pharrell. We just passed 2 Chainz on the way into the men’s room downstairs, so we’re ready. Let’s go. 


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  • Birdman

    I also like plain clothes Mamba

  • Scient

    Durant is just trying to shoot way way too much. Thats not how you get that MVP…

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ben Osborne

    They don’t make Live Blog comment sections like they used to :/. Great work though, Brian. Thanks for holding us down

  • Scient

    Melo deserved it over Kyrie for sure…. What a disappointment

  • Caboose

    Damn, I feel bad now.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    i literally came and didn’t notice the liveblog. i was bummed y’all weren’t holding one, and then i sign in this morning and i see this. what’a bummer.

  • havoc33

    Durant was definately gunning for it. And what a joke to see Harden as a starter in this game instead of Kobe. The game would have been so much better with the Mamba in it. The NBA really is a lesser place without him.

  • bike

    I miss Lang. He really did some great work when it came to recapping All-Star weekend.