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Top 50: Kevin Durant, no. 2

The definitive ranking of the NBA’s best players for ’12-13.

by Matt Caputo / @MattCaputo

According to a 2011 US Census, Oklahoma City proper has a population of 591,967. The greater OKC metro-area population is about 1,252,987 people. OKC is a television market in the mid-40s and that’s smaller than many non-NBA cities. There are no other teams representing OKC in any of the other major sports leagues.

The somewhat controversial shuffle of the Seattle Sonics to the Sooner State to become the OKC Thunder and very quickly NBA Finalists made sense. An NBA team was coming to a town with a brand new arena in 2008 and that team had Kevin Durant. Success was just around the corner.

In their fourth season, the Thunder reached the NBA Finals, falling 4-1, against the Miami Heat and LeBron James. Durant’s greatest heroics came in the Western Conference Finals. Durant played every minute of Game 6 and dropped 34 points in the 107–99 victory over San Antonio. He also collected 14 rebounds and 5 assists in the process. It was the win that really put OKC on the map of the big league world. With that win, OKC fans took claim to one of the many great sports experiences that had been so foreign to them: a trip to the NBA Finals.

The Thunder couldn’t quite break the Heat. Durant played 20 Playoff games and averaged 28.5 points over them. They played tough, but weren’t quite battle-ready enough for the seasoned and very determined Miami Heat. Despite a Game 1 win, the Thunder lost four straight and showed signs of desperation at times.

Still, the Thunder reaching the Finals was the kind of hallmark OKC fans dreamed of when the lanky Rookie of the Year came to town. That progress is something the NBA is betting on, something they’re already seeing returns on. With seemingly supersonic speed, the Thunder are among the most popular teams in the League. Now, it’s all about what the future will hold for Durant and he’s already on pace for where many (I for one) thought he could be.

Durant has a supernatural scoring touch and he’s still learning new ways to get buckets. He’s on his way to being a true rival to LeBron. In the Playoffs, Durant couldn’t help the Thunder beat the Heat, but he officially arrived at a point where he’ll be competing directly against LeBron for a while. If that’s so, eyes from far and wide will turn to OKC and the shape of the NBA will be forever changed. The last NBA Finals was totally new territory for OKC and Durant has a habit of maturing and adapting to new territory quickly.

Over the summer, Durant set a record for the most points scored in an Olympic basketball tournament. By all accounts he’s a dangerous scorer, but his defense needs improvement, maybe even an overhaul. Still, the fact that he’s always been aware of his defensive deficiencies makes you think he’ll get up to par soon enough.

He’s got sloppy footwork and relies on some immature tactics to make defensive plays. But he’s 24, is really only two years into the workforce—if you count his first three NBA seasons as years he still could have been in college. He’s got his whole life ahead of him and he’s already been to the NBA Finals.

So, from now on, OKC is going to be a place that—no matter how small—will have the attention of anyone who cares about basketball. New York, L.A. and Chicago are all taking notice of the Thunder. It’s a unique situation for Durant, who attended a few high schools and made a quick pit-stop at the University of Texas. He’s taken a brand new franchise to the NBA Finals. Chesapeake Energy Arena is literally the “house that Kevin Durant (and a great supporting cast) is building.”

Durant has been to three All-Star games and has won three scoring titles in five seasons. It took the Thunder three Playoff trips to reach the Finals. There’s good reason to think the Thunder will soon return to the NBA Finals. And the reason is Kevin Durant.

Where should Kevin Durant rank in the SLAMonline Top 50?

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SLAMonline Top 50 Players 2012
Rank Player Team Position Pos. Rank
50 Greg Monroe Pistons C 8
49 Tyreke Evans Kings PG 14
48 Brandon Jennings Bucks PG 13
47 Stephen Curry Warriors PG 12
46 Ricky Rubio TWolves PG 11
45 Al Jefferson Jazz PF 14
44 Anthony Davis Hornets PF 13
43 Serge Ibaka Thunder PF 12
42 Al Horford Hawks C 7
41 Ty Lawson Nuggets PG 10
40 Danny Granger Pacers SF 6
39 Tim Duncan Spurs PF 11
38 John Wall Wizards PG 9
37 Monta Ellis Bucks SG 8
36 Zach Randolph Grizzlies PF 10
35 Roy Hibbert Pacers C 6
34 Tyson Chandler Knicks C 5
33 Eric Gordon Hornets SG 7
32 Kevin Garnett Celtics PF 9
31 Manu Ginobili Spurs SG 6
30 Amar’e Stoudemire Knicks PF 8
29 Marc Gasol Grizzlies C 4
28 DeMarcus Cousins Kings C 3
27 Paul Pierce Celtics SF 5
26 Andre Iguodala Nuggets SG 5
25 Rudy Gay Grizzlies SF 4
24 Josh Smith Hawks PF 7
23 Derrick Rose Bulls PG 8
22 Joe Johnson Nets SG 4
21 Steve Nash Lakers PG 7
20 James Harden Thunder SG 3
19 Pau Gasol Lakers PF 6
18 Chris Bosh Heat PF 5
17 Kyrie Irving Cavs PG 6
16 LaMarcus Aldridge Blazers PF 4
15 Tony Parker Spurs PG 5
14 Dirk Nowitzki Mavs PF 3
13 Andrew Bynum Sixers C 2
12 Blake Griffin Clippers PF 2
11 Kevin Love TWolves PF 1
10 Carmelo Anthony Knicks SF 3
9 Russell Westbrook Thunder PG 4
8 Rajon Rondo Celtics PG 3
7 Deron Williams Nets PG 2
6 Dwyane Wade Heat SG 2
5 Dwight Howard Lakers C 1
4 Kobe Bryant Lakers SG 1
3 Chris Paul Clippers PG 1
2 Kevin Durant Thunder SF 2
1 LeBron James Heat SF 1

• Rankings are based solely on projected ’12-13 performance.
• Contributors to this list include: Jake Appleman, Maurice Bobb, Rodger Bohn, Brendan Bowers, Franklyn Calle, David Cassilo, Bryan Crawford, Adam Figman, Eldon Khorshidi, Eddie Maisonet III, Ryne Nelson, Ben Osborne, Allen Powell II, Sam Rubenstein, Jonathan Santiago, Abe Schwadron, Leo Sepkowitz, Dave Spahn, Ben Taylor, Tzvi Twersky, Peter Walsh, Tracy Weissenberg, Yaron Weitzman, DeMarco Williams and Dave Zirin.
• Want more of the SLAMonline Top 50? Check out the archive.

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  • shockexchange

    Durant is uber-talented, but the question remains, Is he “G” enough? http://clicky.me/793y

  • NYC 718

    Good list slam I think u have go put Howard over Paul only but it still good …

  • Mo Mo

    well deserved. the list is very accurate.

  • ctk

    33,7,n 4 while shootin 50-40-90 very possible …can get that mvp for Bron this season

  • ctk



    nope cp3 is the man he deserves number 3

  • BRAVO!

    BRAVO BRAVO! Kevin Durant number 2? Sounds correct to me.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    It’s scary to say but I don’t think Durant has reached his ceiling yet!

  • LakeShow

    Common’ for that #1 spot!

  • LakeShow

    We get it… You have a website…

  • shockexchange

    Knock it off Lake Show

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    stop being honest lakeshow

  • pops

    Very possible but I don’t see him doing it with Westbrook on the team

  • LakeShow

    lol, seriously, knock what off?
    This guy is fun, I have to admit.
    Troll with a book, who woulda thought?

  • LakeShow

    Durant ups his assists, preferably to 4-5 a game. Snags 8 boards. Gets 1.5 blocks and 1.5 steals, shoots right around 50% and scores near 30 a game. The MVP will be a toss up. Heat should have the better record though so it’ll be tough no matter what for Durant to try and get the MVP trophy.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    i doubt it’s Ralph Baker commenting. It has to be his son. I will not believe a full grown man with a respectable idea like that book, would really be this ridiculous.

  • Cameron

    I’m confused…what’s your website?

  • Sonics13

    Hey should go to the Hall of Fame as a Sonic.

  • Dagger

    Honestly, I think he’d still have to significantly improve his defense.

  • LakeShow

    His defense is above average already, and he has gotten better eat every facet of the game every season. And he is 24. And he has 7’9″ wing span, I think he will do just fine defensively in the eyes of the voters. Especially since Rose won an MVP…

  • bigA

    Stop the hate guys, this is a valid point, shock is making. How important is it to be an asshole on the court?

  • Datkid

    I agree. somebody should tell him that some random person is making him look like a jackass on the internet tho

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    it’s not some random person. it’s his kid. and he’s definitely not gonna do anything but side with his kid in terms of what happens in a comment section. in the grand scheme of things he may have been able to sell 20 books through his contributions to this website (aside from the actual interview devoted to him). Regardless of if he realizes it or not though, he’s being a jackass, this we can all agree on.

  • Dagger

    I’m not saying he won’t improve as a defender, but we’re talking about matching Lebron’s value on both ends of the court. He has a ways to go yet. Rose doesn’t work as a comparison because Lebron’s role with the Heat was not firmly established that year, and voters were looking for a way to award someone else the trophy. Rose also didn’t have a top-10 player on his team, and his team finished with a better record than the Heat. I doubt that the Thunder will finish with a better record than the Heat this year. Either way, we’ll see what happens.

  • bigA

    Allthough I take the “stop the hate” back, I just read what he commented on the Lebron piece. I forgot how douchie he is for a minute.

  • LakeShow

    Well he IS a better offensive player. Bron IS a better defensive player. So if he narrows the defensive margin. Badda bing badda boom. I feel ya man, I don’t think he will or should win MVP this next year, i’m just not a big Bron fan so i’d like to see him take his game up a notch. It’s LeBron’s to lose for sure.

  • LakeShow

    Dude, I doubt that book will sell 20 books period. Outside of family and friends anyway.

  • Dagger

    I actually think Lebron is a better offensive player when you figure in play making as well as play finishing. And as a scorer I’ve long thought that Lebron was underrated. Either way I like both players, so if one of them wins I’m happy.

  • LakeShow

    Not a ridiculous thought by any means. Bron scores at a high rate and with high efficiency. For myself, I highly value Durant’s steady jump shot, the fact he is a deadly threat from deep, has bulls eye FT shooting, in addition to his clutch shot making ability. But as you said their both beasts. One of them deserves to win it. Bron looks like the fave right now.

  • nash

    Hey maan, U should take ppls vote, not urs.

  • Ball4Life

    Durant is the best player in the league and will have a better career than lebron and kobe. Most unstoppable scorer since jordan.

  • The Seed

    Once KD plays with more Fire against his Friends in BIG games, and does more to affect the game that just score, then KD will move up in my book. RIght now he is not even the most important player to the Thunder success. It’s actually Westbrook. Without Westbrook, THEY DO NOT BEAT the LAKERS last year, please people check the tape. Also KD likes to cry to his mom after games, wear backpacks like he is eleven. He needs to grow up, he does realize that he is grown. KD better hope Westbrook continues to plays an all around game.

  • keyon dooling

    his wingspan isn’t 7’9″ .

  • LakeShow

    What is it?

  • LakeShow

    Mhhm, just looked it up, it’s 7’6″. My bad… WAYYYY off…


  • Max


  • Max

    Without KD the thunder don’t get past the Lakers..