Friday, May 1st, 2009 at 9:44 am  |  22 responses

D-Wade is Still Mad at the Hawks

Give him some time, he’ll eventually get over it: “Dwyane Wade had a razor-sharp edge Thursday, and the Heat’s battered All-Star guard made precision cuts on everyone in his sights. Wade had particular disdain for Atlanta guard Mario West, who celebrated after Wade missed a three-pointer at the halftime buzzer in Wednesday’s Game 5, which the Heat lost 106-91. The Hawks had a 23-point lead at the time. Wade said the second-year guard ‘has not been a factor’ in this series. He called West’s celebration “funny” and ridiculed his judgment. ‘What is this game coming to?’ Wade asked rhetorically. Wade also was peeved that Atlanta forward Josh Smith tried a between-the-legs dunk in the fourth quarter when the Hawks still had a 20-point lead. ‘It is (disrespectful),’ Wade said, ‘and one thing I go back to is something my high school coach always told me: Act like you’ve done something before.’”

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  • Jumpman3224

    Dwade in 7 over the hawks

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Winning will be like putting a collective, bulbous, veiny, purple headed c*ck in the Hawks yaps. Stop chirping, Dwyane, and take the last two games over.

  • http://sfdjilf.com Jukai

    Hold on, lemme get my violin…

  • http://ittakesanationofmillionstoholdthissac.blogspot.com ciolkstar


  • stryfee

    heat in 7

  • ENDS

    Love that EBoy is tough on his team, he is there worst critic, but like a good father its for there own best. No excuses….do what you gotta do. your Son is gonna turn out to be a great man whitehot

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Well….thanks ENDS….I just need to keep the purple headed c*ck talk out of the mix until he’s in his 20′s.

  • kwame

    if lebron did it…everyone would hop on his gonads…but someone else does it and it’s a crime…why not try to pump up the home crowd…

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    I wish Wade would do a through the legs dunk in game 7 in Atlanta, that would be amazing.

  • Dnice

    I see he made a nice ally oop windmill vs Lithuania with the game in tact.

  • Dwyane’s Wifey


  • no id

    Now Wade is just reaching for something now..Like he doesn’t jump on tables, pump his chest, stare down opponents..Please finish Wade and his band of merrymen off so he can shut up and go fishing

  • http://allanzuss@yahoo.com Mendel

    Wade, that BS my man. Anytime someone can attempt a between the legs dunk in a game more power to him. If he made it or even though he did not, he basically capitalized crushing you and your team.

  • niQ

    just play the game.

  • Kevin K

    wade cries too much, in-game and after-game.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Blinguo

    Wade should just give someone the “razor’s edge” like Razor Ramon used to do.

  • Sesa

    Eboy hated on Wade ever since he got cheeks plumped

  • underdog

    Game seven is gonig to be kick-ass. Go Hawks.

  • http://www.basketballjerseyworld.com nba-jersey-king

    In game 7 Jamaal Magloire is planning a ‘through the legs’ dunk

  • Coney Islander

    Wade killed the Hawks, the end.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    ENDS, talking about Eboy’s son (who will double as my prodigy when he starts commenting here under the predicted screenname ‘Pink Umbrella’) is a terrible idea.


    im a DWADE fan…..but i think that dunk attempt was AWESOME…..especially in the playoffs….but i think what he meant was that HE TRIED THE DUNK WHEN THEY WERE UP THAT MANY POINTS………why not try it in a one point game in a game 7?????????

    THATS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but still a good attempt

    HEAT IN 7…..but they should of got Mike Bibby instead of Hawks