Saturday, September 5th, 2009 at 6:51 am  |  12 responses

Lue is Going to Greece?

The rumours which insisted that PAOK was close to signing an NBA player whose name would have an impact in Europe are coming true as the club is close to getting Tyronn Lue.  Lue has great NBA experience as he has played 11 full seasons there after his graduation from Nebraska College in 1998.

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  • http://vandelayindustries.com Art Vandelay

    They’ll make him wear corn rows and a team-coloured arm sleeve all season…

  • LeMay

    maybe he can have some sort of impact finally

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    So he can get stepped over by a sub-six footer after he crossed him up and hit a jumpshot in his face?

  • Landyn15

    I don’t understand why he decides now to play over there, did it rele take 11 seasons to figure out he wasn’t going to be an impact player

  • wilz

    yo i gotta get me a ticket to greece so I can see ma man play!

  • Damir

    Let’ s not forget that Paok is no powerhouse in Greece..a solid, good team, but no euroleague for Lue

  • boy sanchez

    I agree with you Damir that there will be no Euroleague for Lue. But I disagree in something. PAOK isn’t all that you’ve mentioned. They struggled to stay in the A1 League last year.

  • Damir

    Of course my friend..I was talking more in general..it’s a team with tradition that can always bounce back..but, at this point, PAOK is in trouble..their glory days are far behind them

  • boy sanchez

    @Damir: Yeah, PAOK has a lot of history. Especially if you think that Peja Stojakovic became famous overseas playing for that team. But that team with Peja in has no similarities with PAOK right now. And I don’t think that just one player (Lue) can bring back the old days…

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Blinguo

    Tyronn Lue-bo.
    Tyronn Lube-o.
    Tyronn Lubio.
    All pronounced the same.

  • underdog

    Can’t beleive this isn’t breaking news.

  • Masterrosi

    I’m a PAOK fan

    In Greece many sites say that Lue is staying.
    PAOK is one of the most successful european team
    with many trophies and some well-known in the USA ex-players like Stojakovin,Nesterovic and Livingstone.

    Today PAOK is not that powerful beacasue last 5 years big financial problems happened.

    PAOK renwed with pg Kaukis(good defender but bad scorer) and they are now searching for a expierienced pg. Lue is one option.